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  1. Hi Steve, Yeah I'd read that somewhere online too, think I'll just have to give it a go and see what's there. I'll have to then find the right part to buy and find the best place to route the cable also, thought there maybe a Bluetooth adapter too but that may be a step too far. Will see how it goes and update along the way. Dan
  2. Hi all, New to this forum, and to Audi! Pick up my 2000 S6 4.2 on Friday. It's an old girl to start with but have to start somewhere. The very first thing I want to do, is fit an auxiliary input to the stereo. Perhaps should do more mechanical things but I love music. Has anybody any experience on this or any advice they could give at all. Is it even possible?? Once I begin I'll keep details on here posted and photos along the way too. Although I haven't picked up the car yet I have a photo of the system from the car advert. See attached image. Cheers! Dan
  3. Hi Trevor, I'm dreading the fuel if I'm honest but I wouldn't want to go without ever owning one, so I haven't had kids yet and now might be the only opportunity! Ha Dan
  4. Ha, thanks Steve! Looking forward to it, it's been sooo long since I've had a car im passionate about.
  5. Hello, As the title suggests, newbie here and to car forums in general. Finally bought a car im passionate about and can't wait to enjoy it. I bought it today, audi s6 4.2 v8. It's a 2002, all I could afford. It's mileage is quite high but from the test drive everything seemed sweet, great service history and well maintained throughout. A few bits need doing, alloys refurbed, calipers are a bit of a mess, needs a new battery i think but overall, very sweet. From what I've been told but don't know enough myself, it's got rs6 bits on it, brakes and exhaust and a few other little trim details. I pick it up on Friday and cannot wait!! Really looking forward to being part of a forum, too. Cheers! Dan