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  1. Sounds great, hope you have a great trip. The B500 road through the Black Forest is great. I’ve been to the Merc, Porsche and BMW museums - definitely worth the visit. Would like to get to the Audi one at some point - hopefully next year.
  2. Thanks Steve, I’ll take a look. Loire Valley, France then across to Black Forest and up the Mosel valley. Whereabouts in Germany are you headed? I’m a big fan of Germany and enjoyed many road trips there. This is our first in the RS4 and it’s natural habitat on the derestricted Autobahn!
  3. Hi I’ll be taking my car to Europe in September and have read about a function on the A4 that allows you to switch you xenon headlights to be compliant with driving on the right? is this the case? Does anyone know how to do it? I was playing around with settings but couldn’t see the option? Does it happen automatically with GPS? I.e. the car picks up location and adjusts? Thanks Matt
  4. Hi Gareth Yes plenty, but difficult to tell if it’s actually any good. Just wondering if there were any recommendations or in case anyone was selling these bits. Thanks Matt
  5. Hello Any recommendations on where to get the following: - cargo net - boot liner - floor mats I’d prefer to go OEM if prices are silly or good quality after market. Thanks Matt
  6. MGD2

    RS4 B8 gearbox

    Hi Gareth Sorry being a bit absent minded there! The gearbox oil and filter along with front and rear final drive was changed. I understood it was mileage based (every 20k) rather time based servicing item. Thanks Matt
  7. MGD2

    RS4 B8 gearbox

    It was done at 39k in 2020 by an Audi dealer. Now done 46k, so may be a bit premature to do it again.
  8. MGD2

    RS4 B8 gearbox

    Thanks Steve, a recent health didn’t throw up anything (assuming they did a diagnostic check). It’s in for an oil service in August so will get them to check then and also see about a gearbox oil change too. I’ve heard horror stories (hopefully just blown out of proportion) so keen to do any preventative work if possible! Matt
  9. Hi All I have a 2014 RS4 B8 and was on a ‘spirited’ drive at the highlands and experienced an incident where the gearbox was hesitant to change gear between 2nd and 3rd. It could be nothing as it was a steep hill and may have just been working out the right gear. I’ve also noticed the odd hard shove in to gear when moving off from a standstill so have tried to be a bit gentler on accelerator which helps. Again, could just be a characteristic of the gearbox. Any thoughts welcome! Thanks Matt
  10. Hi by way of update, turns out the right control arm bushing was leaking. Seller covered the cost which was good of them. The garage couldn’t see any other issues after a health check on suspension.
  11. Thanks very much. Been spending a bit more time with and get to grips with handling etc. - it is a heavy old beast compared to what I’ve driven in the past, but it is on rails and puts the power down so well (my other half has an M2 and full throttle is a rarity). I get the feeling you need to have the confidence to throw it in to a corner and that it can handle the weight. Interested to hear other views on it.
  12. Thanks Steve, I did, it was and do wonder if I’m getting concerned over nothing. Got it booked in with a local specialist for a health check for peace of mind and will take it from there. Cheers Matt
  13. Steve Thanks very much. Already getting some helpful advice on another thread! Thanks Matt
  14. MGD2

    RS4 DRC

    Gareth Thanks that helpful. I’ll give that a go. It’s from an independent dealer. It has a fresh MOT so would hope a broken spring would have been identified then, but who knows. Thanks Matt
  15. MGD2

    RS4 DRC

    Hi I’ve recently taken delivery of a B8 RS4 with DRC. One day in and I’ve noticed the rear sits one inch lower at the rear (measured from ground to body work (mid point of arch). The seller has suggested this is an incorrect point of measurement and that it’s normal for large engine cars to sit like this. Doesnt seem right to me especially once any weight is put in the boot. Thoughts welcome! Thanks in advance. Matt
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