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  1. Hello Jim, I really wouldn’t worry too much about the detail at this stage, and simply concentrate on finding yourself a trusted localish automatic gearbox specialist - I was not suggesting a local garage. When you have found them, you can ask all such questions at that point - before committing. Ask for recommendations at local car sales sites if you are struggling to find anyone via an online search. Kind regards, Gareth.
  2. Hello Lee, Tried the online scrapyard searches such as Partsfinder? - there are others. You simply register your requirements, and this gets circulated to all participating breakers, and those who have the part, get in touch with you directly. Kind regards, Gareth.
  3. Hello Terence, In the absence of other replies to date, the thread diameter - in mm., should be easily determined using a micrometer, or even guesswork - they usually work out in increments of 2 mm. What is more difficult to determine is the thread pitch, of which there are many variants for the same thread diameter. e.g. 1.5, 2.0 etc. Any reason you can’t simply wander into your local motor factors and look at the replacement part? Not sure if any of this helps. Kind regards, Gareth.
  4. Hello Jim, I’m sorry to hear of your issue. To try to put this into context, it isn’t the Audi dealer’s fault that your gearbox fluid is contaminated with an unacceptable concentration of coolant, but you could argue that they should have picked this up on your first visit, if (in caps) the concentration would not then have been over the acceptable limit. I don’t think you should lose sight of the fact that 150ppm is only 0.015%. What we don’t know here is the transmission fluid supplier’s maximum acceptable moisture content as supplied out of the container. It surely cannot be totally free from moisture, so there must be an average value, and a tolerance on that value. So, at 50ppm it’s OK to flush and refill. At 150ppm it’s not, and it’s a scrap gearbox, and even car! Um? If this were mine, I would decide to give the flush and refill a go - surely worth a gamble - not a cheap as chips job, but.... Prior to that, I would want to investigate whether there was indeed any leak of coolant into the box fluid - possibly via. the oil cooler? Would I use the Audi dealer. I don’t think so, in preference to a trusted localish automatic gearbox specialist. Hope some of the above may be of help. Kind regards, Gareth.
  5. Hello Garry, Mike hasn’t been on the forum since his last post on 14th March. I think your best option would be to send him a Personal Message, and see if his experience will be of any help to you. Kind regards, Gareth. p.s. Incase you are wondering, it seems, unlike most forums, you will be able to PM him even though this is your first post.
  6. Hello Alyson, I guess you’ve looked at the numerous aftermarket ones available on EBay. Kind regards, Gareth.
  7. Hello Ross, If it were mine, I would be wandering into the parts department of my local dealer and enquiring there. Be prepared to be frightened by the price, but you can make polite ‘oh dear’ responses and at least come away with the official part number, and with a bit of nice chat - perhaps the part number. Armed with this, you can then look for a secondhand one if the new price is too frightening. Kind regards, Gareth.
  8. Magnet


    Hello James, Great. Glad you have sorted it, and equally pleased you have taken the trouble to report back to the forum, which will be of help to others in the future. Unfortunately, such follow-up responses are rare. I’d certainly be happy to be able to work alongside you, once I could see you were a ‘genuine VAG sensor’ man only. There are some dubious aftermarket parts out there, and their use can lead to all sorts of ongoing issues when ‘it can’t be that sensor - I’ve just replaced it’ I tend to do what you do - buy quality parts at best shop-around prices. Many thanks again and kind regards, Gareth.
  9. Hello Michal, You raise some good points, and I’m sure you will have a number of replies. Mine for what it’s worth would be £2000 budget buys you into problem territory, and your quest for an 80k mileage limit will be restrictive. If you are realistically talking 2007/2010 then the car will be 9 to 12 years old, and 80k will represent low mileage. Low mileage may sound attractive, but small mileage trips leads to increased wear, when compared with an average to high mileage example, where the car has been regularly running at optimum conditions. Another consideration is that at around your 80k miles, components will need changing, whereas on a higher mileage one, the previous owner will have already spent the money to replace such parts. We have a 2006 family A3 1.6 which has just turned 155k, and ........ no I’m not tempting fate! .....but we are hanging on to it! Mercedes vs. Audi - sorry can’t help. What I would say Michal is to broaden your mind’s search’s and assess the condition of a particular car of interest, and don’t just look at the mileage reading. OK, £2000 is a lot of money, but not in terms of buying a car. Another consideration would be to buy a cheap car and run it until it stops. Anticipated expenditure around your 80K limit? Cambelt and associated assembly, and far more. Beware , even if already changed, there are a fair % of substandard aftermarket parts which might have been used, and this is as worrying/potentially more expensive as it not having been done. Enjoy your search. If you are fully competent with assessing cars then I’d say it’s essential to take someone along who is. Good luck in finding something. Kind regards, Gareth.
  10. Hello David, Sorry to hear you were dissatisfied with the the A3 you bought. Interesting comment about spending £120 on discs and pads all round. Not sure about how this fits in to your recent experience - did you spend that on the car you just returned? If so, that again is interesting - can we take it that that was just the cost of the replaced parts? Diagnostics and next purchase? If you mean accessing codes which will show you problems, then beware that it can simply be a case of clearing all previous faults and presenting you with a print out confirming no faults found. If it were me, and I didn’t have much mechanical experience, then I would be aiming to get some knowledgeable and experienced opinion on any car I was intending to buy. While appreciating Trevor’s very good advice regarding ensuring the car has service history, the reality is that it may be a fairly rare find to come across a 14 year old car ( if it was a 2005 A3 you bought) which is likely to have covered around 170,000 miles on an average basis, and find it had a fairly comprehensive service history. I would anticipate that even if it does, it will probably still require replacing some wearing components. Well worth considering getting second opinion on your proposed n cut purchase David. Not sure what the terms of your initial purchase were, and despite good justification, rejecting a 14 year old car and returning it, may not always be that easy. Good luck with your next purchase. Kind regards, Gareth.
  11. Sorry Ryan, but I’m none the wiser about the 30! in the initial post, or the current post where ......’full tank would be losing 1/8 of my tank in 20 miles’. Can you tell us what your current average mpg is? Can we just keep it simple and clear? Also, if this is a ‘computerised’ consumption, or an actual ‘fill to fill’ calculated consumption. Kind regards, Gareth.
  12. Hello Ryan, Apologies, but I’m not fully understanding your post - probably predictive text issue or something- but ...’drove to work.....around 15 miles.......but it said on the dash I used around 30!’. Did you mean 30 litres? If this were mine, I would first be wanting to confirm and quantify the extent of high fuel consumption via. a full tank and the amount of fuel needed to return it to full for the mileage you had covered. If it proves that the car has a high fuel consumption then this needs to be addressed. Similarly if it turns out to be a computer calculation error then this is obviously a different issue, but to me, it’s not clear at the moment, which of the two it is. Kind regards, Gareth.
  13. Hello Giammarco, Sounds a nice car. Have you forgotten to stare the price, or have I missed it? Kind regards, Gareth.
  14. Hello Stuart, Sorry, as Cliff said, there doesn’t seem to be regular contributors who are into diagnostics to the same extent that you are. Having said that, some knowledgeable diagnostic folks do contribute from time to time when they visit the forum, but I well understand you need answers when you need them. Although I certainly respect the need for diagnostics, and well appreciate the benefits to be gained from such experience, another viewpoint is one of the old ‘cause and effect’. As I understand it, component x can be shown up as the culprit since it receives its ‘signal ‘ from y, yet the root cause is actually at y - not x. Of course, this doesn’t help you one bit, but all all I can do is apologise for the lack and response and hope someone might come along shortly. Meanwhile, kind regards, Gareth.