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  1. Hi Gents, I just thought I would throw this in. Many years ago I bought a Mondeo Titanium x Sport as my third cab, this was sporting 19 inch wheels with 40 series tyres which even though branded tyres they wore like there was no tomorrow, factor in the accelerated puncture occurrence and it was a recipe for bankruptcy, I was only getting about 4k on the fronts and 8k on the backs without punctures. I finally bit the bullet and bought some 16 inch wheels and tyres from my local tyre dealer, the wheels were genuine Ford off of a B Max I found a site on the net that gave the formula for
  2. Hi I would consider the rain bit is probably coincidental, either way the only way to find out definitively is to get the car plugged in and get the fault codes read, my money as a pure guess would be on the gearbox needing a service, this is subject to a distant conversation I had with a mechanic I use who is very knowledgable and he suggested the DSG boxes are not suitable for a cab as due to the required service frequency times my annual milage would equate to more expense which is why I bought a manual the gearbox oil gets changed once a year and no filters etc are required.
  3. Hi Gents, after a year almost of lock downs and a thin amount of work in the taxi trade I had finally reached the 80k mark and having read the service history for my car I was not to worried by the cam belt situation as the service history claimed that the belt kit was changed at 40k under warranty because of a squeaky idler pulley bearing, that said I did actually phone the dealers in Manchester to see if it tallied up with the print out of the worksheet I had, the service manager was very reticent to talk at first until he realised I was not trying to bag any freebies and just wanted informa
  4. Hi Thomas I had heard of this problem after I bought my A6 but I checked on the gov mot website and you get a link for outstanding recalls on your vehicle as per your registration, there were none plus the fact Audi have been contacting even third generation owners to let them know of this if their vehicle is affected. Its to do with the electric auxiliary pump getting clogged with debris or leaks in to the electrics and the thing can self combust but I really would not be worrying as it will have done it by now or you would have had the letter, ask a few Octavia owners circa 2013 those u
  5. Hi Gareth, I knew about the ethanol as I live near Dunton and a very drunk engineer was explaining that they had been trialing an ethanol fuelled Focus, great mpg, nil emissions only problem was fuel leaks because the ethanol had started to rot the granny out of the pipework plastic and metal and then turned its attention to the fuel pump seals, after a few months they gave up because it had started degrading valve seats and pistons, I think localised hot spots in the swirl bowls on the pistons were mentioned. I can understand the concern with older vehicles as the internal castings were
  6. Hi Gareth, they can't eradicate sulphur from fuels completely as this will cause terminal problems with the lubricity of the fuel, sulphur is not in itself a lubricant but when burnt causes a reaction between nickel and other metals present in the engine metals to form a Eutectic alloy which has a very low melting point and helps with friction, self lubricity, as far as I am aware the current sulphur levels in European fuels are at best 10ppm. Other countries in Asia have reduced their levels of sulphur to 50ppm in an effort to reduce pollution, in South Africa they tried to drastically d
  7. Hi Steve, my grandads most used saying was you are never to old or clever to learn something new, today I have, I was unaware they had started adding sulphur to the new petrol and am I missing the point, the whole Dirty Diesel campaign was started off of the back of the large amount of sulphur in the fuel and once the fuel producers had eradicated that the powers that be started on the nox emissions which the manufacturers more or less cured. Now it looks like they are going after the particle emissions post DPF this one is proving far more difficult to implement as the technology to do t
  8. Hi I have found through experience that the independent specialist are nearly as expensive as the main dealers, if I were in your place I would find a small local independent garage and get a second opinion on the bushes, then if there is an issue with them get them to price the job using mid range aftermarket parts Febi,ACP,Meyle in view of the fact that you are going to get rid in a year as long as you don't do starship milage these parts are pretty robust.
  9. Hi is it an independent garage or a dealer, sounds a bit steep for standard bushes but if they are Polyflex bushes the kit alone is a bit pricey, but I can recommend these as used them on my Ford cabs I owned as the sway bar and lower arm bushes were notorious for tearing out but having gone to the expense of buying these bushes on the last car I never had a recurrence of these problems for the next 160k after which I sold the car to a mechanic at my local garage who has had the car for over a year and never reported a problem with these items when asked, other than that shop about.
  10. Correct at every level, its a known fact that petrol engines produce more C02 than diesels but from the government perspective its better to jump on the Nox band wagon as there are more diesel owners to tax to death, just look at the Ford CVH engines during the late seventies early eighties how economical they were, only problem was that these lean burn wonders C02 reading were off the Richter scale, that all stopped when CARB in America got more proactive globally with CATS and injection systems that were controlled by the ECU within very tight peramiters. Fortunately Adblue has scupper
  11. Hi, totally correct, if the car is getting extra air from a source other than the air box the engine management system will demand more fuel to stop the engine from running lean, most default strategies that the ECU has at its disposal will do this as lean burns valves and pistons, until it reaches the point where it can't call up enough fuel to deal with the air , then the lights come on. I can agree with Envy that the soot is most probably a separate problem.
  12. Yes indeed, just seen the advert inserted in the middle of this thread, can't understand why the owners of the cars affected do it most of the people I carry that went for the free VAG retro fit reprogramming now moan about what a dog the car has become performance wise and I have even had many telling me the vehicle concerned does less to the gallon and they were going to sell it. Have we really become that stupid that if something isn't broken we will try and fix it even if it costs more money in the long run, still I suppose you could use the money you get back minus the leeches third
  13. Hi Gents, anyone else noticed the sudden surge in the number of parasitic claims companies dealing with the potential fleecing of VAG for over indulgent compensation, it sort of hit me in the face the other night when I had some misinformed !Removed! in the cab bellowing at me about how much I can claim through the emissions compensation scheme because I drive an Audi, I didn't bother to inform him that it was only for cars built 08-15 that would have been a shade to much education for the self appointed expert on Compo, his exact words were, you could get Fowsands of pands out of them, if the
  14. Finally got round to changing my rear wiper motor, what a mission that turned out to be, not so much changing the actual motor but getting the plastic trim back on I expect most people on this forum have come across the sprung metal clips that hold the main part of it to the tailgate it would appear that these deform rather easily when the trim is removed and require the worlds supply of manipulating with bull nosed pliers to correct the shape for refitting. Found it easier to sit in the boot and pull the tailgate down until almost shut then slide the top part of the trim into position th
  15. Hi Thomas, glad you got it sorted and the heartwarming news of the DIY service makes me glad at least the thieving scrotes at the garages won't be relieving you of a ton of cash any time soon, I knew you were more than capable by the way you describe the problems you had a bit of savvy goes a long way. I am off to tackle the dreaded rear wiper motor which keeps stopping when it rains because some moron designed it so the water washer system comes through the middle of the wiper spindle and when the seals get older it runs back into the control box and rots it out, I definitely aint taking
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