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  1. Well I decided to give the trader a call who I bought it off , just to see what he said about this knock , I'm impressed so far " don't worry I will sort it for you , " he then text me this evening to say it's booked in at a garage 0930 am Monday next 21st . Cant say fairer than that for a £1000 px clearance . Will keep updated with what is done .
  2. Hi and thanks guys for your replies , the knocking noise is outside underneath my feet , possibly drive related ? As its not there over bumps but can be heard cornering at low speed and when pressing and releasing the accelerator, not when breaking . cv joint? Anyway it's a niggle it drives nicely will get my garage to take a look underneath when my funds replenish lol. It's clearly not an obvious issue as it passed an mot last week and the only advisory was scored front discs .
  3. Hi recently purchased an 2002 a4 1.9 tdi se , fsh 117000 miles , new cam belt and water pump , very tidy . Got it for a grand so think I did ok . Also the clutch and dmf ( bill for 800) done at 112000. couple of minor niggles that I'm hoping won't be expensive , the temp gauge has tantrums , half the time it sit spot on the 90 mark never moves , then I can go around a corner and it will go to zero , back up to 90 then sit at 70 then back to 90 , it never goes above though . next I have an annoying tap / knock on accelerating and deceleration coming from somewhere around drivers door/ seat ?? It's like a very light clunk very light almost a click? Finally the the drivers door won't lock by the remote ? The rest of the car does and it does lock by the key . apart from that I'm happy and with the niggles I think it was well worth the grand . Any advice will be much appreciated. thanks in advance.