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  1. Update: Bought it, we're in the club.,😁
  2. Thanks. 4 years later and I’m back again! Right, we're at the point of purchase so would really appreciate some quick advice. The sister in law is selling her A3 (that’s what made the wife notice A3's in the first place). Going to have a drive in it this afternoon - I realise it may have hard suspension! It’s a 66 plate 2017 car in metallic grey. 34,000 miles, always serviced at main dealer, she’s had it nearly three years, it’s a 5 door 1.4 Black edition S Line model. Any good? Is this an 8V model? Is this a facelift car or on the cusp of a changeover - sorry, don’t know too much abou
  3. At the end of the day, it's what someone else will pay for it. :-(
  4. Diesel fuel is a lubricant for the high pressure fuel pump. If you put petrol in it, the chances are the pump has run unlubricated and basically chewed itself up. Usually, the fine metal particles produced by running the pump without lubrication eventually find their way into the injectors as well and that's why its normally bad news when the pump has to be replaced. Best take it to a specialist for confirmation. You could try running it a bit longer but a broken engine is not like a broken bone or a cut to the skin - it won't get better by itself!
  5. Thanks, but even the Evoque is not really used off road so I'll be staying away from 4WD. A bit more reading on here and I've discovered what the 8l, p and v mean. It's the year range! At least I know I'll be looking for an 8V model year 2013 onwards. Nex question, what'd this COD (Cylinder on demand) engine? Does it run on three cylinders and then on four when you put your foot down? Sounds wierd - any problems with that?
  6. Hi all Just signed up as looking to get an A3 for my wife. Currently have an Evoque Dynamic and an old (2008) Golf 1.9 diesel. Had the Evo for over a year and it's a nice car but wifey has thought from day one that it's 'too flashy'. Anyway, long story short, the Evoque sits on our drive all week while she goes to work in the Golf. Too juicy, too flashy, too big to park, too frightened of getting a door dink etc. Etc... Mind you, we do use it at weekends when we take the dog out! Now looking to replace the Evoque with a nice A3 that can be used as her daily driver but I'm a b
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