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  1. Hi Audi recommend vacuum bleeding and you can get a cheap kit off eBay. Steve.
  2. Hi, its not that close but I can recommend Regal Engines in Purfleet Essex, a lot of my cabbie mates have used them and they are very good, might be worth giving them a ring as they are very friendly and don't mind handing out advice. Steve.
  3. Hi sorry to hear of your troubles, you have replaced just about everything that would cause low pressure, the only thing I can think of would be a fuel line collapsing in when put under pressure I had one on my last cab the outside of the rubber pipe looked fine but inside was a flap of rubber that kept interrupting the flow when the demand for fuel increased, can you please publish any codes you have. Steve.
  4. Hi no not until it thinks the DPF is blocked, but no lights for regeneration when it begins or finishes, I know some people on the Ford forum I used to be on had wired in a little light to tell you when it was regenerating but I wouldn't recommend that with an Audi as the wiring and software are ten times more complex and it won't take a lot to upset the equilibrium of the whole lot, it would be useful though. Steve.
  5. Hi Dale I am glad to have helped and the fact is the problem is solved, we got there in the end, trying to auto diagnose problems can be super difficult as both Gareth and Steve Q will bear witness, they have both given very precise information based on only half the information about the problem from whoever posted the problem and then being told they are wrong, its a thankless task sometimes but hats off to them they still keep trying, your info has been very good and I thank you for that. Steve.
  6. Hi the key coding is in the pcb inside the key, the transponder is just the medium between the pcb and the pick up ring around the ignition barrel or key recognition point printed on the dash to the right of the climate control, no one could buy just a transponder and start your if they don't have the code thats embedded in the pcb, you might have to re pair the key but there are plenty of videos on youtube showing how to resurrect the communication, once the ECU recognises the code it will work. Steve.
  7. Hi, good man you can't let this one slide, there are some real Bottoms out there. Steve.
  8. Hi both seals in the diagram are on the release bearing, the driveshaft seal is again separate but on another diagram I have but it made sense to rush out and buy one as the original had been on for just over 100k and was a bit crusty, all three seals were £30 from Audi. Steve.
  9. Hi unfortunately used cars are commanding strong money at the moment as the majority of buyers would rather buy second hand conventional cars rather than the monumentally over priced second hand Hybrid of which no one knows their useful service life.
  10. If you think we were confused that won't even come close to what the testers are dealing with, my chap is constantly dealing with the latest changes they keep introducing and then change their mind a while later, example all cars emissions should meet the figure on the production sticker on the drivers door rocker panel, so if it did not have a sticker you had to fail the car, then they sent out a directive if it has not got the sticker as long as the levels don't exceed the max permissible on the VOSA chart the car passes even if it might have had a lower figure on the now absent sticker. Steve.
  11. Hi do not go to Audi unless you want to remortgage your house, the oil is not coming from the Diff its the N/S driveshaft seal where the driveshaft runs through the bell housing in to the Diff I know I replaced my seal when the box was out, if they don't renew the seal around the release bearing outer where it meets the bell housing and the radial seal that goes inside the release bearing, [marked in yellow] you are wasting your time. as for the end float I think they are passing the buck to try and smokescreen the fact they have buggered it up on a monumental scale. Steve
  12. Hi Phil you quoted my post and then no reply from your good self. Steve.
  13. Hi Steve to the best of my knowledge most innovations in F1 if successful in that application pretty soon appear on mass produced road vehicles, for example vented discs/ceramic brake pads, Dot 5 Brake fluid, ceramic discs, Gas Oil shock absorbers, Turbo technology, High performance engine oil/Petrol, the manufacturers are standing in line to buy the technology if proven, as if it will take that sort of beating on a track in theory a cheaper made version will last a long time on a road car, take your Audi for example, there must have been a fearsome about of research went in to selecting and developing the components on that model. Steve.
  14. Hi a longer drive tomorrow would be preferable as if you keep getting aborted regens your oil level will start to rise as the Diesel gets into it past the rings as these engines use post injection to initiate a regeneration, you can always tell when the car is doing this as the revs sit at a thousand and the car smells hot just run it until the revs go back to 900rpm and your done, about ten miles should do it. Steve.
  15. Hi the oil is getting into the gearbox via the release bearing, the radial seal that goes in the back of the release bearing is sold separately and I wouldn't mind betting that they didn't change the release bearing outer seal, the only reason I know any of this was because I went through the same thing a couple of months ago, it was no fault of the garage I used just the pr@ts that supplied the clutch forgot to tell us about the extra seals because we didn't ask, as I said you can't trust Mr Crutch, I am still wondering what gearbox bearing they are going to change as I saw a lot of the inside of my one and you can't get at any bearings without stripping the box down. Steve . Steve.
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