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Subscription / Service add.


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I am looking at subscribing to support the club and of course the forum. Looking at the list of benefits got me thinking about enhancing the services to members. For example tiers of membership or perhaps a selection of bolt on services - kind of like sky with their modular additions.


The previous thread on what to add / change on the forum seemed a smart idea but went quiet. Reading it, i noticed one post mentioning headlight removal, which then led to me recalling how many posts there are for asking how to do this or that.....that led to me wondering how an on-demand service featuring videos on various how to topics (insert disclaimer stating videos are for educational purposes and no liability blah blah etc) such as headlight removal, changing interior inserts, installing dashcam, wiper replacements, fitting window shades, fixing broken wing mirror caps / glass replacement, etc. To pay for the costs associated a £fee per year could be levied for consumers of that service (some free but most content chargeable).


Other modular additions (not chargable) could be experiences / reviews of after market suppliers like AMD tuning, HazzyDayz.com....or different insurance companies, or even sharing feedback on different Audi dealerships.



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Hi Andrew

Thanks for your suggestions, some of which are already in existence or in the pipeline.
The levels of membership already include a membership card which will in time, offer discounts through Audi dealerships but just not at this present time, as we need more dealerships on board to initially launch this service.

However, there are numerous discounts available to Premium Members which include motoring, leisure and a host of other savings to be had.
Also, Premium Members receive a Halfords Discount Card which offers 15% off everything instore.

Reviews are already in some sections but not all and would always welcome reviews from Members for any services and products relating to Audi and motoring in general.

Once again, thank you for your suggestions and they will be taken onboard.

Regards,   Trevor (Admin)

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Hi Trevor,

Thanks for the detailed response; what i was thinking was more attuned to a tiered subscription - similar to bronze, silver, gold approach. Cost increases with increased services / discounts which benefit club, partner and member. Just a thought i had, not trying to tread on toes 😉.

Once i have the two new tyres purchased my membership subscription will be on its way to you too.

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Update, now a club supporter and also got the two new front tyres done. ALS Tyres did a great job and a very good price. They discovered someone had bent the seal with a small jack previously but nothing can be done now on that now. Also, they laser aligned the wheels and car feels so much better so very happy.

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