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  1. Hi there is video for the light unit removal on you tube, just plumb in Audi Q7 matrix headlight removal its a 2017 model so it can't be that different as they only fitted these to 2016 up models the one I worked on was a 2015 with HID FISH EYE lenses. Steve.
  2. Hi the only way to get to the back covers is remove the headlight assembly, remove silly trim panel over the light which is held on with a twist clip, remove the two screws that secure the unit, pull out light so you can remove wiring connector and remove the unit, the ballasts are attached to the rear covers which need to be unscrewed and pulled away from the connectors, then remove the covers and get going with the hair dryer, when reassembling coat the gaskets with silicon grease and put the thing back together. Steve.
  3. Hi my impression of refurbished would be new seals and pistons and then a repaint, hey-ho thats just me. Steve.
  4. Hi the front bumpers will be the same on the estate as they are on the saloon, they have not got that finicky with the body parts yet and along as its a year either side of your one they should fit its only rear bumpers that are a bit different, give you an example I was after driveshafts for mine and most of the monkeys will say what side do you need when both shafts are exactly the same size but have a different letter at the end of the part number which is designed to scare the crap out of the average buyer as I said before the letters are just year designations. Steve.
  5. Hi please let the forum know how you get on. Steve.
  6. Hi unfortunately the only definitive way to find out is to have the car scanned for codes, hazard a guess it may well be an injector BUT without codes who knows. Steve.
  7. Sounds like a belt tensioner or alternator clutch. Steve.
  8. Hi sensible option, these days I no longer find laying on concrete whilst trying to juggle one and a half tons of metal on axle stands a going proposition especially when you can go in, pay the man and drive home without multiple abrasions and feeling like you have been run down by a bus, sweet. Steve.
  9. PS mounts on eBay Febi around £70.00
  10. Hi the units are not that expensive, DIY is possible but you will need two robust trolley jacks and a nice wide piece of wood to support the engine on one of the jacks, to my mind a garage with a four post ramp is a better proposition as it looks as though its very accessible from the picture and they will have a hydraulic cradle to support the engine whilst standing upright to do the job. Steve.
  11. Hi Um just about sums it up, the only original Mann filter you will get thats made in Germany is the one thats fitted when the car was built, anything aftermarket in a Mann box comes from CHINA where Mann Hummel have moved their production to and of course the Chinese are doing their usual and substituting the build material with cheaper cotton based material in an effort to make more money, in the European manufacturing plant in Germany random test sampling every five hundred units is common and it is common knowledge the Chinese don't subscribe to this practice, Mercedes have started getting their filters from the Chinese plant and have had problems for which they have absolved themselves of responsibility as the filters are produced outside the E.U., but they are cheap!. Steve.
  12. Hi if you have the old units they should have a code on them which you can replicate on to the new injectors using VCDS/Snap on diagnostic units. Steve.
  13. Hi its a Hydro mount for the engine, these are oil filled and when the rubber reservoir deteriorates they start to loose oil, yours does not look terminal yet but it will need changing as they only get worse and you will experience a lot of engine vibration. Steve.
  14. Hi Mann filters are from the same factory as Hengst and Mahle and usually are only purchased by those with a passion for badge engineering and a desire to spend to much money, Hengst are fitted O.E.
  15. Hi Bosch,Hengst,Blueprint,Mahle, not used any others but these seem to work very well on my high milage cab. Steve.
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