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  1. Ended up looking at superchips, used them before for my merc and had no issues, good reviews and I know its remap Kings that ended up being superchips or at least they have all their maps. Know they are still a generic map but tested on a rolling road originally before being used for all the same engines. Will be an improvement but maybe not tuned specifically for the individual car. Thing is every car that comes out the factory just gets a flash of a generic map with wide tolerance so would think superchips map is just better set up? Only concern still is additional strain, how does a remap affect the dpf blocking up quicker? Cars only done just under 40k and just had the full drive train service/oils changed so now if anytime is better than a vehicle with 100k and no oils changed? Any good or bad experiences?
  2. Just recently bought an upgrade pack for the audi mmi, couple of sd cards with new sat nav maps, software update, android auto, apple carplay etc. Good for a few different audi models with full install instructions, just installed today on mine if anyones interested in an upgrade to software and 2022 maps seems a waste as I hopefully won't need and have to install all the updates again.....
  3. Has anyone had experience with bluefin superchip for their q7 3ltr diesel 272bhp 4m? Just wondering as I've had superchips on other cars but never used the bluefin (presume its same map just installed by me) and superchips were taken over a few years ago. I have used remapkings who took on superchips during covid with good results with my old merc vito van.
  4. Just recently bought an upgrade pack for the audi mmi, couple of sd cards with new sat nav maps, software update, android auto, apple carplay etc. Good for a few different audi models with full install instructions, just installed today on mine if anyones interested in an upgrade to software and 2022 maps seems a waste as I hopefully won't need and have to install all the updates again.....
  5. For sale Rear plastic moulded bumper protector, brand new never fitted. Only opened the box to take pictures. Had bought it to protect the bumper from scratches getting dogs in and out but also bought a boot liner which does same job so never fitted this. After £70 what I paid for it plus postage if anyone is Interested? Or could be collected, near durham, North East
  6. Booked in to a local gearbox zf Pro specialist place to get the zf gearbox a full service, pan off and changed and also front and rear diff with the centre transfer box fluids changed....bit pricey but my drive ain't level and don't fancy risking not getting the oil level bang on. Cars pretty low miles and maybe early to be changing oils but i cant see what harm it will do apart from drop my bank balance..... 🤪 Prevention rather than cure.....
  7. Passing a local tyre place yesterday on way home in decided to call in and get these balanced again as it has been bugging me.... alot... and one of the rears was out! Can't understand it as I watched the last place do them and the weights were fitted where the machine told him. Drives so much better now so happy days..... 😊 Know where to go in future, and where not..... 🤣
  8. Ah well, its not the wheel balancing..... and not the tyre pressures.... not sure what to get checked next to be honest, hopefully something simple but I doubt it...... Ever so slight a bounce/shudder, maybe nothing and I'm just being over sensitive 😳..... Just have to put up with it till it gets bad enough that it's obvious I think
  9. What could cause this? Feels like the rear wheel is ever so slightly out of balance, but ive just had all 4 wheels balanced, front was off by 35 which explained the slight wheel shake at 70mph but although this has now disappeared it feels like there is a slight shudder/bounce through the car from what feels like the rear? Hard to explain but I can feel it through the car above 60-65 mph, although doesn't seem to be there all the time? I've checked tyre pressures and was talking to the guy when he balanced the wheels so know he done all 4 and was only slightly out on rears, originally anyway. Just wondering if anyone has experienced similar before I head back and maybe get the rears rebalanced again.... just thinking of the obvious things first. Couldn't feel the slight shudder before as the front wheel was out of balance anyway so prob masked this? Car has only done 38k miles and sounds silent so doubting a wheel bearing or gear train issue? Well more hopeing its not 🤞
  10. Short-lived sucess maybe? After the rain today the headlight has again misted up inside...... pretty disappointed 😞...... Gonna have to try and remove the light again but can't see how it comes out..... 😕 Watched that utube video again and the bit I need to see is missing, don't know how he managed to get the light up and out, I was using a fair bit of force and it just didn't want to come out! Job for the weekend maybe and some more silicone 😳
