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  1. Hello Gareth, yes will do , great advice, thanks, Peter.
  2. Hello, yes sorry, no different when changing gears , on cornering no difference, the only difference is deceleration say from the motorway, as I decelerate the sound diminishes as the vehicle slows , regards Peter.
  3. Hello Gareth, no I haven't had a good look , I've checked as much as I could by getting under the Vehicle, il'e definitely get the wheels checked at my local tyre centre, il'e keep you posted, thanks for your advice.peter.
  4. Hello Magnet, the sound comes as I increase speed , doesn't seem to be coming from the engine, could it be from gearbox, I'm not sure, I've looked at the wheels and they seem all ok, I'm at a loss to know what it is!! Sorry if my information is rather vague, its very difficult to explain the sound . Peter.
  5. Hello my A3 has developed a noise while cruising, sort of droning sound, more noise than tyre or surface running sounds, cars performance is all fine, any ideas of what it could be?? Thanks, Peter.
  6. Hello guys, any idea how to remove the above engine cover?
  7. Thank you steve for your view, regards Peter.
  8. Thank you Gareth will take your points in to consideration. Regards Peter.
  9. Hello all, I own a 2015 A3 1.4 TFSI, and is due for a cam belt change, I've had a quote from a local garage, i asked will you be changing the water pump as well as the belt, they said the water pump is not driven by the cam belt, and doesn't need to be replaced, is this true on this model? Many thanks, peter.
  10. I have a 2015 A3 1.4 TFSI. can the satnav be updated for free??
  11. Hello again Gareth, thank you very much for your advice. Will take onboard your comments, great advice, thank you.Peter.
  12. Hello Gareth, thanks for your further advice, I was thinking of having the belt fitted at a non Audi main dealer,but with Audi genuine parts,but would definitely get a couple of quotes from Audi dealerships, is it standard practice to have the water pump changed with the belt change, many thanks for your advice. Peter.
  13. Thanks for your input, when I replace the belt should I use audi parts. Or would Patern parts be ok.regards, Peter.
  14. Good morning, I have an 2015 A3 1.4 TFSI. Any views of when timing belt needs replacing. my vehicle has 60,000 miles covered, my audi dealer says it's due April 2020. Which is 5 years from new, but the manual says 100,000 or more! Bit confused, cheers. Peter.
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