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  1. Hello Evie, The ' I understand it it was a genuine Audi part......' to be frank doesn't instil too much confidence in the answer, but of course it is what you have been told, and you must go with it. Or perhaps it might come to proving that to be correct or incorrect. Air locks? After 12 weeks I would expect this would not be a valid reason for your issue. Thermostat? Could be. Sender unit? Could be. If I were mine, I would be taking the car to another trusted local garage and get them to plug this in and obtain live data on the coolant temperature. This should give you a better idea of the actual running temperature at these apparent 'increased peaks' and allow them to better home in on whether this is a sensor or a thermostat fault. Others on here will be more knowledgeable on whether this live data simply reproduces what the (possibly faulty) sender reads, or if it is an actual temperature. No doubt someone will advise. Kind regards, Gareth
  2. Hello Evie, I believe your alternative suggestions are sound. What I would ask is did you have the thermostat changed at an Audi dealership? If not, do you know whether the garage used a genuine Audi part or an aftermarket replacement? If genuine Audi part used then I would suspect the temperature sender. If not, then I would certainly suspect the aftermarket replacement since aftermarket component quality can be highly variable. Kind regards, Gareth.
  3. Magnet

    Fit Running Boards to Q7 4M 2015 Model

    Hello Mohammed, Sorry I cannot directly help you with your query, but in the absence of any other reply, perhaps some if the follwimg may help to move you in a positive direction. 'I have been told by Audi.......' It would be interesting to know who you asked - and where you asked the question. I have found that answers you get can be one person's opinion and may or may not be accurate. If it were mine, I would wander into the parts section of my local dealer, armed with the VIN and the steps you have bought, and see if you can set up a friendly dialogue with the person there. OK you have bought them secondhand, but an honest approach usually works out. The correct answer will be there and they should be able to tell you (VIN wise) at what point any change was made, and if yours doesn't have any holes - whether steps can be practically fitted or not. I would be tempted to reward a helpful attitude with a box of biscuits at this time of year! Kind regards, Gareth.
  4. Hello Mark, Sorry to hear of your problems. Glow plugs changing and EML light? This confuses a little since I'm not sure why you are making the connection between the two. Do you have a code which points you to this? If so, it may be worth considering that it is possible that fault codes can give the 'effect' rather than the cause. In other words, the glow plug efficiency is being affected by something else. I must confess, that diesels are not my strong point, but as I understand it glow plugs don't 'come into effect' until the outside temperature falls to near to 5 degrees C, and their function is to preheat the cylinders to make the combustion of diesel more efficient at the lower temperature. In effect, if it is starting OK and running well from cold, then it may suggest there isn't anything wrong with the glow plugs. I notice you have this booked in for service on Tuesday - if this were mine, I would be delaying the glow plug change and booking this into a local recommended diesel specialist, rather than a non specialist garage. Taxi drivers are usually a good source of knowledge on trusted local diesel specialists. Kind regards, Gareth.
  5. Magnet

    S4 B6 Worries

    Hello John, I agree with Trevor's sound advice regarding checking with the servicing dealers if the chain has been changed. We must take it that your decision to sell results from having checked, and it hasn't, and that you have checked through the thick book of receipts - with the same result. If this was mine and I hadn't checked then I would be postponing my decision until I had. Kind regards, Gareth.
  6. Magnet

    Battery light then esp then dead 😳

    Hello Chris, I must start by saying I don't take any comfort from offering advice to actually check components rather that assuming they are serviceable or unserviceable. In this case the battery was 'assumed' to be the culprit, yet the then-untested alternator later proved to be at fault. Unless you are lucky then this experience has cost you the unnecessary purchase of a battery. You need to get your mechanic pal to buy you a drink - at least! Someone once quoted the word Assume as meaning:- 'Making an !Removed! out of you and me!' With apologies for rubbing it in. Kind regards, Gareth.
  7. Magnet

    3rd party warranty providers

    Hello James, I cannot offer you any experience in regards to which warranty companies to go with or avoid, but I think you are on the right track by deciding one of them is inadequate. The devil is in the detail of exclusion, and it is here that I would be looking before diving in with any from a fair selection which are likely to crop up via. a Google search. I take it this just - still -under -warranty car has a comprehensive Audi service history. If so, you should be starting off from a fair vantage point. If it hasn't been serviced in recent months, then if it were mine, I would be tempted to get it serviced at Audi , and they should be able to advise what would be necessary to get sorted under the 3 year warranty. It could be a little puzzling why this car as been sent for retail at a 'private garage' rather than being retained for sale within the main dealer network. What is its mileage and ownership history? Kind regards, Gareth.
  8. Hello Callum, If this was last serviced at the main dealer in August, then it sounds good. It might be worth checking what level of service it had then, and I believe they can send you a schedule since you are the registered keeper. Take a note of when the air filter was last changed and if not within say the last 15K miles, then personally I would replace it. Kind regards, Gareth.
  9. Hello Callum, Congratulations on your new car - it looks very nice. Not wanting to rain on your parade, but .....'obviously I booked it in for a remap... ' For me, the first port of call would be a thorough service ( not a pre - sales type service) to ensure all filters etc. are serviceable and that the car is running at its optimum performance before attempting to increase its current performance. Good luck with it and enjoy it. Kind regards, Gareth.
  10. Magnet

