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  1. Hi Thanks for all the replies, very much appreciated. My car is now, once again, with Audi, and will be for a while, I have been given yet another courtesy car. My Audi yet again popped up with the start/stop whilst I was driving at 60mph, and had to brake to slow down briefly, it was not a happy moment! I have had a lot of Audi cars over the years, and I have never had an issue with any of them, barring the one I have now, and this includes all the courtesy cars that I am driving at the moment.
  2. Hi Yes it has the Start/Stop technology, and I have to press the start again, sometimes twice, generally I'm too focused on making sure no one is going to hit me to be taking too much notice of this though! Also Trevor, I didn't know I could switch it off, how do I? Thanks for the replies Vanessa
  3. Hi had the car from new and when driving it will stop when braking at a junction or round about it is not stalling, you cannot make it happen and it will be fine for a number of weeks (miles) audi have had it and say there is no fault with it, but there is, all the other cars I've had whilst they've looked at it haven't done this has anyone else had this or heard of it as I am worried that I will be left with an expensive rogue car !
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