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  1. Hi James, sorry to hear of your situation but I'd strongly suggest keeping it if you can! If the royal history can be verified then it could be worth up to £4k I think. I know that 2 cabriolets owned by Princess Diana sold for similar money. Cheers Steve
  2. Welcome to the forum Ian, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 cheers Steve
  3. You mat find the battery might need coding to the car.
  4. Welcome to the forum Tony, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 cheers Steve
  5. Not be one! I'll be purchasing mine nearer the time, but definitely going 🙂 cheers Steve
  6. Yep, certainly sounds like you've found the culprit then.
  7. You can't go wrong with the 2.5tdi. that's what I've got in my c5 and it's done 331,000 miles without being rebuilt. Cheers Steve
  8. Can't say I've heard of the fault before. But I'd strongly advise you show the technicians the fault in progress to prove your point. You shouldn't be having media system issues on a 5 year old car in my opinion. Cheers Steve
  9. Glad you think you've found the cause. Just out of curiosity does the d3 have a sunroof? If so you may find one of the drain channels blocked and could possibly cause ba leak into the cabin. Cheers Steve
  10. This is a great piece of advice Phil, can't believe I didn't see this prior! I'm going to pin this post as I feel it's great info for future owners. Cheers Steve
  11. What kind of driving are you doing? Cheers Steve
  12. Im wondering if it could be a worn linkage? However, regardless of issue I'm surprised you're having gearbox issues on such a young car. Cheers Steve
  13. I'm sure it can be removed but I'm wondering if you'll have to remove the trim around it to gain access. Cheers Steve
  14. Welcome to the forum Stefan, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 i do love the c5 all road, definitely the best version in my opinion. You've got a good engine too 🙂 cheers Steve