    Start problem

    Hello Dee, I think there are too many variables here and not enough detail to to be able to offer meaningful advice. It now appears that the car is at a repair garage and it would be reasonable to suggest that if they are competent and can't source the issue with the car at hand, then it doesn't give the rest of us much hope of diagnosing it at a distance. Some questions I would ask:- Checks carried out to confirm the starter motor is getting power? Earths OK? Was the original starter checked for serviceability prior to replacing it? Has the new motor been checked off the car to ensure it is serviceable? ( you can't seem to simply accept that new equals serviceable anymore).When you say it isn't turning over, do you mean the starter motor is not spinning? Flywheel changed - why? Did this non turning over issue coincide with this change? Any possibility the wrong flywheel has been fitted, and the starter is spinning but not engaging? Kind regards, Gareth.
  11. Magnet

    Battery light then esp then dead 😳

    Sorry Piotr, but I'm confused. Why would Chris want to change this battery for one which isn't compatible with the one he has? Surely volts = 12v , and I take it you are referring to cold cranking current when you refer to amps. Chris, Where are you getting this battery from? If you are buying local then they will usually replace it for you. If not then best to ask your mechanic pal to do it for you. When you use the code saver, you usually need a spare battery to feed the code saver - which gets plugged into the cigar lighter while you remove the old battery and replace with the new one. Kind regards, Gareth. p.s. Having said all that, as I said before, you are still assuming it is the battery which is at fault until you test it and/or check the alternator output is as Piotr says.
  12. Magnet

    Battery light then esp then dead 😳

    Hello Chris, If the battery is the original one then you have done very well indeed. Personally, I would get your mechanic friend to check the alternator output as well - a simple check with a simple tester ( were even available from Lidls at one point) - since nothing should be assumed without testing to confirm the suspicion. I take it he will have the necessary 'code saver' device to ensure your radio code (if it has one) is protected during the battety change. Kind regards, Gareth. p.s. It's always worth buying a premium brand battery with at least a 4 year guarantee. These can usually be obtained at very competitive prices on line - often with next day delivery.
  13. Magnet

    Battery light then esp then dead 😳

    Hello Chris, This is obviously a battery or charging system fault , and if you have a multi meter and are handy with it then you can fairly easily find out which. I doubt if your battery is the original after 12 years, but it is possible. If it is, then you have done well, and it would be more likely to be this that is at fault - but you will still need to confirm the alternator output. I would suspect that this car now has insufficient battery power to start the car, but if it does start, a fairly simply test for basic charging is to allow the car to tick over for a few minutes then switch the headlights on, then observe if the headlight brightness increases as you rev the engine. No increase in brightness suggests a charging issue. You should find that Halfords or others will be able to check your charging system quite simply -while you wait . If OK and the battety is a fault then buying a replacement at Halfords?? If it were mine, I would find a trusted local auto electrician and get them to check this out for you. One other basic test you should do, is to check the serviceability of the alternator belt. This may, just may be the cause of the problem, but should be eliminated as the culprit. Suspect alternator belts giving way, wrapping themselves around the crank pulley and causing cam belts to slip are not unheard of. If the car won't start and you need to jump start it then please make sure you know what you are doing before connecting jump leads or you can cause all sorts of expensive problems. Kind regards, Gareth.
  14. Magnet

    Car Security (or lack of it)

    Well Chris, Ford? Those who were sensible enough to 'invest' in any classic Ford are now seeing their asset escalating in value beyond any expectation, while the modern Audi de - values as much as the rest of them. Skoda were always maligned by those trying to be comedians, but VAG decided to buy them, and from my working experience, Skoda took on board all the quality control recommendations of VW and quickly overtook them - all at a much cheaper price, so brand snobbery doesn't result in anyone becoming funny anymore. Kind regards, Gareth.
  15. Magnet

    Heater Matrix 2003 BKD

    Hello Andy, I take it you have already established that the heater core is partially blocked, or are you assuming it is since it will only blow a small amount of heat? If you have proved the core is partially blocked then fine to replace it. If not, it would be well worth checking whether the heater controls are working properly first. Kind regards, Gareth.