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  1. Hello Joe, As I understand it, the service-due indicator was either set on a Longlife service interval ( usually coming up at around 18k or 18 months), or an annual interval for low mileages covered in a year. If this is still the same, then dealers tend to set the indicator on an annual basis, since the car will return to them more frequently, and to be fair to them, your annual mileage would suggest that would be justified. Maintenance contract? Debatable, but you should be able to obtain an estimated cost from them ( would not suggest getting this from Sales Dept.) for ann
  2. Thanks Ian, I don’t want to be pessimistic, but that’s a new one on me! Never heard the likes, but despite having more than a ‘few miles on the clock’, we are not too old to learn. Could you let us know how you get on Ian? Many thanks and kind regards, Gareth.
  3. Hello Ian, Sounds like they may be M6 bolts. Easiest and quickest route under our current situation is to look on EBay. You are likely to be spoiled for choice there. Beware, metric threads might have a number of different thread pitches for the same dia. but you can afford to go with the most popular variants and order a couple to compare. To check the treads are the same pitch, simply line up the new one tight against the old one. Some bolts used on vehicles have a flange of shouldered head so a washer isn’t required. This type should also be listed. Kind regards, Garet
  4. Well done. I guess we all need a bit of TLC - me in particular!
  5. Thanks Tony, Sorry, but it always interests me what folks do with this extra decimal point of a second that they have spent considerable chunks of wallet relieving cash on to achieve. Kind regards, Gareth.
  6. Hello Vijay, Thanks for being in touch. Sounds typical of battery issues - which would tie in with the anticipated service life of a battery fitted to a car with a stop/ start system. Worth getting the alternator output checked at the same time, but I wouldn’t anticipate any problems there. If it needs a new battery, then it becomes important that you spend wisely on its replacement, rather than any ‘brand x’ make which the garage may obtain from their local motor factors. Battery efficiency is vitally important these days. For me, I only use Varta/ Bosch with a minimum
  7. Hello Thomas, Thanks for being in touch. Sounds typical of near side wheel bearing issue. Kind regards, Gareth.
  8. Many thanks indeed David, That really is a great link. Kind regards, Gareth.
  9. Hello Bradley, Thanks for being in touch with the forum. Costs for tyres? Easily Googleable when you are armed with the tyre size, and decided what quality tyres you want - budget thought to premium brands. Brakes? Are we talking discs as well as pads? Do you know the amount of remaining pads at the moment? For prices, simply search EBay, and you will find numerous examples of various quality parts, often including main dealer parts at discount. Only you will know whether you are going to replace these parts yourself or having the job done for you. Shock absorbers? N
  10. Hello Billy, Thanks for being in touch. It’s usual for the driver’s door module to control the remaining doors, and for issues to start with that door, and migrate to affect the other doors. Since you say the issue with the passenger door started (coincidence?) when anew fob battery was fitted, it may be worth going through the fob resetting procedure, which you should find via. Google - and has been listed on here from time to time. Pessimistically, none of these procedures have worked for my spare fob, but you never know your luck. Failing this having any influence, I f
  11. Hello Ian, This sounds like an issue with the reservoir low-level sensor. These are often located in inhospitable places, and can suffer from contact issues. Air lock? Really don’t think so. Kind regards, Gareth.
  12. Hello Charlotte, I believe this issue is an MOT failure, if any of the doors cannot be opened from outside, at the time of testing. It appears Mathew’s can be opened from outside once the door has been opened from inside - and before the automatic lock comes into play. Yours? Kind regards, Gareth.
  13. Magnet


    Hello Joe, Many thanks for being in touch. Since you don’t have a spare wheel, then a jack will be surplus to requirements. To tyre sealant and compressor is supposed (in caps) to replace the need for a spare wheel. Kind regards, Gareth.
  14. Thanks Mathew, For what it might do, have you tried switching the double click from off to on? Unlikely to make any difference, but worth a try. If that doesn’t work, then I can only come back to my earlier points. MOT? Understand your concern, but ‘technically’ if you unlock the passenger door from inside when you present it for testing, then it can be opened from outside - so shouldn’t be a fail - until you drive off - which won’t be part of the MOT procedure. On a best-safety approach, it should be seen to, and I would suggest going along to an independent and talking
  15. Hello, Suspension? Rising? I would have expected the compressor to be lethargic in raising the suspension as the battery becomes below par. I can only think that the system may have an inbuilt ‘fail safe’ which activate under these conditions. If this were mine, I would be treating this from the simple things first principle, and checking and replacing the battery if necessary before being too concerned about anything else. Kind regards, Gareth.
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