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Rare 1997 2.8 LHD A6 Quattro Avant for sale


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Hi Guys,

Due to the constant complaints from the wife to make some space I am sadly selling the car. (see my thread 'Wolf in Sheep's clothing)

So, the complete car with all & any parts accumulated, £1,100 ono 

The car turns over but won't start due to a seized petrol pump, and has done 120,000 miles, I have owned the car since 2004

It had been laid up in a barn for the last five years, but is in very good condition and will need light commissioning

1) It Needs: Possibly a Petrol tank, & certainly a new Pump. 

2) The Brake pads need doing, as they are removed to prevent binding due to standing

3) New Cat required, though I have found some cheap aftermarket ones, for around £120. 

4) New Radiator (The old one has had it)

5) Aircon re-gas

The car will need trailering away, & I am one mile from Juct 18 M1

The car is a 2.8 Quattro bought in Germany, and has (according to Audi UK) a 265bhp engine (See my posts; 'Wolf in Sheep's clothing')

It is a very rare and £3000 option colour Metallic Cream

Xenon Lights (original factory fitted) plus all options available including extra long reach drivers seat

Spare parts include new track rods (One side fitted) and spare winter wheels & some tyres





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