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  1. Fixed it. It needed a new Pressure relief valve. It's got rid of a few other issues as well. Other symptoms included, car wobbling side to side at a stand still, which got progressively worse. engine on or around 1200 revs after start up first thing, also it would judder a little when setting off in first like it was about to stall for a split second before I got going. Car running mint now. :)
  2. Hi all. I recently bought an a4 2.0tfsi qattro s line. Today after a longish drive I noticed there was like a delay in power when putting my foot down, the revs would jolt up after a slight hesitation then it would judder or vibrate at the same time. It only seems to do it in 4th and 5th gear and doesn't always judder. There doesn't seem to be too much issue with it until I put my foot down. Any ideas?