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  1. In any case, I've completed the sump repair. Thread retapped, oversized plug in place and properly torqued. So far so good. Not done many miles but we'll keep an eye on it, see how it goes. I added two crush washers to the plug as they seem really thin.
  2. Ooft! That would be heaven to me. A lot of nice machines there, actually a bit jealous of your A6, it looks lovely. And your bikes. (The father-in-law is the bike man, I'll have to send them over to him). And the size of the workshop.. My setup is a little more humble. One at a time unfortunately.
  3. Cheers Steve. I'll be having a look. I was sent a manual of the fuse layouts. I think I've located the fan fuse, according to that it's in the engine bay. As for any relays it's going to be either the same or behind the dash somewhere. Nothing from inside the dash side panels or boot compartment seem to relate to the radiator fan from the fusebox diagrams.
  4. Yi know, I think I'm getting the relay mixed up with the pcm, which seems to get referred to as a relay all too often from my online sifting. Getting hold of that bit, should it be needed, is easy. But a relay like you'd find in one of the fuse carriers? That's proving harder to find on the car and the fusebox diagrams don't help. I'm assuming the car has one, do you know where on the car it is? Is there a relay carrier under the dash similar to the C5 models?
  5. No no, i do enjoy a 70's car. The Continental is a lump too! Whats the length of that? Seventeen old feet? Theyll be wide as well, bit on the big side for my garage. Ah right, i see. He'll have seen a fair few nice ones come his way. Are they much harder to look after, the big Yanks? Keeping the rust at bay is my biggest pain. I'd say it's one of the better ones, i've seen more than my fair share of rot boxes, but it's still got a scab or two here and there. Typical Capri. !Removed! things were rusty from new! That's the winter project at any rate.
  6. Really clean looking car Roy. Nice set of rs4's on it too. I might get a set for mine as I've never been as keen on the 7's. You said he was test driving it from work? I'm in the wrong job! 🤣
  7. Very cool. I'm afraid I'm not old enough to remember those days 🤣 I remember 4 star though. In the late 80's. My last Laser was a 1.6 I had around 15 year ago. Paris Blue. It had had the conversion to run unleaded by the time I bought it. The Injection has a new all black interior with light grey Recaro's. I've been running it on Esso Supreme and Shell V Power.
  8. Yes! Now we're talking. That's a lovely mk2 Ghia. Plenty of poke. Never owned any of the 3 litres before. To be honest this is my first Injection, I had Lasers before that. You must have really loved that Trans-Am! And a mk1 too. That looks like it was a while back. They can fetch crazy money now, closest I've ever got is the model on the living room bookcase 🤣 Admittedly the injection isn't entirely stock from a cosmetic standpoint, but I think it's still a looker. Not bad for an old Ford pushing 40. I've a bit of bodywork to do to it over the winter, nothing too major. The A6 does all the parts running.
  9. Ah! Chevy Tahoe. A 4x4 man eh? Very capable looking beast that. Ha, only a 5.8.. A big ol' lump all the same. I work in Holland, they're dead into their American imports so I've seen a few of these kicking about. My 'other car' is a wee bit more modest. And is short a couple cylinders. 😉
  10. Now that is an absolute weapon! Beautiful machine. Some sound out of that >'ll bet, though i doubt it would have been easy on the fuel. What made you sell it, if you don't mind me asking? Did you ever replace it was something else?
  11. Aye that's true, it hardly breaks the bank and it's good housekeeping. Certainly doesn't do any harm changing it every 5k, i honestly thought perhaps that was too frequent. Maybe not. I take notions with driving. I work offshore on 3 week rotations so the car effectively spends 6 months of the year not being driven, other than a 10 minute run on idle once a week while I'm away. Her indoors, she's got her own wee runaround as the A6 is a bit too big. So when I'm on leave i could cover 1500 miles or 50 depending on what im up to. That's low miles indeed. Mine has covered 240,000 and counting. Still going strong. For now anyway! 🤣 Mostly motorway miles, previous owner had it 5 year and used it for commuting to Dunfermline from Perth. It does me fine, its a good ol' bus. Ha! Nothing wrong with a bit of recycling. 😉 Take it the van wasn't too fussed! They're big lumps those Trans-Ams. Nice cars.
  12. I have a sneaky feeling you're not going to approve. I may have told a little white lie, I didn't notice the drain had been stripped when I did the oil change. It was quite a while after, when I looked under the car and noticed a small weep. OK, I dare say I may have been lucky and dodged a bullet there so I put my hands up. My bad. In either case the plug was still tight with no play and I still had to unscrew it with the rachet to get it out and check, so it's not nearly bad enough to be sliding or wiggling. But it is partially stripped. I'm confident it's not my handywork as I was so super paranoid about stripping it in the first place that I just tightened the plug up to the washer, then gave it a slight nip with the rachet. I'd been of the thinking of changing the oil frequently. Lots of theories on whether it be every 5k, 10k or more. I decided to go 5k. It's an old car i bought as a runaround for less than 2 grand and has a high mileage. I don't use it for work, just social excursions. So from that, next oil change is due in roughly 1500 miles. I'll admit I feel 5k is excessive, and it's £60 odd a pop to do a change, so I'll be increasing the interval for the next. Anyway, short term fix was the ptfe tape and copper washer on the plug. It's tight on with no play but not over tightened. I can't move it by hand and the weep has stopped. I check it very regularly. (As well as keeping a close eye on the rear view mirror for the trail should it decide to go). Long term is I'm re-threading it a size up from the current plug. I've already got the kit. And the method is demonstrated in one of the vids RoyC posted. As I see it, if I make a complete hash of it it's a new sump regardless and my go-to garage is a few minutes away. If I don't I potentially save some cash. If it starts weeping again it'll be quiksteel and I'll be doing subsequent changes through the dipstick.
  13. I'd say you're right. I've looked up up online. When I get back I'll go through the motions and if need be I'll get it. I'll let you know how I get on 👍🏻
  14. Sorry for the late reply. Cheers for the help chaps. I will admit I've gone down the temp repair road and for now it's holding. I've done several hundred miles so far with barely a weap. So with that in mind, and as it'll soon be due, I'm going for a more permanent repair with the next oil change. That's going to be retapping to the next size up. I've got the kit for it. Watch this space...
  15. It could well be Steve. Something else I'll need to test when I get home. If it is I'll nab an aftermarket unit online. Though replacing the while fan unit itself looks straight forward, should it get to that. I guess it'll be down to what's cheaper.
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