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Q5 charging issue

SF Richard

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Hi Fellow Audi enthusiasts:

I bought a 2023 Q5 hybrid recently, and I’m very pleased with it.  I just moved to San Francisco, and am in my rental apartment.  Today I plugged in the charger to start a charge, and I got an odd message on my phone (through the Audi app).  It reads “Could not execute action on Q5.  No mains power available.”

The top icon on the charger box shows a drawing of a plug and it’s green at 100%.  Nothing else lights up on the black charger box.   Where the charger plug is plugged into the car it also shows a green light.   So juice is flowing somewhere, but the car doesn’t seem to charge.  

This charger unit is a few months old, and was working fine in August, as well as back at my house in DC where I bought the car.   

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?  I’ve reached out to Audi Connect via their app, but it was not helpful.  And someone from Audi was supposed to cal me back, but didn’t.   Now it’s Friday night.  Maybe someone more keen about this stuff than me can offer a suggestion.   



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1 hour ago, SF Richard said:

Good idea, thanks.   I’ll do that next.  

Worth a shot before wasting money on a new charger that you may not need . 

May sound silly but all the electrical systems are working correctly in your apartment? Have you tried using the socket with another high draw device?

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