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  1. Southampton Graham

    AUDI A1 Centre Wheel Caps needed!!

    Hi Hannah if you search for part number 8X0601165 you should find what you are looking for. If not contact a local car breakers who generally have some
  2. Southampton Graham

    Audi's in the park 11 chat thread

    Hi Steve I am thinking of going this year so will organise a place to stay saturday night. So can you add me to the list please. Thanks
  3. Southampton Graham

    Simply Audi 2019 chat thread

    Count me in Steve I will check out some car parks next time I am down there
  4. Southampton Graham

    How was your day?

    Thanks for keeping up with the daily up dates Pete I read them every day, You and Caz have a good Christmas and hopefully not too many miles on the road. Best Xmas Wishaes
  5. Southampton Graham


    Hi John Welcome to the Forum You will find people here friendly and helpful. Have you tried, search through to find your car, as this will give you the part number, unless you already have it. Or take one of the other center caps off and it might have the part number moulded on the back Best of luck
  6. Southampton Graham

    2005 2.0TDI intermittent power loss

    Hi Mick Welcome to the forum. You will find the people here friendly and helpful I had a similar issue when I had a 55 reg 2.0TDi A3 and had to switch off the re-set. Firstly see if you can plug it in and pick up any fault codes. On mine I replaced my battery and the issue went away. How old is your battery?
  7. Southampton Graham

    How was your day?

    Cheers Peter have a good weekend
  8. Southampton Graham

    How was your day?

    Thanks for the updates Peter I enjoy reading what has happened on your working day, keep up the good work.
  9. Southampton Graham

    Simply Audi 2019 chat thread

    Hi all Just had an E-mail through from Beaulieu and the event for 2019 is on Sunday 21st April Tickets for this event go on sale in December 2018 and cost £10 for adults abd £5 for children but these are for tickets bought in advance. The ticket also gets you into the motor museum. The event is set at the prestigious Beaulieu museum and is held between 9am-3pm. For more info here's the link. Let us know if you're interested by contacting baby of the admin or moderators.
  10. Southampton Graham

    Advice please

    Hi Maureen Sorry to hear about you daughters accident. I believe the AA will come out and assess your daughters car for you and this can be used as an independent review which you could pass on to the Insurance company. The RAC might give a similar option. At least this would keep it official and something to argue against if it comes to it. Best of luck, keep us updated.
  11. Southampton Graham

    RS5 Modifications

    Hi Mark Firstly welcome to the Forum you will find the people here friendly and helpful. There is also the facebook ( If you have it of course) page you can join where you can get info as well. For tuning info you can read through the performance Audi magazine which could give you leads or search ideas on google. There is in croyden in Marlow There are more but I have tried to keep them local, but from their websites you can pick up the manufactures of parts and go direct. At some stage in the new year we are going to organise another session at Surrey Rolling Road, it is normally £40 per car and if you have had any Mods done it is worth trying it out. Graham
  12. Southampton Graham

    Audi a4 avant 2002

    Hi Sean I see what you mean about price The Part number looks like 8EO 827 574C. contact some second hand spares(i use silverlake) down here and they might be able to post something. Best of luck.
  13. Southampton Graham

    DPF Pressure sensor

    Nice one Rob You will soon get your money back with a gain of 18mpg.
  14. Southampton Graham

    Audi Driver International show 2018 chat thread

    Just googled the premier in and it looks like a good place to meet up. are you going up on the day?
  15. Southampton Graham

    Audi Driver International show 2018 chat thread

    Hi Edd Yep would love too.