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Community Answers

  1. Good diagnostic work. You could always try a breaker on eBay for the wiring harness or replacement head unit/cd player.
  2. Yep you can pay for add ons. I'd recommend you download the my Audi app so you can see what's available.
  3. Welcome to the forum you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂
  4. Welcome back 🙂 yea b8 bars won't for the b9.
  5. Not sure if you can just buy the screen. I know on jaguars you can but Audi do like to over complicate matters.
  6. Could it be a broken exhaust rubber/hanger, loose exhaust heat shield, engine mount or gearbox mount or worn suspension arms?
  7. Not heard of the c8 suffering from this. But can be a number of things from looking at previous A6 models such as blocked water drains allowing water in the cabin, leaking pollen filter housings, leaking sunroofs, leaking door or window seals.
  8. I guess it would depend if you had to make a perforation warranty claim. But I get what you're saying
  9. I think it's the bose amp which causes the issue.
  10. Hi Collin, I think it should fit. Can't you just find an A3 one though?
  11. Wowzers. Have you spoken to Audi or an Audi independent specialist
  12. The only issue with wrapping or painting them, is that It could affect your warranty
  13. Cracking through the jobs 👍 looks a nice q7
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