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  1. Offers in the region of...... is always a good start to getting a buyer
  2. Reminds me of that Father Ted episode
  3. I know its not an Audi but this 'beauty' has been in Argostoli, Kefalonia for many years and this year it has actually moved.....whether anyone is going to restore it or whether it drives on a daily basis I don't know but I do love the effort they have put into the bodywork repairs 🙂
  4. Welcome to the Audi Owners Club ! Good to have you onboard
  5. Welcome to the Audi Owners Club ! Good to have you onboard
  6. Welcome to the Audi Owners Club ! Good to have you onboard
  7. Worth checking under the bonnet for the exact location of the leak as maybe a small bore air pipe from the compressor to the strut or alternatively the strut itself is leaking. maybe get someone to cycle the ignition to run the compressor
  8. Zircotec’s proprietary plasma-applied thermal barrier ceramic coatings are widely used on both cars and motorbike components as it offers effective heat insulation and significantly reduces surface temperatures. Our thermal barrier ceramic coatings are trusted by top-end automotive OEM’s and elite motorsport teams for more than 20 years, providing them the competitive edge. Premium Members can receive the following discounts: Individual promotion: 10% off retail price for Zircotec Ceramic Coating orders Bundled promotion: 15% off retail price for Zircotec Ceramic Coating orders when two or more people place an order together (must be booked and coated at the same time Both promotions run until the end of 31/12/2023. Terms and Conditions apply View full discount
  9. The opposite camber to the UK is more than likely the culprit...UK cars can suffer the same effect but the opposite direction (Honda CR-V is renowned for it)
  10. Well thats a strange one then and certainly one for the manufacturers to resolve by way of recall I would imagine. The main thing is that you weren't injured
  11. Oh my goodness, as long as you are okay? The car can be fixed although it depends if you want it back with brake failure.....sounds like the fluid has too much moisture content and boiled when braking leaving an air bubble in the hydraulic system Would lend you my car Steve but not sure it will come back in one piece 🙂
  12. Have fitted some from this supplier before and very comprehensive kit, albeit complex to work out how to fit https://direct4x4.co.uk/collections/audi-q5-accessories?filter.p.product_type=Side+Steps+and+Bars
  13. Halfords are offering Premium Members 15% off selected Touring Products for the month of May 2023 Download the PDF voucher and present at the till to receive the discount (T&Cs apply - please see voucher for details) 15 off Selected Touring May offer FY24.pdf View full discount
  14. No shame I didn't spot them either as the showground did seem a bit mixed up on the day It was a vintage motorcycle scramble and was superb thanks....plenty of smoke, fumes and noise, just what I like (although I'm sure Greta would not approve) 🙂
  15. Great to see a few familiar faces who turned up for the show and although a smaller contingent this year (mainly due to the massive amount of rain we have had recently) it was still quite a sizeable show. I'm sure that one of many potholes in the roads approaching Beaulieu had claimed more than a few rims on the day 😒
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