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  1. Steve Q


    Hi John, I'm wondering if the aeriel wiring has come loose? If so it'll be a garage job I'm affraid. Cheers Steve
  2. Steve Q

    Car Security (or lack of it)

    Car crine is definitely on the increase but I think Ford are the worst for poor security as the keyless security is rubbish. I guess no different to their poor security back in the 70s, 80s and 90s.
  3. Steve Q

    Wiper blades hack ?

    Good hack there Piotr! Is the rubber genuine bosh? If so it's a great saving 🙂 cheers Steve
  4. Steve Q

    Can you play a dvd 2015 a6 ultra + more

    Hi Mik, to get Audi to update your mmi youll be looking around £500 I believe. Cheers Steve
  5. Steve Q

    CF Roof Spoiler

    Now that looks great Sean! 🙂 guessing it's made of fibreglass? cheers Steve
  6. Steve Q

    Clock spring swap for mfsw a4 b7

    Hi John, I think you're right and coding should fix the issue. However I heard a rumour nthat not all steering bwheels were interchangeable and you should ideally get one from near to the same year as yours. I could be wrong but I'm sure it's something I read on Facebook so it definitely could be hit or miss. Cheers Steve
  7. Steve Q

    Audi A4 2.0 TDI

    You're welcome, glad I could help. Personally im not a fan of adblue. But that's probably because of laziness and partly because I find it an extra expense with extra faff. Cheers Steve
  8. Steve Q

    Wheel upgrades for my S4 B6..

    Hi Matt, take a look in our wheels section as we have fitment guide links there 🙂 cheers Steve
  9. Steve Q

    What handsfree manufacturer?

    Hi Neil, the circular logo looks like the ones found on Sony erricson phones from the early/mid noughties. Might be worth considering sony. Cheers Steve
  10. Steve Q

    nokia phone kit.

    Hi Kirt, you may need a different aeriel and transmitter etc for it to work. But I don't see why it wouldn't work. Cheers Steve
  11. Steve Q

    Audi A3 8V Cabriolet Interior Roof/Dome Light

    Great guide Karl 🙂 ive pinned it so that other members can find it easily. Cheers Steve
  12. Steve Q

    Door puddle lights sports model

    Welcome to the forum Scott, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch. I believe the puddle lights are fitted in the light and sight pack or something similar (the name often changes!). Unless the lights are spec'd from factory then the slots won't be there I believe. So not ideally a DIY job but they can be retrofitted with modification. Cheers Steve
  13. Steve Q

    Electronic handbrake.. how to use it..

    Welcome to the forum 🙂 now from my experience of a3 8v electronic handbrakes they should just disengage once you have the biting point. I must stress that the a3 will not have hill hold assist and as such it'll roll. I did find sometimes you have to apply extra acceleration as I found the handbrake a bit dimwitted. my advice would be to find a quiet country lane to practice hill starts on. cheers Steve
  14. Steve Q

    Lights issues

    I'm guessing you've checked the relevant bulbs and checked to see if there are any loose wires u dwr the passenger front seat for the airbag. If so then I'd advise speaking to an auto electrician or getting a diagnostic check carried out. Cheers Steve
  15. Steve Q

    Audi A3 8L TDi wet carpet???

    Agree with Gareth. This is quite a common issue on VAG cars from this era. Cheers Steve