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  1. Magnet

    Audi A3 Black Edition

    No pass next year then Peter! Think it might have been 20th May, but obviously checkable. Kind regards, Gareth.
  2. Magnet

    Audi A3 Black Edition

    Was it May new MOT requirements came into force?
  3. Magnet

    ODOMETER reading changed

    Hello Stephen, Thanks for the additional information, which of course is vital to how you move forward to a resolution. Things are fairly simple than. So to recap, you have full documented main dealer service history to support the oddometer reading prior to it going to the independent. Armed with this, you go to your local main dealer and ask them if, and how, the odometer can be reset to display what it should read. Assuming it can be reset, then you get a quotation from them and request the independent to meet this bill, since they caused the problem. It would seem that they have had opportunity to rectify the issue, and you are now acting reasonably by arranging for someone else to correct their error at their expense. My view is that even if they will not pay, you cannot afford not to get it done, but...... I'm really confused by your concern about whether this has happened to other Audis. In my book, this should not be of concern or importance - it has happened to your car, and that is sufficient to cause you concern. Personally, I think you are in danger of taking your eye off the ball if you go down that road. Audi can't do it by any chance? I guess it's Googling the 'specialists' in this field and seeing what this comes up with. Good luck in sorting it out. Kind regards, Gareth.
  4. Magnet

    ODOMETER reading changed

    Hello Stephen, Simple things first. Do you have an original service book for the car? If so, that ( and the MOT history from 2006) should substantiate the mileage -or not. We hope the 'or not' doesn't apply! If you don't have a service book:- Is it possible it's a one owner vehicle prior to you? If so, contact Audi dealers in the area of the first/previous owner and ask them to check their database (if information is still held). Of course, this information may be available on a 'national' Audi database anyway - but someone more up on this should be able to confirm or refute this with your age car. If the car still has its original reg. no. then simply google the region of first registration and check with Audi dealers there. Sorry to ramble, but the object of your searches shoukd be to substantiate (with evidence) that the mileage is correct or not. Then resetting it? Obviously try an Audi dealer (armed with print outs of your evidence ) and enquire there. I cannot see why it shouldn't be possible to revert to its previous mileage (if you have proof it's correct) . No success with that? There used to be companies providing a service in so called 'mileage correction' . Worth a google if all else fails.
  5. Hello Kyle, .'.........can only assume it's inside the bumper' . Well they are on earlier A3s. Your A4? Probably. If so, you may find they (one either side of the front) are behind removable plastic grilles or the spotlights -if fitted. You certainly don't have to remove the whole bumper on earlier A3s anyway, but expect getting at them to be fiddly even once you can see them. Any advantage in removing engine undertray?? The A3 horns are badly located and rust, and you are unlikely to know one stops working. It's only when the second one goes the same way, that you know you are in trouble. Just a thought. Checked the fuse? But if it has blown - why? Kind regards, Gareth.
  6. Hello Steve, No, personally I can't say I have heard of others having problems, or not, but no doubt there are others on here who are far more into these things day to day than I am. Sorry, but again I cannot say whether the full clutch and flywheel arrangement on yours is similar to our fairly basic set up - again others may. I would be tempted to think yours would have the more complex dual mass flywheel, but...? What I would ask is (apart from the judder on clutch take up) do you experience any roughness/ pulsing/ undue noise with the clutch pedal partly depressed to a point where the clutch is slightly depressed? This will be felt through the pedal - or not, but only when pressed say half way, or slightly, down. Kind regards, Gareth.
  7. Hello Steve, Interesting. The clutch on our 148K 2006 A3 1.6 (in the family from new) has just been replaced due to juddering. It has never slipped and it seems to clutch plate would have been fine for more service. However the clutch has always been sharp and prone to judder - almost from new, as you claim with yours, and to me, it never, ever was a smooth clutch. Our daughter who drove this through most of its long-journey mileage seemed to get on with it. Anyway, fast forward to last week when the clutch was replaced with a quality LUK kit ( Audi part would have cost about 3x the price!) . You could feel something was wrong when the pedal was partially pressed. It's now as smooth as a baby's what's it, and much much lighter than it's ever been. Culprit - clutch release bearing, which judging by the flimsy nature of the LUK part, it doesn't surprise me at all! Not sure what engine is in yours (ours is the older 1.6 basic one), so things might be different with yours and may well be more complex with DM flywheel etc. Points to consider:- If it simply judders then this is likely to go on for a long time, getting very gradually worse, but probably being lived with. If you can feel (and hear?) a roughness or slight judder from the pedal itself when partly depressed and held in this position then it's time to worry. Hope some of this might be of help and/or reassurance. Kind regards, Gareth.
  8. Hello Shawn, Sorry to hear of your problem. It might be wise to get this into perspective, by first judging how much of this service history is actually 'missing' - bearing in mind that longlife service schedules can extend between-service mileages to around 18k + miles. Perhaps you could fill in the detail for us. OK, the dealer advertises the vehicle as having full service history, but it could be worth appreciating that a buyer could be expected to confirm such fact before proceeding with purchase. Yes, easy to say in hindsight, but when buying anything secondhand, there must indeed be a 'responsibility' on the part of the buyer to use all available resources to substantiate claimed facts. Sources of expertise with comparable values? Paul's pointer is useful, but ignore the part about DVLA providing details of previous keepers - this service is no longer available. Having said that, I always recommend that interested buyers always contact the previous registered keeper before proceeding with a purchase. Without being cynical, I doubt if this advice is generally followed, since the buyer has already fallen in love with the vehicle - and we all know what that means! So the shine outweighs the risk of not doing. So Shawn, you can proceed with a claim (Small Claims Court that was?), but you would need to support your claim with an 'expert witness' at your initial cost. This witness would have access to the trade values - CAP guide on line etc. - and would need to provide this evidence to the court. If you win, you can claim it back. Again, complications may arise if part exchange was involved since the seller may have inflated the incoming value of that part part exchange to secure a deal, so the 'difference to pay' figure may -just may- not be that far out from that if the true value of the vehicle you bought had partial rather than full service history. Apologies for the ramble, but without knowledge of the extent of 'partial' history, and the deal itself, it's difficult to advise whether it's worth bothering to claim money rather than take up their 'offer to service'. One compromise could be to get agreement (in writing) to have this vehicle serviced and inspected at an independent. Battles and claims are just that, and compromises are always better, since irrespective of the potential for some extra money (how much?) in your pocket the vehicle still remains as being not what you wanted/expected. But even bad experiences pay dividends in the end! Good luck with sorting this out. Kind regards, Gareth.
  9. Magnet

