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  1. ESP warning light

    Thanks for the reply Gareth. I know yeah sometimes problems have a simple solution, the difficulty is in diagnosing the problem lol. I would think that a short or problem with the ecu would cause more problems than the fan running. As for the coolant sensor, again I wouldn't think it would have any affect with the ignition switched off. As it is, I've left the fan unplugged, its only the air con fan, which I dont use anyway. The car died on me yesterday, no fuel getting to the engine from the tank, so its now at the garage to be sorted. When it comes back its going, first and last Audi I think, going back to Ford.
  2. ESP warning light

    According to some further research it could be damp causing a short in the ecu, apparently a common fault. Does anyone know if I can just replace the ecu? Or will reprogramming be necessary? Or will it not recognise other parts?
  3. ESP warning light

    The gauge is working as normal, disconnecting the fan hasn't affected it. According to some forum posts I've read, a faulty coolant temperature sensor can cause the fan to come on, but I would have thought this would only happen when the ignition is on. My first thought was like yours, a short or something. As soon as I turned the ignition on, the fan stopped.
  4. ESP warning light

    OK, first of all, Thanks for the input, I apologise for the delay but due to weather etc I've not been able to do anything with the car. The battery wad dead, we tried it again and it wouldn't even light the warning lights, we presumed the battery had failed, but we noticed that the electric fan kept intermittently switching on (must have been a little bit in the battery) even though the ignition was switched off. We thought it may be due to errors with battery being flat or something, like the ESP light. Fitted a new battery today, car fired up ran great, problem solved, or so I thought. During the evening a couple of hours after fitting the new battery, I heard a noise outside, the electric fan was full on, I went to the car and as soon as I switched the ignition on the fan stopped. I unplugged the fan to stop it killing the new battery and now have to find the cause of this problem. Could it ge the coolant temperature sensor? The ESP light went out when I drove the car.
  5. ESP warning light

    Hi Guys, can anyone help with this please? I went ou to the car today and the battery was dead flat, no idea why, not happened before. We connected a booster and fired it up, all OK except esp warning light is now on, pressing the ESP button has no effect. Car is now starting as normal. I've not driven it yet. Any ideas as to the reason for this and how to resolve it please?
  6. A4 Avant leaking roof rail?

    Thanks for the link. what drain channels? I thought there were only drain channels if a sun roof is fitted.
  7. A4 Avant leaking roof rail?

    Yes, well that is the first thing I'm going to do, but when I check it I want a new seal ready to fit.
  8. My recently aquired A4 Avant has rain coming in from the roof above the drivers side sun visor dripping onto the drivers seat it seems to be worse while driving. The only place I can think it must be coming from is the roof rail, rubber seal looks ok from what can be seen. Does anyone know please where I can get replacement seals please? or is it dealer only? any ideas of prices please. I just want to replace the front seal as there are no leaks anywhere else. The car doesn't have a sun roof.
  9. Hi All

    Thanks guy's 👍
  10. Yeah, I'm waiting for the V5 from DVLA then I will contact previous owners.
  11. Yes I was thinking on similar lines, also it's very clean under the bonnet, fuel filter hoses etc are all very clean and new looking. I'm going to add breakdown repair to my breakdown cover just in case.
  12. Much appreciated Steve. I'll check with the dealer. I've always done my own servicing in the past, my son does it for me now but the timing belt replacement is a big job and the cost is beyond me. I would need to save for it. So it looks like the car will be off the road while we do it, then it will just be the cost of parts. So I'm hoping it's been done giving me time to prepare for it.
  13. Hi All

    Thanks Steve
  14. I've just aquured an A4 1.9 tdi pd130 Avant with quite high mileage (215,000) and no service history. is there anywhere I can find what work has been done on the car? particularly when the timimg belt etc was replaced? TIA Ken
  15. Hi All

    Hello everyone from a First time Audi owner having just aquired an A4 1.9 tdi pd130 Avant, 2001. Ken