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  1. TJ, did u manage to get this remedied? I have the exact same issue and it stays on forever until it kills the battery...
  2. Hi, i am new to Audi's and also new to this forum, so i apologise in advance if this has been discussed already. I have a RH 08 Audi Q7 with 85k on the clock which i purchased last month...My first Audi.... Recently i have noticed a constant humming coming from from the engine above the passenger wheel arch area when the car is off. The humming sounds like a fan and after a long drive this humming remains after the engine is turned off.i am aware that this is normal for a few minutes after shutdown but with my car this remains on constantly until it kills my battery. I have noticed if i d
  3. Did you manage to get this sorted?..Only the casing is left hand ..So all you need to do is change the casing with the one that is already on the fan in the car....I did this after buying a left hand drive fan blower....
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