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  1. I’m about to remove my drivers seat in the Audi A4 convertible, I have been told to remove the battery is this the norm, or can I do it without removing it, just need a few pointers please
  2. I have a question and I'm sure one of you may be able to help, I'm looking to fit a cd changer in my Audi A4 B7 convertible s line, is there a special one needed to fit in the glove box which is where I want to place it as I have the sat nav screen ect fitted to the dash it has a cd behind the screen but if your using the sat nav I can't play CDs as I need to use sat nav disc, do I need to change the glove box to have one and also do I need any extra leads for the unit, I have seen cd changers on eBay but as I'm not sure I don't want to buy the wrong one, sorry for a lot of info but I'm sure it makes sense as you read, thanks and hope you can help, oh don't forget do I need any extra leads for the unit and does it plug into the main unit in the dash thanks again.
  3. Hello members I have just joined the forum and would like to introduce myself, my name is Illya and I'm from Dorset I'm new to the Audi I used to drive Jaguars but fancied a change and I'm glad I did,.the Audi is wonderful to drive and very quick as the jag has comfort I think the Audi has it all comfort great looks and so glad I changed, hope to be around here for time to come and would like to attend meetings if that's possible