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  1. Thanks for the advice, I'll give them a ring tomorrow.
  2. Hi, Long story short: I was trying to diagnose a headlight fault and thought I might have had some missing fuses. Stupidly, I put some in where I thought I needed them (after consulting the less than helpful manual) and now my battery fails to hold a charge longer than 12 hours. I have replaced the battery with a brand new one, and I am still getting the same problem. So now I cannot remember which !Removed! extra fuses I have put it, and if that is causing the battery drain. I am also now getting a 'Stabilisation fault (ESC)' and 'Steering system fault'. Would it be possible for someone with an Audi A4 B8.5 2012- Saloon to post pictures of their dash and boot fuse layouts please? I have attached mine in case anyone has any bright ideas. My possible next step is to pull each fuse in succession and measure the battery drain (although with the car open and interior lights on I'm not sure how that will work), or failing that call the AA to diagnose it? Thanks in advance.
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