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  1. Nice one! The last sleep takes the longest!
  2. New diy honeycomb grill

    Fair point, and yes to have the facelifted bumper then you'll need the bonnet (as you rightly pointed out) plus wings and headlights. I appreciate where cliff is coming from but I think you'd be ok to cut the yellow highlighted piece out. You then would need to make the custom grill mesh. However you may find you need to add extra bracing to the bumper as you may affect it's rigidity. Cheers Steve
  3. Thanks for you're kind words Gareth, but I have to say numbers and maths are not my strong point! Hmm if 23 is wrong then is the numbering system similar to Vw?
  4. Problems after EA189 engine emissions update

    Glad you've got some sort of a result Wes, please keep us posted on how you get on :) I do admit the whole situation has been handled poorly.
  5. Bet you can't wait :)
  6. DUNLOP MAXX GT Tyres - splitting

    You're probably right and I didn't think about it like that before (I know that sounds stupid!). Let's hope there's a good result from it :)
  7. Couldn't agree more!! I'll look forward to seeing pics of your a5 :) When do you collect it? Cheers Steve
  8. Low Humming Noise Upon Acceleration

    Agreed! I'm like you and notice all the little noises and scratches etc. The garage thinks I'm crazy sometimes but I've always been proven right. Just glad we can help :) Cheers Steve
  9. Toms 8V S3 Progress Thread

    Nice one Tom! It certainly sounds good! As I say you should come and display your a3 at the up and coming shows :) Cheers Steve
  10. Low Humming Noise Upon Acceleration

    Please posted on how you get on :) I think when you've owned a car from new, I find you take a greater pride in it's condition. My a6 has been owned by my family from new and is impeccably maintained despite it being 16 years old. Cheers Steve
  11. Audi DTM disadvantage

    Audi's Motorsport boss Dieter Gass had admitted that the new aerodynamic regulations will disadvantage Audi in the up and coming 2018 season. This disadvantage is most likely help Audi's rivals Mercedes who lost out to Audi last year to Audi as Audi won both the teams and manufacturers titles last year. The new rules decrease the level of downforce by approximately 1/3. At least this will make the race season even more entertaining to watch! Here's the link for more info: Cheers Steve
  12. Low Humming Noise Upon Acceleration

    Hmm well I'm wondering if a tyre is rubbing on the wheel arch liner or other component?
  13. Audi Q8 teaser

    Audi have released a teaser image of the new Q8 model which is set for release at the Beijing motor show. The 18TH debute also coincides with the 30th year of Audi car production in China. Here's the link to the full article: Cheers Steve