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  1. Hello Chris, I wouldn't claim that this is the cause in your case, but such issues can result from problems with the wiring harness as it passes from the body into the boot/hatchback. Problems arise since with continued opening and closing, the wires within this flexible section of the harness become hard and brittle and eventually lead to intermittent contact problems. Kind regards, Gareth.
  2. Magnet

    New Engine? Advice needed!

    Hello Luke, You need to establish from them whether the two low cylinders are adjacent to one another. If so, this could be a head gasket issue - if not, then obviously there is something else wrong. Also bought two years ago:- From the same Audi dealer? Another Audi dealer? Somewhere else? Full main dealer service history prior to you buying it? Servicing during the last two years - where and when? This evidence is likely to be critical in any 'good will' contribution dealings with Audi UK. Kind regards, Gareth.
  3. Magnet

    New Engine? Advice needed!

    Hello Luke, Sorry to hear of your problems. To some extent, it is difficult to follow Audi Belfast's logic by claiming that the engine itself is at fault, unless they have carried out some 'basic' engine mechanical checks and advised you of the results. To try to keep it concise and simply, a new engine might be reasonable advice if they have carried out a compression test on all cylinders and found one in more to be low. If so, then they can let you know the readings. Assuming the compressions are reasonably correct, then I would be carrying out an oil pressure test to check if the engine's lubrication system is serviceable or not. If they haven't carried out these basic tests and are advising an engine strip down is necessary to find out what is wrong, then personally I would not have much faith in them, and would get the car transported to a reputable independent for a second opinion before making any decision. Kind regards, Gareth.
  4. Hello Alex from the Homeland. If it were mine, I would be making some enquiries with the folks who remapped it for you. Glow plugs? Highly unlikely I would have thought, since they only assist cold starting. Kind regads, Gareth.
  5. Magnet

    Electrical Issues

    Hello Andy, Well worth following Steve's suggestion. Has it been the rainy season in Trinidad? Not really very up on this, but does this earlier version have a body control unit (BCU)? If so it might well be worth checking the connections onto this. Kind regards, Gareth.
  6. Magnet

    Ordered a new A7.. and have WLTP delays..

    Oh blinking heck Peter - I feel for you. That's about as open ended as it could be! I think that would test my loyalty towards this engined vehicle, and even towards the brand. Kind regards, Gareth.
  7. Hello Scott, Now you are testing the memory, but I recall many many years ago having a similar issue when fitting a replacement Pioneer radio cassette in our then BMW. In that case it was something to do with a lack of connection to ((I think) a aerial signal booster for fm. Of course, this may not apply in your case since the BMW s were not fitted with a standard radio/cassette at the time. Having said all of that, my guess is that it's to do with a supply connection which needs to be made. Sorry this is vague, but it may lead you in a search (on other forums?) which will solve the issue for you. Kind regards, Gareth.
  8. Magnet

    Loud tapping

    Hello Steve, Logic would point to :- If the noise was not there before you changed the components, then it's highly likely its associated with the fitting of the new bits. Eliminate the simple things first. I would start with removing one of the new plugs and carefully comparing it with the ones you took out - particularly in terms of the reach of the plug (length of thread and electrode). Kind regards, Gareth.
  9. Magnet

    Noisy brakes when reversing

    Thanks Hazel, OK, bucket and sponge. Bang goes my theory of acid contamination of the discs/pads then - unless hubby uses spray-on wheel cleaner when he washes it. If it were mine, I think I would insist on having new pads fitted, and the discs thoroughly cleaned up. Chances of getting Audi to do that under warranty?? Kind regards, Gareth.
  10. Magnet

    Noisy brakes when reversing

    Thanks for coming back Hazel. You didn't tell us how the car is washed. It may be thought to be a daft question, but.... Kind regards, Gareth.
  11. Magnet


    Hello Linda, Can we take it you have tried Audi dealers, but not had any success due to the car's age? Even if you have made some enquiries there, it may be worth popping in (again?) ,and asking if they have a system whereby they can check (older on the shelf) stock at all dealers. Obviuosly getting the gearbox oil should not be an issue. Cambelt :- excuse my ignorance, but does this engine run on a belt or does us run on a chain? If a belt, Google 'Gates cambelts' and this should lead you to a UK Technical contact for their belts. In my opinion, these are the best aftermarket belts you will get, and I'm sure they will point you to their part number for the kit you need, then you can approach local motor factors, or on line ones, to check availability. One potential issue:- cambelts are changed on a mileage and age basis, and the age may be as little as 5 years. Question:- how do you know how old the 'new' belt is that you are buying to fit? Already over 5 years old?? Worth asking Gates how you would know - from a batch number? Last point:- it's always worth changing the main (serpentine) drive belt - and its tensioner - at the same time. Ask Gates for the part no. for that as well. Please come back again if you are still stuck. Kind regards, Gareth.
  12. Magnet

    rear glass came out of my audi tt convertible

    Hello John, Might be worth a trip down to Jack Smiths in Swansea - not far from the Guildhall. They have been doing trimming and hoods from the time I had hair. Seem to have some good reviews via. the MX5 followers. Hope this helps, Kind regards, Gareth.
  13. Magnet

    A4 1.9 tdi (2000) stiff gear change

    Simple and basic things first Danny, Check the gearbox oil level, and even consider changing it, to ensure the grade is correct. Kind regards, Gareth.
  14. Hello Tara, Tommy's got a good point. If that fails, and moving the battery is the only option, then I would be tempted to go to a trusted local garage who will have a simple device which links a slave battery into your system usually via. the cigarette lighter or similar point. The existing battery an then be removed and the surrounding area cleaned. No need to ensure you have the codes etc. if it's done this way. Kind regards, Gareth.
  15. Magnet

    Noisy brakes when reversing

    Hello Hazel, Silly me - electronic handbrake! If noise alters when the steering turns then there is a stronger possibility that the noise originates from the front wheels rather than the back. Can we take it you don't get any noise when moving forward slowly? Sorry about additional questions, but full information is king:- During your two and a half months of ownership, how often has the car been washed, and what method has been used to clean it? Kind regards, Gareth.