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  1. not a moan, just what i have done this week. it's on it's 3rd parking sensor module, first one didn't work so i took the nubers off it and bought a second hand one, that one didn't work was for an auto estate with towing pack, bought a brand new one from Audi using the part number from my original fitted one, still didn't work, contacted Volkstech in Maltby near me, told them the story and they told me that the module was the wrong module, seems the owner before me just bought any old module and fitted it, took it down to them today, they have managed to get my new module working with heads up display for rear parking sensor but unfortunatley can't get the front ones working as the module i have is a 4 port module and mine needs a 5 port module, so i have ordered yet another new one with the correct part number and hopefully that will sort that problem. (no Audi would not take the new one back i bought from them as i told them the part number) have taken it to be re gassed on the aircon today only to be told that my condenser has stopped working, so now i need to get that sorted. https://www.volkstechltd.co.uk/
  2. i can't even get into the hidden menu on mine, key in the ignition (not turned on) press and hold the car and set up, counted to ten, then tried thirty still nothing 🤕
  3. Cheers, this so called Audi specialist isn't as good as he thinks.
  4. ok, i bought my car about a month ago of off ebay, it was advertised as a 2008 A6 le mans, i have had several people tell me it's not a proper le mans, i could do with some help please. mine is a 2.7 tdi badged car ..... apparently all le mans were 3.0 on the gille it says s line not le mans apparently according to the so called expert le mans had a le mans grill badge mine has le mans front wing badges mine does not have le mans rear badges which supposedly they all have...... my log book says le mans any help? heres some photos (excuse the dirt)
  5. can't see anything relating to the le mans 😔
  6. spoken to my local idependent specialists, as iv'e now had three new parking aid modules..... seems the scumbag i bought the car off tried to replace the module with the wrong module, so iv'e been buying new modules with a certain code on it 4F0 919 283 H when it should have been a 4F0 910 283 P. and of course the one i need i can only buy from bl00dy; Latvia at nearly £200. fortunatley Volkstech near Maltby (6.5 miles away from me) say thay should be able to re program one othe the modules i have bought.....
  7. Ok, after much explaining to them.... Will not repair a car without first diagnosing the problem for them selves. = £65.00 Labour £60.00 diagnostics Will not entertain trying to code another module unless supplied by them. = £65.00 Labour £60.00 diagnostics, £330.00 module, £60.00 to code it plus £65.00 Labour. So £580.00 is plus VAT.....
  8. Well I bought a second hand module of off ebay, exactly the same part numbers but it seems the new one came off an automatic car, mines a manual so it doesn't work, is there anyone other than main dealers that can re program them at all? Thanks Tony.
  9. It's an on line very deep check into the vehicle, it shows it all in the video.
  10. It is an all singing all dancing check, if you watch the video I am about to put up it will show you everything. https://youtu.be/eSBznf9fgWg
  11. i have the 2.7 Le Mans saloon, it's a lovely car to drive, problems i have had on mine (not many) parking sensors don't work, and alloy wheels need a refurb, i would really recomend a full check on the vehicle, i use car verticle as recomended by salvage rebuilds on youtube, they do a discount code gets you money off your checks. SR10 for 10% discount on your Car Vertical Check. Get 10% off car vertical with this link https://bit.ly/SalvageRebuilds
  12. After trying 6 different audi garages I found one that said it's in the boot.... would sill like confirmation though.
  13. As per the title, anyone tell me where the module that does the front parking sensors is located please? Tried talking to Audi and the conversation went along the lines of, bring it to us to repair, no we can't tell you where it's located.....
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