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  1. On my A6 2001 allroad, the suspension module is located in the rear passenger side, if in the UK, forward from the multi cd player, you can just say see the side of it, looks a pig to get at
  2. yes mate all fuses checked, just had my friend over with his ridiculous priced Snap-On diagnostic and it says that the suspension ECU has no communication, so i am assuming that this is the cause of the problem, looks a bit of a faf to get it out, but we will see
  3. Thank you , will give it a go with my garage compressor and check for leaks
  4. I can't test it because it wont pump it up past the control box mate, i was wondering if i could use my garage compressor to test for leaks to each unit from the control block
  5. Hello everyone, i have purchased an Audi a6 allroad 2.5, i got the car very cheap but as you would expect it has its problems, i have worked my way through quite a few of these but i seem to have hit a wall on the information side. The problem i am facing is the air suspension, the pump will not turn at all, i have removed the pump and just as the man said from whom i bought it from, the pump has been overhauled, i have proved the pump with a direct feed, it works fine with plenty of compression, however when i connect it back to the cars electrics i get nothing, i have bought a new relay as i
  6. Found it, changed it, job done
  7. has anyone got a fuel temp sensor wiring plug top with a couple of inches of the harness wire left on [two pin] as the wires have snapped off right at the plug on mine
  8. Can anyone tell me where to locate the crankshaft sensor on a 1.9 tdi 130 2004 engine, pictures would be a godsend, cheers
  9. Just like to say hello to everyone on the forum
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