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  1. Nightmare MOT at Audi's

    Not going back for free MOT's as Car now up for sale!Getting too expensive.Had front spring break on me & as the shock was leaking as well that needed replacing. Found upper suspension arms need replacing as bolt was seized & they had to use heat treatment to remove.
  2. Nightmare MOT at Audi's

    Update. Don't usually drive at night, but had to drop my eldest Son back at his Flat after staying with me for Xmas. Noticed the headlight beam seems a lot lower than it used to be. Checked the electric height adjuster & is set correctly to "0". Audi's assured me(also printed on receipt) that they had aligned them. Going to see if my local Garage will check them for me. As comments above mention. I will not be making use of Audi's free MOT's anymore.
  3. Rear Disc back plate rusted through

    Both pipes are fine,It was just a build up of dirt. Used a stiff brush then washed it off,dried & smeared with vaseline
  4. Rear Disc back plate rusted through

    Took rear N/S wheel off yesterday to replace the splash guard. Couldn't get the Hub bolts off as completely seized on. What was left of splash guard fell off!! Going to take to local garage for them to see if they can get the bolts out.
  5. Rear Disc back plate rusted through

    Thanks for the replies Guy's. I've had a look on the interweb. Seller on ebay had them for £59.99 for the pair, but thought I'd check elsewhere & found them on Amazon for £38.44 for the pair + £3.99 p&p. Should be here in the next few days. Looks fairly easy to fit(looking at Elsawin) Brake caliper off,Disc off, remove ABS sensor then unbolt hub.
  6. I have noticed that my N/S rear disc brake backplate has rusted through & flapping about. The O/S one is not as bad. Do they actually serve a purpose or can I remove them?
  7. Nightmare MOT at Audi's

    Update. Audi's collected Car as promised on Monday 26th & left me a brand new(only 700 miles on the Clock) A6 3.0TDi Quattro SE Executive. What a Car 8 speed gearbox & acceleration like a fighter jet. Anyway got a phone call the next day saying they were drying out the headlights & should have car back Wednesday pm. Told them that was unacceptable as the water had been the lights for nearly a month! & what Audi head office had told me(I had cc'd my emails to/from dealership to them & had a call from them basically telling me that Audi's are at fault & will replace the lights). The dealership told me they would take advise & get back to me. Sure enough another call to say "Yes we have ordered a new set of Headlights for you & will ring once ready to be delivered back to me". Car was returned this afternoon, New lights(even fitted a complete set of new bulbs), valeted & even a FULL tank of Fuel(was just under 1/2 full when they collected it). RESULT
  8. Nightmare MOT at Audi's

    Another email response. The service manager(or after sales manager as he wants to be called), has passed it to the service supervisor. She has now rung & apologised for the problems & after seeing the photo's said Audi's are willing to put everything right. Also to save me the 80 mile round trip, They will come & collect car from me on the 26th June(this is the earliest they can do with a courtesy car). investigate/rectify problems then return car to me. They will need the car for at least 2 days & will also replace fuel used while in their care. So hopefully by the end of June it should be sorted
  9. Nightmare MOT at Audi's

    email response back from Service Manager,didn't seem to want to talk to me on the phone. He says "Misting of Headlights is normal, If they fail next year will will replace them foc!!". Spoke to AA Technical. the gentleman there told me misting wasn't normal especially if you have visible water droplets on them, Audi's should have at least been able to fit the covers back on properly & in his opinion should have Car back in & rectify or replace both as you will get corrosion on the bulb holders. The photo's below were taken today clearly showing the water droplets. these have been emailed back to the Service Manager. I await his response.
  10. Nightmare MOT at Audi's

    Very tempted not to return next year, as found this morning that the headlight that they said was loose now has condensation on the inside of glass. On further inspection the cover on rear was not fitted on properly one clip just hanging. Inside unit is full of water. Have sent email with photo's to their Service Manager. Awaiting reply.
  11. Nightmare MOT at Audi's

