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  1. Unfortunately it was the Garage that sold it to me over 100 miles away. So will take it to my local garage whom I trust. I did let the salesman know that his tech needs kick up the bum. All seems OK though. Thanks
  2. It is bad show for sure. Thanks dor taking an interest. Paul
  3. Mmmm, found it, garage put new tyres on and didn't tighten lug nuts up. All these safety features and if tech is smoking weed and thinking misogynistic thoughts. You're wife's wheel could fly off.
  4. Just to let you all know the sound has now.....GONE. As if by some Mr Benn Magic. I will update if I ever find out what it was.. Thanks
  5. I just wanted to bit a little more about owning Audi. First one I've owned (wife's) really. High mileage 110,000 full Audi history. Timing belt done at 105,000. Only owned it for 2 weeks . it has one of those 6 months warranty things so better get it sorted. Doesn't sound great though. Once again, apologies for prob posting in wrong area on site. And thanking people for taking a look.
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