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  1. Audi should be offering some good will. An engine shouldnt go bang especially if it's got full Audi history. Im guessing you've gone to.yiur nearest dealer. My advice is to speak to Audi customer services. Think your alternative option is a second hand engine.
  2. It shouldn't be an issue as long as audis service interval has been followed. Check for smoothness of gear changes. When they haven't been serviced and oil is old a common problem is the gearbox refusing to select reverse.
  3. Great mod ideas, a d I agree with them all ☺️ could potentially lower it and add a sports exhaust.
  4. Welcome to the forum, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 Where are the wheels rubbing? On the arches or suspension?.
  5. If you bought it from a dealer my advice would be to get it back to them asap as you have a month returns warranty. Or get a diagnostic check carried out
  6. Doors not unlocking could be the batteries in the fobs, the driver's door module faulty or maybe at a guess the ccm. Have you got emwet carpets by any chance?
  7. It might be worth removing the dpf to see what it's condition is. It might need replacing.
  8. I believe it might have been an eBay supplier. Sure my brother paid around £25. But they're still working now
  9. Adblue seems to have a lot of problems for various manufacturers including jaguar and Ford. As long as the correct adblue is put.in.then.yiu should be ok. Funnily enough my wife has a jag xe and it needs topping up. I'm only going to put jag adblue in. Hopefully I'd like to think I'll have more of a comeback if the system says wrong adblue fitted.
  10. Steve Q

    Tech Pack

    I'd.be speaking to retrofitters. It won't be cheap though. Plus you want to see if you can get money back.as the car was mis sold.
  11. You'll need to get a retrofitter to install it but.it won't.be cheap a d it will affect your warranty
  12. You'll need the modules and for it to be coded. It wi t be cheap a d your best bet is to speak to a retrofitter
  13. There are aftermarket kits. My brother fitted some to his car (non Audi) and work well.
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