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Audi A4 B8 2014 SE Tecnik 2.0 tdi

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After finally sorting out all the little niggles on my A4 (practically rebuilt the entire front suspension including new knuckles and wheel bearings) timing belt and water pump, six belt and idler and tensioner, new alternator and crankshaft damper just because I wanted to know it was all done - I came across a 2017 A4 B9 Avant S Line in twilight grey today at a price I just couldn’t refuse so will shortly have three cars again so the B8 needs to go.

new clutch fitted April less than 5k miles since. Now just turned over onto 180k miles and just fitted Apple CarPlay and order map updates for the MMI 🤬

Located Worksop, Nottinghamshire if anyone is looking drop me a line. I’ve thought about keeping it and moving the BMW 3 series Estate along but having two estates as much as I don’t like just makes sense.



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Hi there mate I have same car as yours any idea what could be happening with my epb it’s my drivers side i replaced the epb motor 4 weeks ago as it seized its now failed again in the off position when I do the reset i seem to hear it working in some sort of way the fault was coming on and off on my screen for a while and sometimes it would kick in sometimes wouldn’t now stuck completely I checked the cables they looked fine I changed the fuses about too with a new 30 amp 

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Not something I’ve come across tbh. I did my discs and pads but wound them back with OBD type tool or may have used VCDS. And all has been fine since…

I’d always start with reading codes with a quality device, check for mechanical issues - is the calliper stuff, is it holding on causing heat etc and hopefully you find a direction from that. Does seem odd that a new motor would play up….

sorry can’t be more help

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