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  1. Just as well you didn't drive then Steve.....would also consider replacing the other side as this may well be in the same condition. also it helps to balance the cars handling and should ideally be replaced as a pair.
  2. Did notice that Steve and its a very good point.....probably best to keep any eye out for any of our members but I suppose that depends where the stand will be in respect of the location of the entrance
  3. Beaulieu have issued this instruction and also the label that requires printing out and displaying in the windscreen: Please find attached your club label – please can this be distributed amongst your club members prior to the event. Please ensure that they print this label and display it in their windscreen upon entry to the event, this ensures that all members wishing to park within your club area are directed to the correct parking location by our stewards. Audi Owners Club.pdf
  4. We have just updated the system software so this may resolve the issue. Let me know if it makes any difference, thanks
  5. Hi Any issues relating to logging in then send me a message directly and I will try to resolve the issues. Cheers, Trevor
  6. HelloCanvas are offering Premium Members 20% discount on all items on their website* We are now also offering several other fun and creative materials for printing your personal photo or design. For example our HD Metal prints, which are so incredibly beautiful that you have to see them with your own eyes to believe it. HD Metal, also known as Chromaluxe, has an unprecedented color reproduction and gives razor-sharp prints. Have you seen our framed prints already? No need to search for the suitable size picture frame anymore and no need to cut your photo to match. You receive your picture professionally printed and framed - ready to hang! We offer the picture frames in a variety of colours and sizes. *Discount does not apply to currently discounted or sale items on the website View full discount
  7. Superb road trip you've planned there Steve. Are you going with your Brother again, and share the driving?
  8. another one!!?? what number is that now? 🙂
  9. Got to be one of the Fast and Furious franchise movies....couldn't tell you which one though
  10. I popped into the Post Office and had a long chat with them about the different types of licences available depending on where you are looking to travel....its all a bit complicated but each licence is very cheap so worth getting all three of them.....lots of passport photos required though
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