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  1. Trevor


    Hi Alan Sorry, only just noticed that your post has gone unanswered....been a bit hectic since the start of the year! So glad to hear about the good result from your scan....I have been there myself and it's a bloody hard battle but wonderful when you come out the other side of it...tend to see life differently. Great call on the new Audi as well, feel free to post up a piccy now you've taken delivery of it. Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  2. Happy Christmas to all Audi Owners Club members
  3. Trevor

    Motorsport Events

    Hi Alex.....great idea, I shall place a Calendar on the site shortly. I too shall be attending Le Mans 24 Hours this year (same as the last 13 years in a row) and also Silverstone Classic (great event) SteveQ usually organises the Audi events for the club (Beaulieu, Castle Combe, AITP, and a few others)....pop him a PM and I'm sure he'll be glad of any assistance Look forward to chatting about future events. p.s. I have now added a Calendar in the top menu bar
  4. Trevor

    1st time Audi owner from Musselburgh

    Glad to hear you're enjoying it and only had a glitch or two. Mapping definitely sounds like the way forward to release a few more ponies.
  5. Trevor

    New member saying'Hi'

    Hi Steve....welcome to the Forum It looks absolutely amazing've done a sterling job on it and should be good for many years to come I would imagine. Thank goodness some people are looking after the older classics now, too many prematurely went to the scrapyard in my opinion. Good to have you onboard and thanks for sharing the pics of the 80 with us. Cheers . Trevor
  6. Trevor

    New member introduction

    what a beautiful and rare car in superb condition....thanks for sharing it with us
  7. Trevor

    First Audi for a long time

    StockB6 . How's it all going with the B6....still enjoying it and sorted all the issues now?
  8. Trevor

    S4 B6 Worries

    Hi John....welcome to the Forum If you have a comprehensive service history then chances are that any recall work has been carried out by the Dealers already. Quite whether the cam chain or associated components were replaced, you will need to ask the Dealers this question. However, if it has had quality oil used during its life and serviced at the recommended intervals or sooner then there may be less likelihood of premature failure of these components. Worst-case scenario, have the chains replaced before it becomes an issue and at least it will lift the doubt from your mind and it is a good selling point when the time comes. Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  9. Trevor

    New member just saying hi

    Hi....welcome to the Forum I have moved this post to the A3 8P section where hopefully someone can answer your questions. Cheers . Trevor
  10. Trevor

    New member introduction

    Hi Adrian ..... welcome to the Forum certainly do like your Audi's ! Would love to see a photo of the GT Coupe if you want to post one up? Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  11. Trevor

    New member

    Hi Ian....welcome to the Forum Glad to hear you resolved the issues with the car at a bargain price! Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  12. Trevor

    1st time Audi owner from Musselburgh

    seanaldo1987 . How's it all going with the A5....still happy with it?
  13. Trevor

    New SQ5 Owner in Aberdeen, Scotland

    SQ5_Scott . How's it going with the SQ5....still living the dream?
  14. Trevor

    New B5 S4 Avant owner

    4jw . How's life with the S4....still better than the RS4, or not?