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  1. Hi not really as its the mechanical side of it that is worn, but if you do get a new unit when separating the electronic driver from the calliper don't unplug the unit as when you finish putting the new calliper on the thing will go stupid and need recoding, just put the handbrake system into pad service mode and then do the work. Steve.
  2. Hi I am assuming its a petrol model, the blue smoke could be valve seal wear, but the fan staying on sounds like a dodgy temperature sensor. Steve.
  3. Hi Ann, I am not personally a great fan of that type of work but in saying that having looked at some of the prices of the new units I would say in view of the age of the car and its emission levels for that year it sounds like a going proposition as long as they can guarantee that it will go through the Mot which might involve you giving the car a good thrashing before you take it in, my parts system says Audi have discontinued some DPFs for that model but I am sure they would find one for you if they thought you were going to pay around £1300.00 for it, I understand your misery at keep throw
  4. Hi Bren, have a look on eBay or alternatively go to your local spares shop they should be able to get them from the Reg/VIN they are around about £15 quid from memory, it goes without saying the previous owner had the leak and obviously thought over tightening the flange bolt was better than buying a new set of gaskets then all his learned mates wound him up down the boozer about the cost of the repair so he sold the car. Steve.
  5. Hi, larger wheels with low profile tyres will wear tyres more quickly as the rims are much heavier than the smaller rims add to this that the wider the tyre the more rolling resistance will be created thus using more of the engines available power to drive the heavier/wider wheels, one of the basic selling points when I bought my car as it had 225x55x17 wheels which have a somewhat lower rolling coefficient than the 18/19 inch set ups with wider tyres. I to used to run Mondeos as Cabs the 2.2 Titanium x Sport I had was fitted with lunatic 19 inch rims with 245 width tyres these would last
  6. Hi Ann, getting a bit closer I just need to know if its automatic/manual and the engine size, apparently three different types fitted to your model. Regards Steve.
  7. Hi, its definitely as Kev said an EGR feed pipe unless you can see an actual split in the pipe itself I would suspect a faulty gasket on which end of it I would not care to speculate but I seriously doubt its the pipe itself as they are constructed with some sort of stainless steel, and if you remove it best policy is change both gaskets. by the looks of the photo someone has already had a go at stopping the leak on the flange with what looks like exhaust jointing paste, that won't fly. Regards Steve.
  8. Hi Ann, sorry for the late reply, I thought the garage might say that as most of the aftermarket DPFs do give problems, I had it with one of my Cab buddies Mondeos he had fitted an aftermarket unit and done all the right adaptation changes but the car almost continuously regenerated, it was only when he bought a Ford refurbished part and we were fitting it that we realised that the aftermarket unit was a lot smaller in diameter the end result it filled up more quickly and therefore was regenerating more often. It may be worth enquiring if Audi do a reconditioned unit as they are a lot che
  9. Hi don't let those thieving Scrotes have it they will give you nothing for it when they spot the light, please let us know the outcome. Steve.
  10. Hi it is that easy just as long as you get the right equivalent LED bulbs that match the original bulbs and that the LED bulbs are Canbus error free. Steve.
  11. Hi I did mine by powering it from one of the spare fuse ports in the drivers side fuse box, from memory it was one that was in the green squared bit, the only other bit of advice is if you plumb in the rear camera run the cable along the plastic trims where the carpet joins the rocker panels on the sill as this will help by keeping the cable away from the DAB amplifier in the headlining, you will still have to buy a pack of ferrite suppression clips to stop the bit that goes from the headlining to the back window otherwise it just wipes out the DAB signal because the cables are cheap Chinese r
  12. Just enjoy the car as is especially with the summer coming, and when the time is right just get something newer and with more Horses, but make sure you do it before the Mayor demands you own one of the new upmarket golf buggies. Steve.
  13. Hi yes you will get more performance, yes the emissions will go up and in view of the age of the car and possibly high milage its like trying to get an eighty year old to do an assault course. Steve.
  14. Hi the ball park figure for the sensor is £60 ish, adaptation fee should be about an hour of the garages time including the regeneration, make sure the garage has Vagcom or similar that can do the job unless its the latest Snap on kit most generic code readers won't have the required functions to do the job. Regards Steve.
  15. PS they must still have a wheel well as otherwise where are they going to put the battery? I know my space saver is mounted above the battery. Steve.
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