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  1. not this time but seen F1 there twice. a great place called Durbuy is a must go place close to Spa
  2. no problem moving it as was unaware there was a road trip section. I don't know either why you nor I could see the photos as I uploaded the attachments to the post but they weren't shown in the post other than attached files. Planning a trip to Austria & The Black Forest & Bavaria now lol
  3. very nice indeed. I have the S4 in Navarra Blue
  4. Ive seen with the new RS4 that the classic view of speed and rev dials have added information set inside the speedo dial on the left. On my S4 the classic view doesn't seem to allow the added information (economy etc) in the centre of the speedo. Is this an RS4 exclusive configuration or can this be re set on the S4 - comments appreciated.
  5. oh well just back from a week with the S4 driving from Liverpool to France and Belgium covering 1700 miles and 31 hours behind the wheel in 7 days. Absolutely loved the drive and was so impressed with the car in so many ways. Economy across toll roads, town roads and country roads really good with over 28mpg even with 3 passengers and a roof box. On toll roads I tried to keep to 85mph. Weather was really cold as don't think it got over 2 degrees during the day and drove many mornings at below zero. Ride comfort was superb and even with a sore back I was refreshed at all times helped by the back massage to a large degree lol. whilst roads in France were glass smooth the ones in Belgium where not but the S4 never banged or got unsettled. I never felt that the Quattro was needed even on the sub zero roads but you don't know if it was called into action as never had a moment of drama. a few other observations were that Audi is definitely the brand of choice with them outnumbering beemers 10 to 1 (seemed equal back in the UK though), roads in France much better than here, driving discipline much better in the EU than here (lane hugging in UK terrible) and finally that I never saw one other S4 for the entire trip so my car did get quite a bit of notice from young lads lol. Anyway thought I would share this as it goes to prove the Audi as a car for all purposes and pure driving pleasure. S4 (1) S4 (2) S4 (3)
  6. Sherlock1965


    B9 S4 Avant 08.52.28-1.jpg?dl=0
  7. Hi Degsy best just look at web images of the car set up you want to replicate. I had an A7 tinted and had back windows, quarters and rear done 30% tint (lets 30% light in). I would leave front sides alone as any tint is illegal. Check out ADS Audi specialists in Preston as they did a remap for my A7 also and are the local Revo specialists - highly recommended
  8. I am getting totally frustrated with my MMI Connect app on my android. No matter what I do I cannot get my remote lock/unlock to work. All I get is a message saying 'technical fault'. The other functions via my app work e.g. servicing, mileage and fuel, vehicle location etc but the door lock/unlock just wont work. Can anyone help please? thanks
  9. Just picked up my new S4 Avant - 250 miles down and wow what a car Loving it!!!!!!
  10. Hi guysIm currently an Audi A7 driver looking to buy an S4 Avant but not sure which model and year came with the improved sport differential set up.Im looking to spend up to approx £30k and would really welcome any help and clarification?Thanks in advance
  11. Hi guys Ive just had my from offside dipped headlight alarm come on and found that yes the light was off whilst the nearside was ok. I tghiought straight away a new bulb however after I restarted the car the light came on again for 30 seconds or more then the alarm came on again. Does this sound like a bulb replacement or an electrical fault guys? If it is a bulb any ideas how much Audi would charge? Thanks
  12. No it doesn't - looks like a phone call to the dealer tomorrow. have you done this yourself JayRA?
  13. Evening guys Ive been playing with the manual raise button for the spoiler and it operates fine but the spoiler doesn't retract again util I start driving the car again, and at a decent speed. Is this normal please?
  14. Im thinking of using a local engineer that works with the remap developed by Leeds based Elite. I've done many cars in the past and never had one problem, they always improve the enjoyment.
  15. Afternoon guys I picked up my 2011 A7 yesterday and loving it although a minor issue in that I can insert and play a CD but can't eject it even after repeated attempts - is there anything I can do please (PS its the single CD drive version). Regards