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  1. I am restoring an Audi A6. Both head lights did not work. Removed them and stripped them to find all the internal cabling gutted. The HID controllers had signs of water damage. Restored the lights with heat shrink cable sleeves and bench tested them for functions of low beam, HID beam, HIG bulb plate movement, LED daylight lights, Indicators. All running fine. When fitted on the car, the left side light truns with all options except the LED daylight running lights. The Right side light does not have any function at all. No voltage at connector. The Fuse box cover on the drivers side says Fuse 18 for Headlamp 5A. Hoewever there is no fuse for this number on actual car. Removed the fuse housing and looked behind. No cables either. Are there any other components on the light that can be located (and their location) like a Headlight controller or relay or is there any other fuse anywhere else. On the left side there is a similar fuse saying left side headlamp unit and that does have a fuse of 5A. I pulled out a jump lead for the HID , High beam and indicator from the loom on the right side and when placed on the car battery terminals makes the light function for all options of lo/high beam /indicator. No hand book so very hard to locate if any other fuse would work the lights . For the MOT, Very tempted to just put a relay and use the left side light as a trigger for low and high beam and the rearview mirror indicator to run the indicator. ANy tips are much appreciated.
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