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  1. Thanks Mr Filipov seems odd yours went after brake fluid change and service 🤔 had it all done with Audi in the end and asked them to relocate the cable as it was next to moving parts 🙄 and checked other 3 corners so doesn’t happen again. Cost me nearly £400 in the end. cheers for the heads up on this anyway mate
  2. No tracker blockers as far as I’m aware. sounds beyond my expertise but after the new year will have a proper look, just had a baby as well so busy times lol. will post back when had a look. Thank you for advice merry Christmas and happy new year
  3. Don’t mean to sound thick mate and appreciate your reply a great deal but how do I remove the antenna and check the condition? Also if it’s had it any idea on cost of replacement? cheers matt
  4. Hi all Happy Christmas btw. So don’t use the sat nav a lot but wanted the map display on earlier so clicked on it and I’m getting no road display at all. If I zoom out to 10 miles it will begin to show local towns but my location is all blue. Also no destination or route guidance will work and says on dash that I’m off road. Also says no satellite signals being received. I have a 2013 SD card and not had any previous issues with it. Seems strange how my whole area is in blue and won’t load anymore.
  5. Update: audi saying it’s wiring from the abs sensor to the control module going to be £400+ 100 for part then the rest labor and vat!! Seems odd the brake fluid change last week now having abs issues....just wondering if they left air in the system would this cause electrical issue from the pump or the module? matt
  6. Hi magnet thank you for reply. I know will be unlikely they’ll pay but will obviously try and blag it depending on what’s wrong. They said they’d let me know first thing and will post back on here. Lots of other people online had same issue and cause is ABS sensor after heavy rain which I’ve had down here recently. If so do you have any idea of cost on these or whether I can clean or replace myself? Regards matt
  7. This is the pic of my dash after a 10 minute this morning 😳 stop start fault, traction control fault, parking brake fault, parking brake assist not working, abs light on, abs system fault and that triangle warning which wasn’t in the manual. Oh and tyre pressure system fault and pressure light on. Checked pressures all fine so after having spent £500 last Monday with Audi Eastbourne on full service and brake fluid change I phoned them it’s now been recovered to their garage and will hopefully be sorted in the morning. I’m hoping I don’t have to pay for what’s wrong with it as I gave them a perfect car before they did their work and now it obviously has something wrong it. Also the MMI came up in German after service 🙄. Any ideas what could be wrong people or anyone seen all these warnings before? Cheers matt
  8. So.... the other day when was quiet I heard a rumbling noise when pulling away or in reverse. It’s on the bite point and if I press the pedal down that little bit further it goes but as I pull away it rumbles as come off the bite point. Also I get a bit a clunk if I come the clutch to quick from 1st to 2nd. The rumbling is only in 1st or reverse it doesn’t happen when on the move. Clutch isn’t slipping but pedal is quite high and I think it’s still the original clutch at 120k. Had a google and lots of people saying flywheel. Indi want over £2000 for clutch kit and flywheel, Audi said 899 for new clutch and will let me know about flywheel when they inspect it. Got a little one on the way so can’t really afford all this so any ideas on what if anything else it could be? I can live with it at the moment but google says can cause further damage if not resolved early? cheers matt
  9. Hi Beezil thanks for the reply bud....I put some Cataclean in it the other week and all seems to be fine. Trying not to do short trips especially in this cold weather. Tomo1971 thanks for reply mate will check out dongle seems like a plan am intreaged to know how full it is as she’s done 117k 😳 cheers
  10. Seems to only be reverse light and like you say will probably explain the temp fault. other threads online say drill some holes in base of light? Either that or new cluster I suppose. Common fault online
  11. Washed it earlier and just noticed condensation in the tail light that played up the other day 🙄 beginning to regret buying this car 😥
  12. Thanks mate good idea going to book it in for check now I’ll let you know how get on. thsnks again matt
  13. Update on belt change all seems ok car running fine wish i’d done the thermostat while was in garage coz noticed temperature going up and down by 1 sometimes 2 LED’s now 🙄 going to Audi to get it plugged in thanks for replies gents Matt
  14. Steve sorry mate but while I’m here wondering if you could explain my temperature going up and down whilst idling or going down hill with no acceleration?? Car gets up to 90 nicely but if I drive conservatively it will occasionally drop one bar (1 LED) on the rear occasion 2 bars?? Soon as drive again goes back up to 90....never had this on previous motors. cheers matt
  15. Ho Steve thanks for reply mate no visible signs of damage so don’t think the noise was from my car never known a fuse to make that sort of noise if was a fuse. thanks for link have looked everywhere in boot and can’t find fuse box as need no.7 on block A for exterior lighting but also wanted to check drivers seat heater as only heats back and not bum lol manual says it’s right hand panel in boot but I couldn’t find it....sorry I’m a complete novice Audi were no help at all just usual get most money out of customer as possible strange thing is tho took car out last night and fault gone on dash and all lights working 🤔....if happens again will defo ask Audi for some discount coz what you said mate. Is cheaper clusters on eBay but most second hand. cheers matt