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  1. Stevey ive tried doing with vcds but keeps coming up with not running any ideas pal Thanks
  2. well had the timing chain and head rebuilt after the timing chain failed got the call to pick up my car when i arrived at the garage the mechanic told me the eml light has come on due to the o2 sensors going bad so I've changed both o2 sensors for new genuine bosh sensors and the fault codes are still there can anybody shed any light on my problem please
  3. The engines are very similar to the s3 engine which is a cdl engine code would it not fit
  4. Would be worth putting a second engine or having a engine rebuild adam best part of 6500 to replace
  5. 130000 thousand miles i take it the one tooth wouldn't kill the valves but would throw the timing out Steve
  6. VID-20210729-WA0009.mp4 VID-20210731-WA0000.mp4
  7. Whats happened the timing chain let go
  8. thanks Steve I've disconnected the fuel line to the fuel rail there's fuel there I've took the plugs out and cranked it you can see them firing away if i start the engine with the plugs in it sounds like its running on two cylinders then cuts out if a disconnect the coil packs it spins over like it should do I've changed the crank sensor for another replacement to see if that des the trick I've also checked the voltage to crank sensor cam sensor and coil packs I've got a healthy spark its definitely something or nothing will keep you posted got to be timing related thanks paul
  9. Ive ordered another crank sensor ive scanned it with delpgi and vcds no codes im going to check the values again and reset the adaptions on the ecu and try again will check the fuel pressure any ideas what it should be stevey in positive its something or nothing thanks again
  10. where do i start lol car had a slight misfire scanned the car cam sensor so i thought change that which i did know the car wont start so checked the following changed crank sensor checked voltage to crank cam and coil packs checked chain visually and on vcds its saying bank 1 specific 28 degrees bank 1 actual 28 degrees bank 1 phase 0 degrees which i understand is correct the car has a spark but looks weak in my opinion done a compression test 195 psi on all 4 cylinders car cranks starts making a chugging noise then dies pulled the plugs out plus bank one o2 sensor and there carboned up straight away there are no fault codes mechanic cant look at the car while next week as anyone any idea where i can look next thanks in advance paul
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