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  1. Hi Gareth thanks again great advice . My headache is when it’s locked up it goes flat and won’t start without a jump . When unlocked with handbrake on it drains to 10% but will start . Tonight I’m gonna disconnect the battery before I go to bed as the car will be sitting at 100% . Re connect in the morning and see the result . The battery in the car at the moment is a YBX 3000 12v 95Ah 850A , same came out . thanks again 👍🏻
  2. Ok last night I checked the car before I went to bed , battery power read 100% . Car unlocked , nothing on . Get into the car 9am this morning the battery power reads 10% 😡. Could this have anything to do with the electronic handbrake as that was the only thing on .
  3. Maybe, but when it hits 0% after the car has been locked , it won’t start . All the locking system has also been checked , immobiliser etc etc . Thanks for your help 👍🏻
  4. Hi Gareth when you press car on the console you have a list of settings , you go down to battery level and it reads 0% to 100% . In the morning when I go into these settings mine reads 10% .
  5. Hi Gareth yes the car starts at 10% , but I have been advised that a battery that size shouldn’t start at that level .
  6. Hi all My car is an audi A6 2.ltr tdi 54 plate . Having had a problem for the last 3 months when I get into my car in the morning and finding it at sometimes 10% or totally flat I decided to put it into my local garage for a week of full testing to try and find the fault . I have used these guys for years and they do my whole families cars so fully trust them . The lads having ran full diagnostics etc decided to change the battery under warranty . Having had the car for a week, as i said, they ran every test they could to try and find the fault. They couldn't find a fault with anything after trying and testing everything imaginable. Now having had the car back I find even leaving the car unlocked through the night the battery reads 10% in the morning . Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. many thanks
  7. Ok thank you will look into it many thanks happy new year when it comes
  8. Hi my Audi A6 is a 54 plate . I have ran through settings on my display and can’t find anything displaying mmi . Any advice would be greatly appreciated 👍🏻
  9. Hi thanks for your reply . Retrofit DAB to the MMI , no idea what that is but will google it 👍🏻
  10. My A6 model is 

    A6 2004 4F2 C6 saloon 2.0TDi 

  11. Hi all can I replace my old radio system to DAB touch screen etc
  12. Hi sorry been off a while . Door panels done wheels re coated what to do next lol
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