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Tyre size for 22's


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Hi All, 

Recently got a new to me Audi Q7 2017 3.0 tdi (272hp) and am loving it. Its been maybe a decade since my last Audi

Anyway to my point, the car came with the 22 inch SQ7 wheels as optional upgrade from new. The current tyres on it are 285/35/22, 2 pairs in the back are the same and the 2 in the front are different to the backs but the matched pairs. 

Now I want to upgrade these tyres even though they are fairly new, they are cheap budget tyres. 

Looking at my Audi spec on the my audi app, it mentions tyre size 285/40/22. Now I'm in two minds about whether I can go with the 285/40/22 as this will provide a little more comfortable ride (also have the air suspension). 

Anyone out there with this wheel that has the 285/40/22's? Also would appreciate if you guys would recommend best tyres to pair with the Q7.



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im in the same situ, but i've also considered 275 40 22 as well as 285 40 22. i have seen on US forums that people use 285 and 275 40 22 with no issues what so ever, but would be good to see if anyone here in the UK has tried or tested.

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