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  1. New Member

    Hi Jeff...welcome to the Forum Good to hear you have returned to the marque. Would love to see some pics of the new beastie...fine machine! Cheers Trevor
  2. I'm going to throw a guess in about the racing stripes....probably wrong but here goes! In the early days of motor racing when paint was thick...this would equate to an excess of weight and I believe it may have been am Italian team who stripped off the paint to lower the overall weight and took it back to the aluminium. Maybe the stripes were then put on to the body to aid identification? I'll get my for one!
  3. Audi, Italdesign and Airbus jointly develop “Pop.Up Next” transporter concept An entirely electric, fully automatic concept for horizontal and vertical mobility has been imagined by Audi, Italdesign and Airbus. The “Pop.Up Next” modular concept could, in the distant future, transport people in cities quickly and conveniently on the road and in the air, at the same time-solving traffic problems. The ultra-light, two-seater passenger cabin can be attached either to a car module or to a flight module. Audi is supporting the project with know-how on battery technology and automation. The dominant interior feature is a 49-inch screen, while interaction between humans and the machine is performed by speech and face recognition, eye-tracking and a touch function. “Creativity is needed where new mobility concepts for cities and people’s diverse needs are concerned. Italdesign is an incubator for innovative technologies and radical prototyping. Pop.Up Next is an ambitious vision that could permanently change our urban life in the future,” says Dr. Bernd Martens, Audi Board Member for Procurement and President of Italdesign. Italdesign develops future-oriented vehicle concepts for Audi and customers around the globe. Jörg Astalosch, CEO of Italdesign, says: “Various players will define the rules of urban mobility in the future. We are proud to collaborate with Airbus, the leading company in the aerospace industry, to investigate solutions for future mobility.” Astalosch sees Pop.Up Next as a flexible on-demand concept that could open up mobility in the third dimension to people in cities. Italdesign is making use of a network of cities, universities and various stakeholders in order to better anticipate the future of mobility in cities. A first version of Pop.Up already had its premiere at the Geneva Autosalon a year ago. Pop.Up Next is significantly lighter than its predecessor, and the interior has been redesigned. For more information on Pop.Up Next, visit Picture caption Conceptual Pop.Up Next is not just a flight of fancy – A jointly developed passenger cabin concept that can be attached to a car or flight module is one future mobility solution system that is being imagined by Audi, Italdesign and Airbus.
  4. Audis on the big screen

    Bright ?
  5. Audis from around the world

    Ouistraham near Caen....lovely place...and stacks of war museums. Well worth a long weekend visit to trawl through the war museums and they have some great restaurants there as well
  6. Audis from around the world

    Audi's in some fantastic locations...however, the last one looks like Barfleur rather than Honfleur?
  7. £1,000 deposit placed online or via UK Audi Centres grants priority order access to production version of Audi e-tron quattro concept, due later in 2018 Deposit also opens up access to special events and entry into exclusive competitions 250 e-tron prototypes will cover more than three million miles on four continents as part of the car’s final testing programme From virtual to reality in just a few mouse clicks. Audi devotees excited by the e-tron quattro concept - an SUV which is the first to carry the genes of Vorsprung durch Technik into the era of fully electric mobility - can not only now view the prototype’s recent Geneva Motor Show appearance online, but in the same browsing session can also secure priority access to the forthcoming series production version by placing a deposit. The £1,000 deposit towards the first ever series production full EV from Audi can be placed online at, where it can be accepted via the Audi Store area within the site (, or it can be taken by any of the 116 Audi Centres across the country. Depositors will be enrolled in a Priority Order Members Club which will entitle them to be the first to order the series production model. They will also benefit from regular updates on the car’s journey to production readiness, invitations to special preview events and opportunities to enter exclusive competitions. The first of these will be a prize draw to win tickets to the prestigious, invitation-only Audi Polo Challenge taking place this summer. When the priority ordering system is activated, depositors will immediately be informed of the final UK pricing and specification position and of the options available, enabling them to submit an order via their preferred Audi Centre before the car becomes publicly available later this year. The £1,000 deposit is offset against the purchase price, and is fully refundable at any time. Those who do proceed will take delivery of the first Audi to be built on the next generation MEB platform, one of the key cornerstones underpinning the brand’s advance towards widespread electrification of the model portfolio. More than 20 electric cars and plug-in hybrids will join the range by 2025, spread across all segments and concepts. Produced at the carbon-neutral Audi manufacturing facility in Brussels, the premium SUV based on the e-tron quattro concept will offer space for five people and their luggage in accommodation that is similar to that of a typical Audi luxury class model. It will offer a driving range that is favourably comparable with a conventionally powered equivalent, and when this range is exhausted it will be 80% rechargeable in less than 30 minutes at fast-charging stations with up to 150kW capacity. With motive power to each axle it will also offer the all-weather traction advantages of ‘e-quattro’ drive. All-wheel-drive will be invaluable to the e-tron prototype in the coming months because 250 examples are set to cover more than three million miles on four continents as part of the car’s final testing programme. This is equivalent to circumnavigating the earth 125 times, and is expected to involve around 85,000 hours on the road. From the cold of Scandinavia and the heat of Africa through the mountainous regions of Asia and the merciless cambers of the Nurburgring to the stop-and-go traffic of major Chinese cities and American highways – the purely electrically powered SUV will have its mettle tested in uncompromising practical tests under the most extreme of conditions from below -20 to above +50 degrees Celsius. In addition, intensive tests of the charging technology are being conducted worldwide – an important safeguarding criterion for battery-electric models.
  8. Spam

    Spammer has now been banned, chastised and all content deleted from PM....also adjusted settings on the forum so this shouldn't happen in the future. Full marks to her for ingenuity though....didn't see that way as a route for spamming the forum. Cheers, Trevor
  9. Spam

    Sorry, forgot to mention....well done Paul for a swift intervention on the spammer. I have a confession Adbro ....i parted company with the A4 some time ago and no longer own an Audi (as yet) but am seriously considering an A4 Cabriolet TDi for the summer....just have to shift all of my other toys first
  10. Spam

    Sorry about the spam intrusion. Very cleverly, it seems that she(?) bypassed the system and rather than posting anything on the forum, instead managed to bulk mail all the members. Will play with the settings in the system to not allow this sort of intrusion again Cheers, Trevor
  11. Audi a4

    Hi Craig...welcome to the Club I would agree with the guys....either tyre pressures or wheel alignment Let us know how you get on with sorting it Trevor
  12. Welcome Home

    Hi Mark....welcome back to the Club