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  1. man, why would you want to, it will be the oldset phone know to man I had the same thing when I bought my car , could see it would leave a mess if removed so bought a 3D printed cradle that was designed especially for that car and holes. Turned up and fitted so badly I sold it and instead ordered a second hand centre section and just replaced it . So you go from this to this
  2. On the list today were two things. Cam follower and snub nose front mount . Second one was so easy, jacked up the car, front tray off, banged my head so wondered why there was blood on the driveway Easy to remove the two sections and discovered that it was well past its best got a replacement from awesome gti , whacked it on and happy days Next was the cam follower A bit daunting for me as its quite an involved job but watched a few youtube videos and eventually managed to get the old one out. Think this was getting worn Anyway all back together, primed, checked for leaks and then took it for a spin. Seems to be fine.
  3. Well all sorted and pretty painless though it is a bit tricky trying to work out how they did it. 1. getting the boot liner off to gain access https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfbyfQ-735Y&list=FLNrEzF0hwD1r9VeGFJy1Cig&index=5 That video shows you how to get the boot liner off ( though the section about the rear seats is only applicable if you have folding rear seats. I dont so I skipped that part. ) 2. The replacement part This is the part you will need. It usually comes with the solenoid /actuator with the rod which is pushed backwards to unlock and forwards to lock. You also get the emergency red cord which allows you to open the fuel cap if the pin is locked. 3. Removing the old one This is by far the hardest part as couldnt work out how to remove it at first as there are two bolts/screws on the other side which you can see circled in this photo. They are screwed in from the other side which made me scratch my head a little until I tried loosening the shaft of the bolt a little from this side with pliers turning anti clockwise. This meant as they disengaed a could feel the unit free itself. Then realised it was a sliding mechanism thingy so they slide along two slots in the internal skin of the boot. Slide them to the left and they then pop out and the unit comes free. 4. Replace the old with new This is just a case of loosening the bolts that come with the unit just enough that they can slide back in the slots. Test it first before it tightening up the bolts. Just lock and unlock your car and you will see the pin engage. Then slot the pin back through the grommit that is the side of the fuel flap, slide onto the slots and turn the bolts tight. Then take the red emergency cable and slot it over the hex Button up the side of the boot lining, stand back and admire your handiwork 🙂
  4. When I got the car I knew there was going to be stuff that I needed/wanted to do. Some because previous owner had bodged it or it was missing/broken/didnt like it. On the outside I have done quite a bit but this is all on the inside The rear bench was loose so with help from Rob sourced the retaining clips and installed them Bulbs for reading lights- god awful LED bulbs, most of them blown so replaced them with factory Retrofitted cruise control. That was a fun upgrade, has to make a hole in the bottom cowling for the extra stalk and teach myself the coding side of OBDeleven but it all worked out well in the end replace clutch control switch- that was needed for the cruise control to work RS4 pedals install- that was a !Removed! of a job as the RS4 covers are not as rubbery. Had to remove the accelerator pedal to get that one on 3D cupholders. Found some which fitted well. sanded them and painted and now they live in the glovebox when not in use. Replace centre console . The original had that silly 90's nokia style phone holder. Looked at 3D printed parts but in the end plumbed for a magsafe holder in the air vent. So there is a whopping big hole where the bracket used to be so sourced a centre console and will be replacing the whole unit when it arrives. In the meantime I discovered why the hands free calling was a bit muffled ( they had hidden the mic behind the trim...odd ) . Anyway was looking to see how I could have both the cable for my phone and the mic present and came up with a genius idea.Remove two buttons not in use, drill out access ( rubber grommet going in soon to tidy it up ) and feed cables back to head unit My brushed aluminium trim sadly had a big dent ( probably from passenger putting their fee on the dash.grrr ) so sourced a set of trims. They came pretty bashed up TBH but I wasn't too fussed as knew I would be covering them. These are them from ebay. R So decided to teach myself how to vinyl wrap. Never done it before but why the hell not 🙂 Came out all right I think on my first attempt. and all installed in the car. Getting there 🙂
  5. No problem. There is one photo when I got the car. second one is the front a few weeks on but with the RS4 badge.A LOT has been done
  6. After scraping my nicely painted calipers, using every profanity I know, kicking random stuff around the driveway and nearly turning to alcohol in the afternoon, I wish I knew the knack !!! 🙂
  7. Ah you return, this place hasnt been the same without you , nice holiday 🙂 Sadly not . This bumper is aftermarket and this weekend decided to swap over my headlights which meant bumper off job. Now the headlight swap was a disater but will leave that for another day. In the meantime managed to do quite a few things whilst the bumper was off. 1. remove the RS4 badge . In fact have removed all the RS4 badges as well this isnt that 2. tidy up the honeycomb grill where some had cracked. 3. Clean and tidy up behind the bumper, the airtec hoses etc.Tidy up the wiring loom for the front fogs which was all over the place Discovered that some parts of the bumper were tiger sealed to the existing bumper frame, really odd, basically a right bodge job. Then can see the parking sensors which are not plugged in and the headlight wash which are also emoty as my options on this car was neither of those things. so yes Halogen from factory. Anyway old lights back in for the time being whilst I wait on some parts. will update when I have this finally sorted
  8. clever idea. Talking about that spring, what an absolute barstweard that was to get back in !!! why oh why did audi decide to use that instead of normal spring like things .
  9. Thunder grey is a fab colour, nice job there . I see you didnt go down the route of caliper decals but opted for a stuck on S-line bade ? How is the adhesive holding up on the heat ?
  10. Inside , outside, its like the hokey cokey in here 🙂 Well I am going to go from the inside first, if that fails, I shall try your method. If that fails, I shall throw all my toys out the proam, say loads of rude words and stomp back inside to have a sulk. Stay tuned for further updates.
  11. I was hoping that would be the best route as it is the least invasive. I have a nice video from you tube that shows the way to remove the boot lining ( though it does involve removing the rear seats !! ) and the part is arriving soon so when I do attempt it, I will take some photos and share either either my success or complete failure 🙂 wish me luck
  12. Thanks Steve, slowly working my way through the list of jobs 🙂
  13. This is my problem as there seems to be a conflict on what people say. Some say you need to go from the outside, break the plastic to gain access to the inside which obviously means you have to replace that part. Then some say you can go from the inside ( once you have removed the boot trim ) and just replace the actuator . It is the actuator that has the red emergency release pull. So hence my question, which is the best/correct method as no-one seems to know
  14. I did have a search but will try again, thank you
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