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  1. Got the car back, the guy suggested another £100 to investigate the light being on as it showed fault codes that suggested links to the new turbo, so hopefully just historical. Cars driving straight, all good. Thanks for the advice to get it check rather than just changing glow plugs
  2. Diagnostic run, showed up 4 issues which the guy said related to the turbo and EGR valve. However, as both were replaced last year around 6000 miles ago, he said it’s probably because they haven’t been readapted, so he’s doing that for us. Found that the NSF track rod end was rubbing on full lock on the wheel, and he said whoever replaced it before we got it, fitted the OSF on it and it’s not shaped correctly 🙄 Anyway with all that and tracking, just shy of £250 inc the dreaded!
  3. Thanks Steve, I’m taking it to an Audi specialist Thursday to see what comes up. Hopefully nothing serious. She said it was a bit harder to start this morning than normal, and it was colder and more damp than usual here. Light didn’t come on on the way home which is something.
  4. She did say Saturday that there’d been a bit of smoke out the back when she put her foot down last week a couple of times. Turbo was replaced last year before we got it, receipts etc confirm
  5. Morning, this came on today on my wife’s way to work. I’m presuming it’s just a case of new glow plugs? The handbook says it’s preheating, so doesn’t sound too major hopefully?
  6. Yeah, wasn’t sure if it was that or a wire tapping against things. Nice cheap fix, we like those …
  7. Star man Steve, popped the trim off, nothing really obvious loose, test drive, all quiet, trim back on, still quiet! 👍 happy with that, as that was the only rattle in the car
  8. I’m aware of that, I’m asking if there’s anything related to the trim area I need to be mindful of when removing it, if it’s clipped in or there’s anything behind or a special way of removing it.
  9. Apologies if this is in the wrong section. Our A1 has an annoying rattle from the headlining around the interior light unit. Pressing anywhere on the plastic there stops it, so we know it’s that now. Is this common or anything there we should be mindful of before taking the trim out and seeing what’s loose / rattling? thanks
  10. First chance to give the car a good clean today 👍
  11. Car is bought and home, drives like a dream, pulls like one hell of a machine Couple of minor lines that will polish out on the 1/4’s but no car park dings or anything. Small scuff on the bumper trim, but the alloys need tidying. Is this standard for these?
  12. Collecting it tomorrow, 2 new front tyres fitted at the MOT and no advisories Happy with that
  13. The wife’s A1 at the garage, waiting prep. Will post some proper pics once we get it home this week and take it out for real 😃
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