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  1. I have changed the oil and filter. I had used the car system to reset the oil change interval, but the messages as shown in my previous post persisted. Anyway, as Thomas suggested, I used the "Workshop" app and now the service due message is gone 😀. Thanks for the assistance, guys!!
  2. How do I get rid of the "Service due" message on the dash and the "since 461 days" message on the screen? I have OBD11 Pro in case that needs to be used. many thanks.
  3. ....and now, my wife's car, a C7 sedan 2012 2.8fsi. High beam does not work, either in flash mode or full high beam. The blue indicator light on the dash comes on when the stalk is pulled. A scan with OBD11 came up with the message "open circuit". I erased the message, but the high beam still does not work.
  4. A little more information on the problem: The light selector switch and the indications around it do not light up but all the other switches do. Further, the headlights and taillights turn on, even in daylight, irrespective of the position of the light selector switch. If the switch is in the "Auto" position, and the door is opened with the ignition turned off, the buzzer goes off until the selector is turned to the off position.
  5. No, looking at it this evening, there is a rubber grommet with a bunch of wires ( in black tape) emerging from it. This is from the rear of the light unit which is part of the rear fender. I was not quite sure if I should try to undo it. Then there is the other part of the light unit which is part of the boot lid. I will take photos and post tomorrow.
  6. Checked the brightness, and all seems ok. All wires seem ok with no obvious signs of fraying, so it looks like a trip to the auto electrician is next. Tha nks for your help/
  7. Hi, I have an error message " Vehicle lights malfunction" on the dash. I have checked, and all the lights appear to be working, no bulbs/leds appear unlit. A scan with OBD11 reveals the following faults: The faults cannot be cancelled. Any thoughts on what might be causing this? Thanks
  8. I had to take the car in to a professional car audio repairer. Turns out the dashboard MMI unit was faulty and need some ICs changed. Cost: NZ$ 750
  9. I have searched for instructions on how to remove the wing mirror in its entirety, but can only find videos on how to replace the glass. Would the terminals for the motor be accessible if just the glass were removed?
  10. Hi Gareth, The driver's side mirror on my C7 Avant has stubbornly remained in the up position since the last few days. I tried the WD40 option, but to no avail. I can adjust the mirror glass, it's the housng that does not move. The OBD11 scan on the driver's door is attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. The LED headlights on my A6 C7 do not flash on to high beam when the stalk is pulled towards the steering column or switch to high beam when the stalk is pushed away. The blue headlight indicator icon does come up on the dash. OBD11 comes up with no errors. On OBD11 i went into Central Electrics and did an output test. The screenshots are below: Any ideas on what might bethe problem? Thanks
  12. Greetings from New Zealand! I imported this used car from Japan with 116,000 km on the clock. All used cars have to go thru a "compliance check" when they arrive. The workshop replaced the front and rear brake pads, "front bush", "front straight bush" and all 4 tyres. When drving out of the workshop, I noticed a grumbling/grinding sound from the front wheels while turning in either direction at low speed. I initially assumed it was surface rust on the rotors, and drove on home. However, this sound continues, only while moving off from a standstill and turning either left or right. It does not occur above about 20kmh. The workshop (indie) says this is typical of Audi vehicles, but I find that hard to believe. To check this out, I test drove a C7 at a car yard, and experienced the same sound, while at another dealer there was no sound whatsoever! Has anyone come across this issue? Thanks.
  13. Greetings from New Zealand, The screen on my car does not pop up, even when the button by the aircon vent is pressed. The radio and cd player do not come on either, and none of the buttons on the MMI controller light up when pressed. The button for the on-off/volume does nothing when pressed. I have removed the screen and checked for broken wires and all is clear. The fuses are fine as well. I believe there could be an isue with the MMI control box itself. How do I go about removing it, and is there any way of testing it before ordering a replacement unit? I have attached a photo of the MMI unit is situ, Many thanks,
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