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  1. It sounds like you are using the right diesel and additives. It must be one of the sensors causing it. Is your fuel consumption OK?
  2. I had no fault codes as i took it to a garage. It was due a full service anyway and they confirmed it was the sensor during the service. Checking the invoice it just states DPF Pressure sensor implausible signal but no code. They checked as I thought is was a coolant fan issue - no stored faults ref cooling fan it was regenerating every day, especially noticeable when driving into work in the morning.(7 miles to work) Have you tried a fuel additive to see if that helps clean out the DPF or reduces the number of times it regenerates.
  3. Hi Luey I had a similar problem in august last year. The symptoms were that the fuel consumption was horrendous as in about 30 mpg The radiator fan was always running when I stopped and continued for about 5 mins afterwards. I had it checked out and it turned out to be the DPF sensor(Exhaust pressure sensor) at a cost of £50. Hope this info helps
  4. Cheers Rob We have one other to meet up with. Jessie So I suggest we meet at rownhams first at 7 and then convoy down to Tesco's at applemore near dibden about 8 This is a decent car park and a number of other clubs are also meeting there. once we are ready we can the convoy into Beaulieu as a group. hope you have printed off your windscreen passes. see you Sunday morning. Temperature wise it is looking to be about 24 Deg c on the day so should be an improvement on last year.
  5. Yes Mate I will tie up with a few others on facebook and the post on this site. should be able to do this by friday night. Local temperatures suggests it will be 22deg on Sunday
  6. Hi Steve welcome to the forum You will find the people here friendly and helpful. are you going to Beaulieu next weekend? It would be a good opportunity to meet some of the group.
  7. Hi Darren Will be good to meet you. Steve Q; Can you put up a list of all who are going so we can organise the meet ups. Thanks
  8. Hi Darren Are you coming down on the day? Last year some of us met at Rownhams Services at 7.00 am for some breakfast Then drove on to meet up with the others at another location (yet to be agreed) at about 8.15 I have been thinking about a car park at lyndhurst as this also give a good drive through the New forest, for those who have not been there before. For Sat Nav: Rownhams Motorway Services - SO16 8AP Beaulieu Motor Museum - SO42 7ZN
  9. Hi Chris Great to have you onboard. Great looking car You are more than welcome to join us at Beaulieu. Have you got your tickets yet? Keep am eye out on the forum as nearer the time we will arrange meeting up and the convoy into Beaulieu after that.
  10. Hi Hannah if you search for part number 8X0601165 you should find what you are looking for. If not contact a local car breakers who generally have some
  11. Hi Steve I am thinking of going this year so will organise a place to stay saturday night. So can you add me to the list please. Thanks
  12. Count me in Steve I will check out some car parks next time I am down there
  13. Thanks for keeping up with the daily up dates Pete I read them every day, You and Caz have a good Christmas and hopefully not too many miles on the road. Best Xmas Wishaes
  14. Hi John Welcome to the Forum You will find people here friendly and helpful. Have you tried, search through to find your car, as this will give you the part number, unless you already have it. Or take one of the other center caps off and it might have the part number moulded on the back Best of luck
  15. Hi Mick Welcome to the forum. You will find the people here friendly and helpful I had a similar issue when I had a 55 reg 2.0TDi A3 and had to switch off the re-set. Firstly see if you can plug it in and pick up any fault codes. On mine I replaced my battery and the issue went away. How old is your battery?