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  1. AndyF

    Waterless wash

    You need to get a build up of polish thats four or five coats after mags clay bar and mags ultimate compound etc
  2. AndyF

    Waterless wash

    Nicks just done 2 coats of mags mirror glaze 16
  3. AndyF

    Waterless wash

    Thanks Nicks i finished work 10.00 am yesterday washed,clayed, ultra compond and 2 coats mags mirror glaze 16 looks the MUTS NUTS Andy F
  4. AndyF

    Waterless wash

    I was thinking of using it like a detailing pollish after a wash for a quick shine. Then my be the fillier in it may sort a few minor swirlls have started to appear after 10 years. Andy F
  5. AndyF

    Waterless wash

    Hi guys what are your thought on waterless washes ie Williams with canubra Andy F
  6. AndyF

    Cold air intake

    Already tried cone fillter to much heat round engine bay . Gone back to my K&N panel fillter looks neat though Andy F
  7. AndyF

    2.0T noisey engine

    Thanks again Trevor
  8. AndyF

    Cold air intake

    Like it thanks Andy F
  9. AndyF

    2.0T noisey engine

    Sounds tappitie or a bit Deiseley really . Worst when ticking over
  10. AndyF

    2.0T noisey engine

    Hi my A3 2.0T 2006 covered 55,000 miles from new my car from new full history . Got quite noisey over last tw0 mounth , just timming belt and water pump done any thoughts from you guys Andy F
  11. AndyF

    Cold air intake

    Extra cold air to my air intake any ideas
  12. AndyF

    Detailing Suppliers

    Ok boys a week as nearly passed since i mirror glazed 16 my car . Just washed and leathered off and wow what a shine you can see the wifes slk in the refection is that a bad thing lol
  13. AndyF

    Door seals

    Hi there any members out there ever changed front door seals big or little job help please Andy F
  14. AndyF

    Vredestein Tyers

    Any of you guys tried Vredestein ultrac vorti I'm on them now a premier Dutch brand Hard wearing very sticky and good in the wet with a good looking wall