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  1. Hi, can someone please advise! I have recently bought an A1 1.4 TFSI, on a 2012 plate. The problem is when driving the car it sound's really heavy making a loud continual grinding noise. It never starts first time and takes a lot of key turning, attempts particularly when starting it first time. Then it start ok after that. But more worryingly when I stop at traffic lights or a give way and put it into first gear, to move off it feels like the car is suffocating and cuts out. It can take a while for it to start again. This is happening a lot more now and is becoming a real stress. I took it to a garage as the engine management code 1025 came up not sure what that is. But the mechanics did mention something about spark plugs and air sensors, breather valve as well as host of other things. I took it to another place and he suggested it was a faulty catalyst converter, coil, Fuel pump. I then went to a third place and was told it was likely a fuel pump failure or issue, clogged fuel filter, injection problem, blocked hose, blocked EGR Valve, electric circuit, or combustion problems! That's a hefty list of potentials, I simply cannot afford to go to Audi, but am scared that this endless list of possible problems, it's going to cost me a fortune. I'm struggling at the moment so wondered if anyone has had similar issues and perhaps could help with some advice on this just so I can narrow it down. Otherwise the mechanics will just replace each part until it's sorted, by trial and error. Like I say, I'd be obliged for any advice.
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