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  1. Hello Clive, ’....vast majority of drivers would prefer to have a spare wheel .......’ I’m sure you are right, and yes, I would join that band, but the fact is that manufacturers have declared it semi-redundant in favour of the compressor and goo. Nothing to do with economics of course, but all to do with less weight, thereby appeasing those who worship the green environment, so the principle is valid and understood. My only point is that if a spare is really that important to you, then it is most certainly going to restrict your market - of that there is no doubt, and as I see it, you
  2. Hello James from the Homeland. Many thanks for being in touch with the forum. In theory, the rate at which the tyres wear should not be influenced by the wheel diameter, since the logic is that the outside diameter of wheel plus tyre will remain constant, and this is achieved by lowering the profile of the tyre, as the wheel diameter increases. It might also be argued that since the profile is lower on larger wheels, that the rolling resistance is less, so this could even increase tyre life. You raise a good point about prices and availability, and yes, certain sizes can be inexpl
  3. Hello Clive, ’.....green credentials.....set-back.....’ Apologies but I’m not following this, in terms of no spare wheel. Trying to understand your requirements, but I think you are seriously limiting your choice by only buying a new vehicle which has a spare wheel, as opposed to the new norm of compressor and goo. Kind regards, Gareth.
  4. Worth changing then on a planned maintenance basis, but whether it eases the issue will have to be seen. Kind regards, Gareth.
  5. Hello Clive, Many thanks for being in touch with the form. As I understand it, the demise of the spare wheel went through the process of first being dispensed with in its original full size form and being replaced by the ‘space saver’ spare - all in the best interest of weight saving, and therefore fuel saving! I cannot recall it being stated that it would be of cost benefit to the manufacturer, but I may have missed that bit! The next ‘development’ (again with the same good intent as above) was to replace the weighty space saver wheel with a small and cheap compressor and an aer
  6. Hello Ian, As I see it, whichever route you go down, you will need to get a key blade cut to match your current one. Personally, I cannot see any major disadvantage in going for a sound secondhand fob to match yours, since you will need to get it coded in any case - as you would do with a new (different) Audi dealer one. Kind regards, Gareth,
  7. Hello Octavian, Well I think this debate boils down to:- ‘I’ve now passed the problem on to someone else’ ,and the response to the someone-else who complains in the near future that the oil light is coming might be along the lines of ‘well it wasn’t coming on when I sold it’! For what it’s now worth, your ‘ NOT semi synthetic’ is unfortunately not what it seems. ‘Synthetic technology’ is the marketing executive’s terminology for convincing a potential buyer (your self in this case) that the oil he is buying is fully synthetic, when it’s actually not - it’s semi synthetic. Still
  8. Thanks Robert, I guess it depends on how the warning alert has been set up. If I were you, I would of course do as the warning says, and contact the dealer - not to, may well not help your guarantee. The purpose of my reply was to give an opinion on what I believe may happen when you do. Perhaps you could let us know how you get on. Kind regards, Gareth.
  9. Thanks Octavian, OK, your 10w/40 oil is fully synthetic. Things probably vary from country to country then. I’m yet to see 10w/40 in the U.K. in anything other than semi-synthetic, or sometimes ambiguously marked ‘synthetic technology’. Probably different in Romania. Kind regards, Gareth.
  10. When was the pollen filter last changed Lavelle? Kind regards, Gareth.
  11. Hello Robert, Many thanks for being in touch with the forum. Your issue is typical of an undercharged battery - probably due to the car having sat around somewhere for some period of time (in transit for example). The stop/start facility is the first to shut down under these conditions. I would expect the dealer to advise you to simply use the car - on extended runs if possible- and monitor the situation, and you should find the issue will minimise in frequency as the car is used. Obviously, if it doesn’t, then it may be suggested the battery is charged on a special charger (don’t
  12. Many thanks Steve. Thanks goodness for the facility to have a free interchange of opinions. If we revert to Octavian’s issue of an apparent low oil pressure when using the correct specified oil viscosity, and his now satisfaction that the issue has been resolved by using a higher viscosity, is really akin to potentially adding ‘treacle’! until the ‘thicker’ oil holds its viscosity for some temporary period, and to some extent. How long?? Personally, I fear this will prove to be a short term dodge, but...... Re. semi synthetic vs fully synthetic? Of course, there are schools of thoug
  13. Thanks for coming back to the forum Octavian. Please beware:- the 10w/40 is normally a semi synthetic and not a fully synthetic oil - as it should be - so basically it’s the wrong oil for your car. If you feel you need to mask a possible lower oil pressure by increasing the oil viscosity, then I would suggest you change this oil to a fully synthetic 5w/40. Kind regards, Gareth,
  14. Well done James. Didn’t mean to pry into all the personal circumstances. Sounds like all the course text books will be substituted by Haynes’ Manuals! Kind regards, Gareth.
  15. Thanks James. Apologies for the (personal?) question, but are you really a student living on a student loan? Kind regards, Gareth.
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