    Thanks for the replies Guy's. These Advisories I mentioned, Coils Springs corroded & slight oil misting on Front Shock. I did a bit of Googling & there seems to be differing opinions on whether these should be replaced. What do you Guys think?
  12. Nightmare MOT at Audi's

    Took our A6 in for it's MOT & Brake Fluid change yesterday at my local Audi's(well a 80 mile trip is not that local, but get it FOC as we had Cam-belt replaced last year s, so get 5 free MOT's). Only done just over 4000 miles since they tested it last year & it passed with only a couple of advisories for chips in windscreen. Got a phone call from them about 2 hours after we dropped it off to say it had failed as both the headlights were not working nor was the front offside indicators. I questioned this with the Lady on the phone as we had driven there in Fog so had the lights on all the way & the indicators were working? She started raising her voice on the phone to me saying that it will cost over £200 in labour plus parts to fix & we couldn't drive it home until work done. When I told her I could still drive it as the MOT didn't actually run out until the 15th of June, she got even more loud. So I asked to speak to a Manager. He said he would find out for himself & call me back. When he did it turned out that it was the sidelight bulbs(LED's) that were the problem & also the nearside front headlight unit was loose. The tester failed the bulbs as in his view they were showing a blue tint & there was nothing wrong with the indicators. I told him that the sidelight bulbs were changed for LED's over 3 years ago & that the MOT tester there had passed them last year & that the car had it's cambelt replaced with them last year which involves taking the front of the car off so had something not been tightened up? He also confirmed that we could still drive the car upto the original expiry date & would explain this to the Lady we were dealing with.Anyway he said he would make some more inquiries & call us back. When he did he said as we had spent over £1800 with them last year & that they had passed the car. They would replace the Bulbs FOC & it was a fixing Bolt that was missing from the headlight unit(could have been missed when re-assembling front of car). The only trouble with Audi's you can only deal with the advisors(Suits & Dresses my OH calls them) out front & not the technicians.You do get free drinks & we had a 2017 A4 TFSI as a courtesy car Anyway in the end only cost us £59 for the Fluid change. Next year might be expensive as they did note a slight misting of oil on one of the NSF Shock & slight corrosion on both NSF & OSR Coil Springs.

    I have a similar problem, except with mine the PRNDS comes on permanently(limp mode) & I can't use the manual 123456, but drives fine in Auto(inc Sports mode). Seems to happen more during the Winter months. Audi reckon mine is a corroded earth somewhere and in damp weather cause's the gearbox software to glitch. They did a full diagnostic check & found no fault with Gearbox.Advised could cost a fortune to trace the faulty earth.
  14. I had the "Bulb Failure" warning come up on the dash the other day. Traced to nearside Brake Light. Thought I would replace both Brake/tail bulbs & all 4 Indicators with LED's. Bought "can-bus" compatible bulbs, but on fitting them is were the problems begin. The fronts are a nightmare as hardly any room to get your hands in to remove/replace bulb holder(or do you have to remove headlight unit?). Indicators worked ok when using "Hazard" switch, but flash too fast if using left/right. Did a bit of Googling & I either have to fit load resistors to each of the indicators or get an LED flasher unit(more expense!!). The Brake/Tail lights seemed to work ok, but on switching on ignition the side lights come on even with the Light switch OFF!! For the time being I've gone back to filament bulbs. Anybody else had this problem??
  15. I Have for sale Both left & right rear ABS Sensors Bought New for my Car(Audi A6 4B C5 2003) but never used Cost approx £50 each http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Audi_A6_2.5_2004/p/car-parts/brake-hydraulics/brakes/abs-sensor/?417440141&1&6d49d344bd8036cf8f5dc11edd2e46967795acd2&000001 Also included are 2 Sachets of Hydraulic Assembly Paste for fitting the Sensors Sensible offers please Postage by Courier(signature required) will cost £3.59