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  1. Hello ? Welcome to the forum. It might have helped if you had filled in your location, but you probably didn’t, since you are aware that you are advised not to have visitors to your property in these troubled times. Kind regards, Gareth.
  2. Hello Chris, I take it you don’t want to pay for a new one and minimise any hassle - assuming you can find a dealer who is open. If I’m right, and you want to buy secondhand, then you could register your want with on-line car breaker search sites such as Partsfinder etc. You enquiry will be circulated to participating breakers who will respond to you if they have what you want - again, assuming they are operating in these troubled times. Kind regards, Gareth.
  3. Hello Richard, The simple fact is that you had one working key and remote before the locksmith worked on the car. I cannot understand why he would have needed to do anything with that remote, but whatever he has done has resulted in it not working any more. With the exception of an highly unlikely coincidence, whatever he did caused the malfunction of your original key, so it becomes his responsibility to at least get your back to where you were. In my book, yes, get him back. Of course, current circumstances may result in him not working. Kind regards, Gareth.
  4. Hello Keiren, The poster has not visited the forum since June of last year. I think your best option would be to send him a PM. Kind regards, Gareth.
  5. Not for me to recommend - but for someone in authority who runs this forum? Is it time to recommend ( not a strong enough word) that anyone who has a vehicle fitted with these tyres gets them professionally checked at a tyre retailer without delay? Surely this has been going on long enough, and in sufficient reported frequencies, to deduce there is something significantly and dangerously wrong here - to an extent where this is life threatening. Not to do so would be remiss (again not a strong enough word). Kind regards, Gareth.
  6. Are you looking at genetic on-line motor factor sites and listings?
  7. Wrong kit? Where did you get it from?
  8. Hello Nick, Good question. You must not (in caps) use your ‘old’ conventional 6 amp charger to charge your AGM battery. These batteries need to be charged with what I would term intelligent chargers which tailor the charging cycle and duration, to the requirements of your battery. You mention CTEK, which I understand are good quality (expensive) intelligent maintenance chargers which can be left permanently connected while the car is not used - ensuring the battery will be up to scratch when the car can be used again. These are fine if your car is garaged and you can leave it plugged in, but I wonder about their use for say someone who just wants to charge the battery on a fine day when the car is outside. This situating is more likely to require an intelligent charger with a greater output over a shorter period. I would reinforce:- DO NOT USE an older standard charger to charge modern AGM and stop/start technology batteries. If in any doubt - Stop - do not use a charger, and simply start the car say twice a week and leave it run for around 15 minutes - disabling the stop/start if fitted. Kind regards, Gareth.
  9. Hello Paul, Many thanks for the helpful additional details. No apologies necessary, it’s my ignorance of cam bridges etc. which is to blame! New territory to me I’m afraid, and in terms of the mesh filter. I was going to suggest a look at the PCV system, but as with most other possible suspects, you seem to have been there done that. I feel I am at a loss here to suggest other possible avenues, but one I would have suggested (in better times) would have been to nip it around to your local friendly MOT station and cadge an emissions test, which might just give a better pointer towards the effect, or indeed eliminate fuelling as the culprit. I guess it’s finding such an MOT station now is the problem in these troubled times. I asked how long you had owned it incase the issue had come to light very quickly after. Not that this is going to help you at all, but intermittent faults can sometimes be associated with bad electrical connections. Clutching at straws here, but worth giving all visible connectors associated with fuel and ignition systems a squirt of contact cleaner and a wiggle? I know this is not where you want to be Paul, but sometimes it worth investing in an hour’s experience of a trusted independent. Such folks have often come across the same issues before and solved it via. the hard way of try this try that. Sorry I’m not helping you, but certainly interested in developments. Kind regards, Gareth.
  10. Sorry Paul, Could you clarify meaning of:- Cam Bridge. Oil transits. Missing filter mess (mesh I guess). Kind regards, Gareth. p.s. How long had this car been with you before it started being problematic?
  11. Am I missing something here - who is going to be able to go travelling responsibly in the near future then?
  12. Hello Paul, CTS and temperature indications:- More often than not (but yours?) the temperature gauge sender is a separate component from the often closely located CTS. Upshot can be that the gauge does not show any abnormality, but the CTS may still be at fault and calling for incorrect fuel mixtures. As I said, normal failure mode is to set (rather than temperature variable) resistance which is not rich enough for instant cold starts, and too rich for hot starts. Having said that, cars usually start, but only reasonably well, so I would not like to offend your wallet and recommend changing it, and it does not solve the problem. Sorry Paul, I’m running out of ideas, but it’s certainly interesting. Not the right word to describe it for you, but... Could you keep us posted. Kind regards, Gareth.
  13. Many thanks for coming back Paul. If you are trying relay replacement then it’s worth keeping in mind that relays used may well be common to others for different functions on the car, so you could try swopping from a circuit which is not at fault. CTS - have tried replacing this? Kind regards, Gareth.
  14. ‘....If I cant sell the car......I’ll just hang on to it and enjoy it....’ Absolutely Kevin. ‘........Judging by the number of posts made you must have plenty of time....’ To me, time is not really an available commodity which you chose to use or not -as the case may be. It’s on the shelf at the moment, but it has a zero shelf life! Use it to the full, and if you can help someone along the way as well, then that’s a bonus. Of course, many posts can equal a greater risk of boring folks, but there you go eh!? Everything has its risks, so you post and be dammed, or not post and risk minimum responses in general. I really hope you sell the car for the price you want, to an appreciative buyer. Kind regards, Gareth.
  15. Hello Steven, Sorry to put a dampener(pardon the pun) on your new toy, but please, please leave this High Pressure, pressure washer, safely in its box, if you have any respect for your car’s paintwork, and the lacquer coat in particular. You could have saved yourself some funds by simply buying a bucket, sponge and some good quality shampoo and using a hosepipe. A much more practical toy. Kind regards, Gareth.