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  1. Hello John, I think it’s great that you have taken your time and interest to try to explain and help the original poster. The sad thing is that he has not revisited the forum since the day he first joined! Why do people do this? Anyway, from your point of view, let’s trust the time you’ve taken to share your experience will be of help to someone else. Many thanks and kind regards, Gareth.
  2. Hello Jeffo?, Welcome to the forum. As I said in my post of 13th August 2017 - ‘I would be aware of the often used OEM term’. It is widely used in the marketplace of aftermarket supplies. I really don’t think it’s a question of whether to use ‘aftermarket’ or insist on ‘OEM aftermarket’ rather than genuine dealer parts. In my experience you just as well ignore the significance of OEM if buying in the aftermarket quarter since it is often misused. Through bad experiences such as yours, I have developed my own buying restrictions if buying aftermarket - they aren’t all bad, but you build up respect for certain brands and disrespect for others. Main dealer parts and higher prices? You are buying quality for your extra outlay and as you have found out, buying cheap once, can mean buying again. We are fortunate here since we can buy genuine Audi parts at discount, so we have a better change of buying quality at competitive prices. Kind regards, Gareth. p.s. Many thanks for joining and posting, but I think it’s worth asking the Forum Admin to consider not allowing new contributions to threads which have not been responded to for say over a year. Problem is that folks read - and may even attempt to post replies - in relation to the first (long outdated) post without noticing the dates.
  3. Many thanks Tom, I’m currently with them, but they don’t cover vehicles over 16 years old - OK last year but not this year! Kind regards, Gareth.
  4. Wondering if forum members would be able to recommend reliable breakdown cover options based on the following requirements:- Husband and wife driving either of two cars - oldest of which is 17 years old. Nationwide recovery home is essential if cannot be fixed at the roadside. Don’t really need Homestart or European cover, or onward travel. Don’t want to add cover to individual car insurances, since unlikely to be economic. Don’t want to pay and reclaim or ideally pay an excess on a claim. Don’t really want to pay per month - want one off annual premium. Trusting forum members can share their experience. Many thanks and kind regards, Gareth.
  5. Hello Paul, From the school of simple things first:- Replace the battery with a quality make one such as Duracell etc. Worth the small investment. Yes, I know Audi has replaced it, so...., but satisfy yourself from a known starting point. Surprising how many use Poundland’s best! Kind regards, Gareth.
  6. Hello Damien, ’......a lot of models are?’ Are what? S line:- Please check with others on here, and on-line, but I think S Line represents ‘Sports Line’. Don’t forget to respect wheel sizes (which influences tyre profiles) and of course whether run-flat tyres are fitted - which would not enhance your quest for a more comfortable ride. Don’t quote me, but I believe the wheels used for run-flat tyres will dictate that only run-flat can be fitted when tyres need changing, so worth confirming/refuting. Kind regards, Gareth.
  7. Unfortunately Patrick, David joined and last visited the forum on the same day! Might be worth sending him a PM? Kind regards, Gareth.
  8. Thanks for coming back Jez. I you don’t mind buying new, it would be worth calling to your nearest dealer, and they should be able to help you to at least identity the part name, and advise whether it’s a stand alone item, or part of a larger section of trim. Kind regards, Gareth.
  9. Hello Mark, Air suspension I guess ? If so - culprits could be level sensor, air leak, or failing compressor piston seal - in no particular order. Kind regards, Gareth.
  10. Hello Damien, I would avoid anything which was built to ‘sports specification’, and try to buy a car with small wheels and high profile tyres - e.g. no less than 50 profile. Also avoid run-flat tyres. Kind regards, Gareth.
  11. Hello Jez, I take it you don’t want to buy a new piece then. If you want to buy used, then you could register your want with online breaker’s systems such as Partsfinder (there are more). You simply register your want - I would suggest describing it as Windscreen Trim - and sit back and wait for beakers to contact you directly. Perhaps you could let us know how you get on. Kind regards, Gareth.
  12. Hello Dean, Check the wiring for breaks within the flexible harness which links the body to the hatch. This is frequently a source of problems due to continual flexing over the years. Perhaps you could let us know how you get on. Kind regards, Gareth.
  13. Magnet

    Audi TT 2005

    Hello Mark, Usual points where water may come in include from the plenum chamber ( the area below the vents forward of the screen) - due to blocked drains, a badly fitted screen, wing mirrors allowing water to get to the wrong side of the door panels etc. Also, does this car have a targa top ( or whatever you call it?) - pardon my ignorance. Kind regards, Gareth.
  14. Thanks Rab, I could well be wrong, but the availability (and understanding) of wiring diagrams is not what it used to be, but it’s quite possible that someone on here might be able to help you. Get it wrong and trouble lies ahead! Options if you can’t get help on here:- Obtain an original plug and it’s short length of wiring from a breakers ( register your want with Partsfinder or similar). Connect this plug colour for colour into your harness, and buy the adapter plug to link your new set to the original plug. Or seek out a trusted local audio specialist and get them to connect up your new set to the chopped off wiring. Probably nothing in it cost wise. Sorry I can’t help you directly. Kind regards, Gareth.
  15. Hello Rab, What are you trying to do - return the car to original in terms of its audio equipment or not? Kind regards, Gareth.