SQ5 Towbar Preparation help.

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I downloaded the MYAUDI app from play store and put my VIN number in.
It says i have towbar preparation as standard spec.. is this true ?
I have a UK spec 2014 Audi SQ5 and i have looked in the boot for any sign of towbar preparation but cannot find any.
I have the B & O system tucked away on the lefthand side behind the panel in the boot but i can only see fuses etc behind
the right hand panel in the boot and also no button to release the said towbar if i get one fitted.
Thanks for any replies.

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I am not sure what tow bar prep would be to be fair?  For me I would ask if you need a tow bar (because you are interested in this I would assume yes) and I would pop through to Audi and ask them to have a gander.  As long as your nice etc I can't see why they wouldn't help.

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I have a tow bar fitted to my Q5 but this was an extra fitted by my son when he bought the car, I have a switch in the boot which drops the tow bar down from beneath the bumper if that helps.

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