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New member not new to Audi!

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Howdy all!

I owned an A6 C6 avant for a couple years a while back and loved it but the transmission failed :(

Such a beautiful smooth ride even for a 2007 car.

I moved from that to a BMW E90 325i which gave me nothing but horrible issues, so thats finally gone. I scrapped it for £250 just to get rid of it, I have a nissan quashqui im trading in for this car. I hate the quashqui (2007 model)

So now buying this car this weekend, its had a cambelt changed, low mileage, very good spec as its a LeMans edition.

Ive been doing research and cant see any major issues with this engine or model, it mainly seems to be the 3.0tdi or v6/v8 cars that have problems.

What do you think and what should I look for when viewing the car?

Also It has a little bit of wear internally but i not worried about that as I can fix it.

One other question though... Can this be fitted with an AMI bluetooth streaming device? I think from research its the 3G Low MMI system.

Car is under £6k so seems a great deal, slightly lower price due to a small dent on passenger door, which im not to concerned about, ill try to fix this myself. Its not really noticeable.

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Hi Daniel....welcome to the Forum

Sounds like you've tried a few other makes before returning to Audi....stick with the best as they say!

I personally believe that if the car has been looked after and maintained correctly then it should be relatively trouble free.

Look through the service history to check for regular oil changes and then this should alleviate any concerns on engine wear issues....especially if it has done a decent mileage now.

Let us know how you get on with it

Cheers, Trevor

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