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  1. I'd get a diagnostic check carried out.
  2. You're welcome. Definitely get it changed before it snaps. If it's cambelt youll need to change the water pump at the same time.
  3. Probably will be more reliable and up to date anyway 👍
  4. You're welcome, sorry I can't help further.
  5. Think it's 54mg/km.
  6. Steve Q


    Is an SD if so eBay is your best bet or Audi. I don't think you can get the speed camera locations on the built in sat navs. Cheers Steve
  7. That's odd. Have you put a fuse in?
  8. Apologies this hasn't been responded to. My advice would be to speak to Audi as I think it depends on the radio etc. Cheers Steve
  9. Could be a cambelt or auxillary drive belt. The question is, when we're all the belts last changed?
  10. How no! Is the bulb failure warning or anything?
  11. Oh dear. Wondering if it's the module then.
  12. Glad you managed to change the bulb 🙂
  13. It's always a risk buying a car at auction. Definitely worth getting the parts on eBay either new or used and getting a garage to fit them. Cheers Steve
  14. Welcome to the forum Paul, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 Hope you're pleased with your RS5. Cheers Steve