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  1. Well Einstein anyone who has ever had a headlight apart will tell you there is a cooling fan on the rear of the bulbs built into the control casing to cool the pcb there has never been a fan unit to clear the condensation, the bulb fan is a very slow moving affair which concentrates on removing heat from the electrics and is aimed toward the rear of the unit so how will that clear the condensation from the lens if the small amount of heat is at the back and blown towards the breather,
  2. I bought myself one of those induction heaters that only heats the bolt and nothing else, wicked bit of kit and at £130 best thing I have ever bought, used it a lot on the missus Alfa Mito they I think were made with pre rusted bolts.
  3. Hi when it comes to calliper carriers judicious use of a blowtorch normally sorts it.
  4. Hi I wish you all the best, please post the outcome, if its the rears just give the bolts a soak in plusgas before undoing it helps with the crud on the threads.
  5. Hi a four point lift is great if you can get one as you have unrestricted access to the underneath and its a lot easier working standing rather than laying/sitting on floor, this will only give you arthritis or piles.
  6. Hi have you tried changing the MAP and MAF as I have seen this before, similar symptoms when they are not communicating and it wont necessarily throw a code, you mentioned the throttle pedal replacement so it might be worth checking the condition of the throttle body as a sticky butterfly will cause no end of problems. Steve.
  7. Hi a couple of six inch lengths of 4x2 wood between the axle stand and the cross member the stands dig in to the wood thats good for movement protection the other side spreads the load across the member.
  8. Hi a fan inside, thats a new one, what a load of Scallops, there is no such thing its just wrong and thats it.
  9. Hi yes normally O2 sensors need changing every 80k or five years if yours is the original I think you can safely say its had its fun. Steve.
  10. Hi I very much doubt it has spacers as they are not factory fitted and my colleague who trades used cars informs me that when they buy from the auction site near me after purchase the wheels are stripped off and the brakes inspected/replaced within the guidelines of the motor trade sale of goods requirements, any spacers are discarded as they were not factory fitted and at most are 4mm and mostly found on aftermarket wheels, the spacers are to correct the wheel offset back to factory tolerances either way they use the existing bolts as these are within spec for the manufacturers 7mm requirement, I think you must be confusing the VAG globalisation policy as you mentioned Triumph Stags which were British Leyland who had different wheel bolts for every model and wheel, this outmoded practice has been scrapped by VAG as every model using the same 17mm bolt is the same, hence globalisation, one part fits ALL.
  11. Hi can't work out your thinking, you were right about the bolts going into the disc but it will only be going in to the hub boss and no where near the friction surface, the hub flange has to be at least two inches from the bearing housing so worse ways the bolts would only go in an extra 5mm, with the advent of space savers in Europe type approval dictated you could use the same bolts within a 7mm tolerance to accommodate the tin wheel, allied to the fact that most alloy wheels have recessed holes to counter the bite distance between the wheel and flange there fore an extra 5mm of thread wont foul anything.
  12. Hi I removed the two heater connections at the bulkhead and let it have it both ways with a jet wash through the metal tubes that run to the matrix, if its a tight fit find a suitable piece of rubber hose and connect that, alternatively disconnect one side from the matrix and the the header tank cap off then flush it from the disconnected hose, jet wash is better as it blasts the cr@p out, I really would recommend changing the thermostat as mine was about 2mm open and stuck so most of the hot water was going out of the bypass system and not through the matrix.
  13. Hi had the same problem with my A6 but the principles are the same, had to change the thermostat and back flush the heater matrix because the silica bag in the header tank had burst and the crystals were blocking one side of the heater matrix. Steve.
  14. Hi hope he is OK not nice but my guess is its the cylinder let go and squirted brake fluid on to something hot or electrical live, brake fluid only has a flash point of 7c.
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