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How to Identify my Audio System - Bluetooth Audio

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Hi all, I am new to the forum. Just bought an 2008 A6 Avant with  a nice (although a bit old) entertainment package. I have a system with a 12 cd unit i the glove compartment. There is also a 3.5 mm jack socket in there. The car is equipped with a GPS navigation and a bluetooth phone interface. All seems to work. The phone interface works well with the phone as a phone, but if I try to play back music, the phone indicate that it is playing on a bluetooth speaker, but I can not find (hear) the sound in the car stereo. I have sound, when using Microsoft Teams App, so there is some kind of connectivity. When I browse through the CD collection the CD12 is called Aux, and I able to get a music control on the display that should allow me to play music from the player.
Phone is a new(er) android phone.
Can I connect a phone as a music player through Bluetooth? If so How do I do that?

Thanks  in advance

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So far I have had No suggestions. I intend to pull out the CD unit to see what's behind it, I am a bit puzzled by the Jack socket and the fact that a control UI shows up. I will post my findings.

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