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Windscreen washer pump


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Windscreen washer no working. Putting it down to the pump but wondering if anyone knows the OEN number for the pump. That would be great as Audi won't give it to me. 

Also would anyone know the fuse number and location for the pump as well. 

Many thanks

Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TDI 2010

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hi just looked in the owners audi a4 manual and according to the pics its showing as fuses on the left sid panel(right hand side if your sat in the car) fuse carrier A black. fuse 11(5 amp) heated jets and fuse carrier B brown fuse 9 wiper motor(30 amp). and in the boot, fuse carrier D red fuse 8(15 amp) rear window wiper(avant).i removed both the 5 amp and the 30  amp fuses but the wipers and jets still work checked all other fuses in the book and cannot work it out for you which fuse it is for the jets or the jet motor...see pic 3 for eBay item no could this be the oem number needed.i am now intriuged myself to which ones they are lol.i think the pump is behind the front right wheel arch cover.so to sum up checked all fuses in the book and no wiser🤥




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