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  1. Hi Gareth, Thank you for your feed back which has made me consider that maybe the return I’m getting is pretty good as I’m fairly sure there is around 1 - 2000 miles left in them. I do a mixture of driving but mainly fast back roads that’s the whole reason I liked the Good Year Eagle F1 Assem 3s as they grip really well in all conditions and the road noise isn’t to bad. I know the rears are doing to last a fair bit longer so think I may stick with them at £102 a corner it isn’t to bad. thanks again
  2. Hi, i have just had my mot done and an advisory was front drivers side tyre is getting low. I normally go for Goodyear Eagle F1 asymmetric 3s 245/40R 18 97y which I find are fantastic in all weather conditions but the problem is I’m going through them within 14000 miles which seems fairly quickly. The question is what tyres are other members using and how many miles are you getting out of them?
  3. I had a rattling coming from under my feet which only happened pulling away, braking for junctions or reversing this ended up being gearbox mounts which I had replace and so far no more rattles. so might be worth a look at.
  4. Hi All, I have recently had my engine management light come on so took my car to the garage to find out what was wrong. The fault code that comes up is P2015 which it’s discription is intake manifold runner position sensor/circuit range/performance bank 1 Has anybody come across this before and if so what are the options for sorting it out as the garage basically said I would probably be best to live with it until the car was having problems as the parts would be £700 alone. Not sure if that is true or not. Any advice welcome or ideas.
  5. Hi All, my first post on the A4 forum. I have recently bought a 58 plate A4 2.0l tdi S Line saloon which after having a full service, mot and then timing belt done I found out that the car had had a bump at the front which caused the radiator to become slightly damaged. (The garage said that unless I had taken the car apart there was no way I could have seen the damage before hand). I had this replaced and at the time my garage said that they could not tell if the condenser was damaged or not. I went to get it re gassed and was told that the condenser was damaged and would not hold pressure. I have had 2 quotes so far to replace the condenser and re gas between £312 - £390 But I am now wondering if it is worth buying a condenser and fitting it myself as I have always done bits to my old cars. Has anyone on here ever done this and if so could give me a few tips on how it’s done. many thanks in advance for any help. chris
  6. Fantastic result! out of interest was you having any problems with the car before it became apparent it was the gearbox? the reason I ask is my car has started to feel strange at times and I had my garage look at it and they said it could be the start of gearbox problems but no fault codes are being thrown up at the moment.
  7. Hi, I had the same problem a year ago accelerated hard then found I had no power. I pulled over and called the AA out who found the bottom right hand pipe had popped of the inter cooler as the clip had broken. Managed to nurse the car home after the AA had pushed the pipe back on and advised me to drive sedately. I took the car to my local garage who had a look and fitted a new clip and so far not had another problem.
  8. As far as I’m aware you are looking at around £2000 for a new box to be fitted. out of interest has the gear box oil and filter been serviced as this could help the situation. It would cost roughly £225 to be done and you should take it to an Audi specialist to make sure it’s done properly.
  9. Hi all I have a problem with my bonnet basically at some point it has had a really bad paint job and now it looks like crazy paving. I have seen a body sprayer and he has quoted £200 to redo it but he did suggest buying one from a scrappy or off eBay. I have just looked and I can get one in the right colour code for between £50 and £100. My question is I have a 3 dr sline model - would other model bonnets fit the s line, or are they like the bumpers in that the bonnet is also slightly different?
  10. Hi all, its come to that time that I need to get 2 new tyres just wondering what you guys have been putting on your 3 litre Q5s. The tyre size I have are 255/45/20R 105V XL One thing I do need clarification on is do I need to put run flats on? also does anybody know where is best to get a good deal on tyres? thanks for looking chris
  11. CJB58


    I agree with gokiwi64 I have Goodyear eagle F1 Asym 3 as well had them fitted 4 months ago really grippy in all conditions. I got them from kwickfit online as a lot cheaper then going direct to branch and you can have them fitted at any of there garages. I basically got all 4 for the price of 3. I have had them previously on a 60 plate Leon Cupra R and were fantastic on that as well.
  12. Hi, you could try an alloy wheel repairer as they can normally fix most problems nowadays. I had 2 wheels that were letting the tyre deflate 1 x corrosion and the other a small crack both were able to be fixed and only cost £65 each to be done. Might be worth a try as it would be cheaper then a new wheel.
  13. Hi and welcome to the site. im fairly new myself and as has been mentioned most members are friendly and helpful. I have the symphony head unit and I do not have aux/blue tooth connection. I have recently fitted a parrot 9200 which has all of those options built on to it and that seems to be working well in my car. hope this helps. chris
  14. Thanks for the advice. I got a piggy back fuse and wired it in and hey presto it works. The parrot only takes over the front speakers as the rear are powered by an amp but I'm more then happy with that.
  15. Hi all I have been trying to install a parrot mk9200 to my A3 S Line 2006 which has a symphony cd/cassette head unit. I have managed to install all of the parts but It is not working from what I am guessing I need to find a connection from the ignition so it has a fed to turn on and off. I looked at the cigarette lighter but that is on a permanent live. Does anyone know where I can run a ignition powered cable from and what colour the cable would be that I need to piggy back from? Also do I need to fit an earth cable or will it be fine without one?