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  1. Might be worth getting a diagnostic check carried out.
  2. What have you done so far to resolve the issue?
  3. That's shocking. Sounds like the previous owner skimpt on servicing. They shouldn't be haggling on transport in my opinion a you can report them. Get them to look at Shipley. It allows transport companies to bid for the job. I've had so e cracking deals on there transporting cars before.
  4. Here you go 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/groups/AudiOwnersClubUK/?ref=share
  5. If you mean will a a3 8v screen fit an a3 8l then I dont think so as the body design is different.
  6. Glad youve got a bit further with this. I don't think the key will work despite disconnecting the battery in my opinion
  7. To jump on this, yes the garage should program the battery to the car. Also the yellow light on the dash is the engine management light.
  8. Worth you looking on ebay. But for white mudflaps you'll either be looking bat universal rally ones. Or get black mouled ones painted white.
  9. Can't help with the specific problems but if you bought it from a dealer then you are entitled to a full refund up to 30 days from sale.
  10. To be honest our Facebook group is more popular these days.
  11. When was the battery last changed? A failing battery can though up odd electrical faults. Might be worth getting it checked.
  12. I know on the s tronic auto box a similar issue can occur when the gearbox oil needs changing. Might be worth looking at? Alternatively the gear linkage for 1st could be loose which would prevent the gears being selected.
  13. This could be an issue with the aerial or the transmitter. Best advice would be to get an auto electrician to take a look.
  14. Yep it should just play. Also When it does I think the track list will come up (not some name just a list 1-10 (for example) abd then you can select the one you want.
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