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  1. Hi, have pair brand new a4 3 litre sport cvt driveshaft with cv joints for sale. For more details please call 07831 290806 or e mail thanks, brian boxall
  2. Hi, i have a pair of brand new boxed driveshafts for a cvt auto 3 litre sport cabriolet, 2003. I paid £120, but never fitted them to the car, which is now sold. I’d be happy with £60. Collect from Bromsgrove, near Birmingham or we can work out how to get them to you by carrier. please call me on 07831/290806 or thank you, Brian boxall
  3. Hi all, could someone offer advice please? although I can get the power hood to move, the NS hood bin clip won't seem to release the hood bin. In fact it seems to do the opposite of what I'm doing at the switch in the car. I've checked, and the wiring looks OK. This is following a replacement of that clip which had broken. I also have hydraulic fluid coming from the Rams. I am using a synthetic hydraulic fluid made by Comma called Central hydraulic fluid. My two questions are: can anyone suggest what the issue is, and can anyone recommend a suitable garage in the West Midlands that could help. many thanks, brian boxall my question
  4. Gareth, thanks for the information. I purchased the car privately, but I will nip up to my local friendly garage to see what he can do. O was attempting to rectify the issue without resorting to garage labour prices, but maybe I need to get it plugged into a diagnostics machine to see just what the hissy fit is all about, thanks, brian
  5. Hi Trevor, thanks for all your help. I'll keep trying, kind regards, brian
  6. Hi Trevor, i have tried the 2 key method. Turning the key in the door lock does get the orange indicator light to flash once, but neither of the fobs operate the remote central locking. I can lock the car with the key however. if you know of any other combinations of inserting/turning/locking/unlocking to re active the remote function, I'd be grateful. I just can't understand why disconnecting the battery has such a dramatic effect on the door locks, regards, brian
  7. Trevor, im having difficulty locating any of the sections of the forum that you suggest. In the review section I can't see reference to this issue, and I can't see a tab for technical advice. Any suggestions (apart from learn to use a computer properly!) gratefully received, thanks, brian
  8. Thank you Trevor. I'll look in the lists that you suggest. Regards, brian
  9. Hi all, im new to the forum and recently purchased a 1999 Audi cabriolet 2.8. during some routine maintenance the battery was disconnected, and after that the remote central locking won't work from the fob, although all doors lock if key is inserted into door. The batteries on the fob were changed, but the remote c/l refuses to work. I have tried the procedure detailed in the handbook, and several suggestions off the internet. Could anyone help please, as Audi say they can't make any suggestions. I'm not great with texts and stuff like that, but if anyone can help I'm on or 07831 290806. I'm based in Worcestershire. thanks in advance for your help, brian boxall