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  1. The ombudsman has been in touch and is upholding my complaint about the car which is great news! They have said that the bulletin Audi provided confirms that repairs are required. Therefore they believe there is an inherent defect with the car, whichwould have been present at the point of supply. Because of this, the car cannot be deemed of satisfactory quality, so VWFS are liable to put things right. They’ve not had a response from VWFS so have now escalated further and hopefully this means I should get my deposit plus interest back in return. If anyone else has taken out a lease or PCP and have experienced similar issues with their car then I suggest you contact VWFS and ask for the car to be returned citing that the ombudsman will rule in your favour against them if they don’t. best of luck and will update when I here more
  2. Yes I was really happy with the 1.4tfsi as well which I had before changing to the 1.5 which is why I’ve been able to notice the difference - and owned both models for a few weeks so was able to compare directly. i agree with your comment re the 1.5 not going in the other Audi range - it does look odd that Audi have not introduced what they claimed was a better more efficient unit since last year when the 1.5 was introduced. will keep you posted!
  3. Hi Andy The RAC report says there was nothing wrong with the car but it appears the problems are being deemed as ‘characteristics’ of the type of vehicle. The ombudsman needs to decide if it is reasonable for a car of this type to have such ‘characteristics’ . So no real progress I’m afraid but will let you know when I hear more. Mark
  4. Hi Nick Thanks for getting in touch and sort of glad to hear you’re having the same problems as me - least I’m not imagining it. The ombudsman have been investigating the case for me and last week the RAC came to do an independent assessment of the car. Ive not heard back from the RAC so not sure what they thought of the car and Audi also have not been able to advise of a date for the fix so still frustrated! Will let you know any updates when I hear more.
  5. Audi have called and advised there is a problem with the 1.5 engine's acceleration in first and third gear and are working on a solution at the moment. They will get back in touch once they have worked it out and will apply the fix. i would get in touch with Audi and let them know you know there is a problem. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi Rich I've got the car booked in with Bristol Audi next week so let's see what they say. my car judders in third and fourth when you accelerate and feels like the cylinder on demand is cutting in and out. Not good and I had trouble keeping up with Citroen C1 the other day on a B road. Fuel consumption is also at least 10% worse than the old car so a step back for Audi unless the emissions are an improvement which might be the reason for drop in performance ...... I will let you know how things go next week. Mark
  7. Cheers Steve. I am going to book it in to the local dealer and see what they say. Hopefully there is a problem as it's chalk and cheese compar ed to the current car.
  8. Hi all I've just replaced my 2014 A3 1.4 tfsi with a 2017 1.5tfsi. Both cars are 150 bhp and in theory the new engine should be easier to drive with more low down grunt available. However, I'm very disappointed with the performance of the new car. The car doesn't accelerate like the old car and needs a lot more gear changing to get it moving. Even the wife has said the same thing! Has anyone else driven the new 1.5 engine and have any comments on it? I know it takes a while for a motor to loosen up but the old car felt quick from day one which the new one doesn't at all.