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  1. Have 2011 Audi 7 Quattro 3lt Apologies for long explanation Took car off road during Covid and since then several big issues. Thought issues wer connected but been looked at by 2 main dealers who diagnose several different issues but won’t guarantee that if fixed will fix underlying battery issue. Main issue is erratic battery drain. Prior to Covid noticed car not starting first time so purchased new Varta stop-Start battery (£400) which I fitted and then used trickle charge unit for several months whilst not used. At same roughly time realised front and rear cameras not working (Sensors are) and Boot not opening with key fob Until now Battery drain issues been manageable as long as left on trickle charge but this week after being on charge and then driven for 90 mins on motorway i stopped at traffic lights and it completely died- warnings that I had steering malfunction, spoiler alerts etc- absolutely dead. The AA charged it for 15 mins so restarted and seems as usual. But can’t carry on this way. One thing the dealers did say was battery needed coding to car as that ‘May’ be issue. They couldn’t do this as not genuine battery so had this done at local garage but made no difference - hence the issue just occurred The only other advice from Main Dealer was that the Camera Control Unit (CCU) which ‘May’ be faulty (no guarantee) could be causing battery drain. Really don’t know what to do now. The two dealers quotes are between £3500- £5000 but won’t guarantee to fix battery issue and with car only worth ~£11k I’m reluctant to spend. Plus can’t believe CCU cannot have caused such drastic failure as just experienced. Does anyone have any clues as to what may be the underlying cause? Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions
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