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  1. Hello Folks I haven't seen that before I was last week in germany and passed France and the Netherlands Since I drove from the ferry in France I had no sound anymore but got in all countries all stations I bought then a new used amplifier but when I returned to the UK everything works again no issues at all.i couldn't find any settings that I get the sound back in this countries does anyone know what I have to change in mmi settings or adjust update etc... Thanks jean
  2. Hello folks I'm just travel in France and in Germany since I arrived in France the radio didn't work anymore I get no station I see all of them on dab but nothing happened is there an aerial connection I can proof or fuse would may a reset of mmi help Cheers jean
  3. No I don't think so not anymore on old symbian the cradle in middle console was missing and you can use only the Nokia 6300 on this cradle for 2005/06 models so I bought everything new indentified by vin number I have a lot of buttons to check
  4. All there I need to spent more time 👍
  5. Hello I have spent a new cradle console with a new Nokia 6300 for my audi How do i get the phone connected? Do I have activate something in the audi system or the Bluetooth on the phone? I have push the phone button but then comes up only a green message that the phone is may not connected Thanks jean
  6. Hello update Just checked the bill the links was from napa OK I have owned a jeep grand cherokee 5.9 from the 90th and I think I bought a starter motor from napa I wasn't impressed from the quality Cheers Jean
  7. Hello I had the audi in the garage I assume that they haven't use original VAG parts aftermarket in OEM quality.Im not 100% sure I think it was from febi I have to ask.For me is there as well another 3rd categorie thats Chinese imported parts when you them you may produce the next fault in your car Thanks jean 👍
  8. Hello Knocking noise solved one of the new link bushes was worn /defect👍 Cheers Jean i
  9. Hello I still like my 3.2 fsi quattro But I'm annoyed new shocks all round new anti roll bar droplink both site Now I have a knocking noise somtimes by turning the steering but also on the motorway I'm not sure I think it comes when touch the steering but sounds that something isn't tightened up or the steering shock is defect may the track rods but I'm 100%sure that haven't had this sound before the garage replaced the parts Any idea what that could be I've read some articles that a lot of a6 c6 driver had this issue after replacing the shocks Many thanks for any suggestion Jean
  10. Hi I'm confused I just ordered a new set of shocks and found today the car button in the console and got to the adaptive airsuspension menue I could select all 4 settings with the curser but the words dynamic etc.. Did not change the colour when select stays in black I have an se version could that be that all a6 c6 have this menue as standard. Thanks for any info jean
  11. Hi I haven't made a decision yet between le mans and bbs lm but many thanks for the info 1
  12. Hello I have attached a pic from the phone cradle does anyone know which phone could that be Thanks
  13. Hello I was just searching for the cd changer and sat nav dvd player I have in the boot the sat nav player is that also a cd changer? I found that the cd changer could also be in the glove box I have open the glove box but there is nothing where do they locate in the glove box? May any pics available I see there some plastik on the lid like a snap part any info would help Thanks jean
  14. Hello Folks I have a lot of question it's my first audi.I would like to spent new shocks I see some from Monroe and some from sachs and as well self levelling rear shocks I'm not sure if have rear airsuspension, self levelling shocks or standart ones any experience with replacing the shocks? Thanks Jean
  15. Hello Steve Thanks for the quick response I just got the info there are 255/35/19 fitted do I get there a problem with the wheel arch the audi is not lowered. Thanks jean
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