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  1. Hi if you want the Redneck solution try a gallon of paint thinners the lunatic AKA Scotty Kilmer on youtube absolutely loves it and Hates Audis, maybe its his secret plan to rid the U.S. of the brand, the design of the EGR system is to say the least peculiar but I have no doubt Mrs Merkel and co were obviously euphoric when they came up with this little number, at least BMW had the sense to put the cooler on the side of the engine at the top so at least us have a go brigade were in with a chance, Audis propensity for over engineering is breathtaking, Scotty on the other hand just keeps churning out videos on how to kill your car and the walking dead love him for it. Steve.
  2. Hi I can vouch for the Archoil the tech told me the cooler will need changing every 80k, my engine is the same as yours and has covered just over 120k using this stuff so something in it definitely works, still its a matter of personal preference, maybe I am lucky or just been ahead of the game as I started using it at 40k when I bought the car, any thing that makes the fuel burn more efficiently is good the only fly in the ointment is the PCV system that supplies plenty of oil vapour for the soot to stick to inside the EGR system thats the Gary Glitter of the whole process it interferes with the whole system especially with direct injection as there is no cleaning effect from the incoming charge on the valves. Steve.
  3. Hi sounds perfect and as the tech explained the TSB was issued to stem the tidal wave of new DPF units being fitted under warranty and in a lot of cases not curing the problem as they put the old cooler back in, brain dead or what, why would you not replace the whole thing in view of the fact that the cooler and new valve probably cost them around £100 when buying in bulk, the more I get into Audi the more like Ford they become and believe me I have had more than enough run ins with them over the years. Steve.
  4. Hi the worst of it is they have TWO EGRs one below the cat and one on the inlet manifold, I wonder what brain dead moron thought that one up, if its any consolation what you have been quoted is pretty cheap considering Audi want over two grand. Steve.
  5. Hi I think I have found your problem, spoken to a rather drunk Audi tech last night who explained that its probably the EGR cooler beginning to block up as that will make the ECU think its the DPF blocking, the cooler can be found hanging out of the back of the DPF under the turbo, Audi issued a TSB to the dealers about this a while ago as it was becoming a frequent problem.
  6. Stevey Y

    Limp mode

    Hi not wheel sensors, it sounds more like the throttle body has lost some teeth in the gearbox or the peddle potentiometer is throwing a fit. Steve.
  7. Hi you are better off waiting for VCDS as that will tell you the part number/ cause of your problem, the system you currently have looks like one of those awful generic things which do not really have the capacity to read the car properly, I like the premium bit in the description. Steve.
  8. Hi I can't put any on my cab as it comes under the advertising on a licensed vehicle ruling of 1976 which the licensing officers prosecute with due diligence, they even get funny about dealership stickers, I think boredom is a terrible thing. Steve.
  9. Hi use G3 cutting compound with a spray bottle with water in it, keep the microfibre cloth moving and keep the work area nice and wet, do not use excessive pressure and wash down after treatment, finish with a polish over the whole roof, my favourite is Autoglym resin polish, then finish with a coat of Maguirs Carnuba wax, I guarantee the next lot won't stick. Steve.
  10. Not another expert, Steve you are going to have to give up this fascination with what might be otherwise you may well end up forking out £30,000 to have your existing vehicle converted to electric, its all what if, if your aunt had a bulge at the front of her jeans, could be she might be your uncle. Steve.
  11. Hi Gareth I don't think that was the required answer, much too accurate, we know that to get that effect you can buy wider wheels with the same centering and offset also if you get it wrong you can tear a wing off on the first corner especially if its been lowered. Steve.
  12. Hi being as D5S 25w are fitted to most of the new vehicles that are not LED spec the D1S D2S D3S are becoming redundant stock so best they get rid quick, the other thing is D5S bulbs have the ballast built into the bulb, cheaper to produce. Steve.
  13. Hi Steve the post just mentioned ESC nothing about Stop/Start which at first sight would suggest a wheel sensor but without codes or a better description we are trying to grasp at smoke. Steve.
  14. Hi Cambelt is a must, the HID bulbs and ballasts are no major money as the bulbs are D3S which are old hat and you can get a pair of Lumex upgrades for about £70 and the ballasts for about £30 each as they are the same ones used in Skoda,VW, and some Fords, if you buy one make sure its manual as they are bullet proof as long as the gear oil is changed, brakes are relatively cheap as they used the same brake/disc combo on most other models its called globalisation but depending what model you have the price according to the dealer will go up so buy O.E. spec, Febi,Borg Warner, Bosch, Blueprint. Steve.
  15. Hi yes it is not a gimmick but a electronic gizmo on the oil level sensor which measures the viscosity of the oil and the amount of carbon particles suspended in it, when it got to high on my last two Fords you would get an oil pollution code and EML this system just reduces the service time/milage, your driving must be pretty conservative as the only way to get it to start eroding your service interval is by clogging it down the road, mind you it will change when the engine gets older but only slightly. Steve.
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