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  1. Just found this helpful video, will give this a go in the next few days and update! Hopefully it’ll work and resolve the issue!
  2. Thanks Gareth, I have recently had a remap applied to the car so I’m not sure if that would interfere (they’re a local company who are very well reviewed) so I might give them a message and see if they’ve heard of anything similar! I’ll check the contacts out and see what sort of state there in! Thanks for the help!
  3. I’ve got exactly the same issue in my A4 plenty of coolant too and this error will pop up! Did you have any luck on finding a resolution? Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much! Yea I'll definitely look into it and also the washers and self levelling! If I can't fit them too then I'll have to find a garage that'll let it go, thanks again!
  5. They should slot straight in, just be sure that you look up how to disconnect the heated seats (if applicable) and also the air bag sensors be sure to use the new sensors you get with the S line seats as you'll get a fault appear on your dash
  6. Hi do you still have the plate? I know it's an old post now and also what does it read? Thanks.
  7. Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone can help me at all! I'm looking to put some aftermarket xenons in my a4 b8 but I'm not going to pay the stupid price of £500/600 from audi so just wondering if anyone has fitted any to their car and could steer me in the right direction? Also some led DRLs would be nice too :) thanks!
  8. Hi there, Looking to buy a A4 B8 s-line rear diffuser! seen a few on ebay going for around £50/60 but not in great condition! If anyone can help out, it will be much appreciated! Thanks, Chris.
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