  11. Watched that video on utube and the one bit i wanted to see is where he skips...... shows you him undoing the 2 bolts and pulling the light forward an inch before the video jumping past where he manages to get the light past the plastic bit you can just see.... ive screenshot the video which shows the fixing point of the light sitting on top of the plastic I can't get past..... either that or I'm too scared to smash the light altogether..... I have pulled the corner pretty hard to get it out but seems like I'm using alot of force to get it out and might struggle to linenit up and get it back in?? Had another go yesterday and no way was that light coming out by just removing the 2 bolts. I even removed the cover accross the top of the grille to see what's below, only came out so far and hit a solid bit plastic which I couldnt see how i could remove it. But..... I did find the cause of the moisture ingress, no idea how but the light was cracked pretty badly on the inside edge, sort of behind the side of the grille.... No idea how this could be cracked, no damage on the front of the light lense and no signs of any damage on the grille, bumper, underside covers or any other plastics etc. Almost like someone has shoved something inbetween the side of the grille and the corner of the light and forced it over..... i have Managed to get the light out just far enough to get the silcone nozzle in and seal the crack with plenty of black silicone. Seems to be ok so far 🤞
  12. Hi Steve, Tried yesterday, silicone at the ready, undone the 2 bolts but light wouldn't come out as the right inner corner was clashing with another bit plastic which stopped it coming forward, and just didn't seem to have any movement in it? Only had half an hour spare before coming away for few days so will have another go tomorrow when I get back 👍 Cheers paul
  13. Been away working for a few week's and car has just sat unused in all the crappy weather. When I got in it to drive home noticed a bit of condensation on headlight lense but tbh with the 5 hour drive ahead just wanted home. Absolutely lashed down with rain for mist of the drive home and yesterday when I got up I noticed it had misted quite alot inside. I've checked it and no cracks or anything obvious. Was gonna try and get a cover off the back and get the hairdryer in to dry out? Anyone know of any breathers or seals to check? Is this a comman issue and easy fix as don't fancy having to buy a new headlight if this moisture causes it to fail £££ 🤔 😳 Bit of an update to the post earlier. Been out and tried to see where I can get into the light to dry it out.... managed to get rid of it by just using the old hairdryer but just slowly heating it up from outside as I can't see how it's easily removed? Anyway cleared up but 20mins layer it seems to be misting up again 😱 Cheers paul
  14. Hi Gareth I agree, To be honest I have been swaying to the same conclusion. Wishbone check tomorrow when I get my wheels off and tryes balanced gonna have a good look and foe the gear train service, as you say I was also expecting a few views from a few experienced forum members giving their thoughts and advice maybe even experiences? It's not that I have spare money to waste, just realise prevention is better than cure and certainly cheaper in long run..... but don't want to just do it for the sake of it if its not needed. Maybe another 10k before i spend it 😊 thanks again paul
  15. Hi Gareth Not had the wishbones checked yet, I'm away working offshore so just trying to get info and prices for the gearbox and diffs really. And also a general feel for whats really required from a drivetrain maintenance point of view as I don't just want to pay for something that isn't needed for another 10k or 20k miles? Have been reading the gearbix isnt needed and are pretty bullet proof, maybe get the diffs done only? Engine service has been done a few months ago which is where the original wishbone issue came about, the vag independent garage told me they suggested the wishbones be changed (they called them banana bushings which I'd never heard of before). Ends up the part they refer to is the lower control/wishbone. But they are still to be checked. Back to the gearbox and diffs, emailed a local highly rated gearbox specialist and this is the reply full driveline service for your vehicle, which includes an 8HP65 Automatic gearbox service and oil changes to the front diff, transfer box and rear diff for £799+VAT (£958.80 inc VAT). For just a gearbox service we charge £499+VAT (£598.80 inc VAT). All parts used are ZF OEM Above includes the replacement of the gearbox pan so full change/service not just an oil flush. cheers Paul
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