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  1. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Much appreciated. 🙂 A fsh is claimed, I will have a good look at the paperwork.
  2. This is the only real hindrance I can find to buying one of these cars. The advice I can find says it should not be using more than 0.2litres of oil per 1000km. Is there a way to assess this when I go to look at the car? Anything else I should particularly look for? It is a low mileage, about 30,000, and is 2014 I don't suppose there is any way to tell if the timing chain is stretched other than rattling?
  3. I finally took the filter out to have a look. The problem was the gasket beneath the filter was damaged. I replaced it about a month ago, and so far the problem has not returned.
  4. Speaking as an occasional poster. I appreciate all the advice I get. As soon as I buy a car, I join the appropriate forum. My mechanic does most of my work, but he is old school, so I often go in to collect the car, and he will tell me what he has done, and what he didn't have time for. Basically, if it is fitted with a nut and bolt, he is THE MAN, other than that, it depends. But, yes, please don't stop posting you petrol/diesel heads are great. THANKS 🙂
  5. I have a leak in the passenger foot well. I can't find the cause and it is intermittent. I am wondering if there should be a lid on my pollen filter? Meanwhile, I have drilled a hole in the floor grommet, so it should prevent severe flooding.
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