    R8 TRV - Registration For Sale

    Hello Chris, Wondered if my experience of trying to sell a cherished number may just give some pointers to aid its sale. Companies such as Registration Transfers ( and there are many more) will give you a valuation and a 'return-to-you' figure if they sell it on your behalf. This will give you a ball park figure which should help with a question such as 'how much are you looking for it?' My belief and experience points to a response of 'make an offer' rarely leading to a sale., and I'm a firm believer in setting a figure and making that known. Your number might well sell quickly, but my recent experience resulted in a cherished number I held on retention and advertised with cherished number dealers for 10 years, being reunited with the donor vehicle after this lapse of time. Too expensive? Not really ,since I reduced the return to me figure every 3 years until it was listed at a third of it's original valuation - this original valuation being considered realistic to the dealers and myself. Yours of course, may sell well and quickly, particularly if you show your hand and state what price you want for it. Good luck and kind regards, Gareth.
  10. Hello Andrew, I'm very much with Paul on all of this. I would avoid pressure lance operators - from far east of the Thames estuary or not. The chemicals used will take the skin off your hands and unless accurately diluted, will turn lacquer milky in no time at all. I could point to 'well kept' cars which have been wrecked by the process, but the owners seem oblivious to the cause. Its bucket, and wax shampoo for me, but the £5 wash is still more attractive to some. Autoglym:- Again I can only support Paul's experience of using their products. I've been using them since they were first introduced - when I had hair! Tried others in between but still come back to them. There may be better products, but..... Suitable for use on 'older' cars? Been using their resin polish on a couple of cars since it came out, and these cars are now over 80 years old! Kind regards, Gareth.
  11. Magnet

    Headlight Bulb Replacement

    Fair point Jason, but the main point of my response was to use Halfords (and their pricing) to assess whether it is possible to fit these bulbs - without- removing the bumper - or not. Whether you then actually use them to fit the bulbs (and possibly remove the bumper) would be a decision left to the owner - as you point out your decision in this case. No doubt, for many owners, cost comparisions between say main dealers and Halfords might also influence that decision. Kind regards, Gareth.
  12. Magnet

    Which Tyres for 2016 S3 Saloon

    Hello Phil, Our A3 is ten years older than yours and was fitted with Michelin from new. We continued using their 'updated' tyres for well over 100k, but I've just changed to Continental Contact 5 s, since I felt Michelin were getting noisier. Early days yet to assess the Continentals, but..... Of course, you can consider alternative makes, but I tend to do/recommend what you are suggesting as your possible option, and stick with the originally fitted brands. Do you ever get the same mileage on replacements of the same brand?? If this decision was mine, I would stick with the 5s (which seem to be available at good value for money) rather than pander to the manufacturer's updates. I guess it depends on whether your normal driving style matches the need for the 'improvements' offered by the 6s. Backs wearing slower. My scheme has been to replace the fronts and put the new on the fronts. When the rears need replacing, put the new pair on the front, and your (currently to be replaced) front ones on the back. Sticking with brands fitted from new? I notice Mercedes Benz are now using Hankook on some of their cars, which I thought were a mid range tyre. Times have changed? Good luck with whatever you choose. Kind regards, Gareth.
  13. Magnet

    q7 towbar?

    I think it is essential to consider basic factual information with such things as this. Every vehicle will have a maximin towing capacity, and I believe (but please take professional advice) that this is based on the (gross?) weight of the towing vehicle. It is possible - and understandable - that vehicles fitted with panoramic roofs may have a lower towing weight than those fitted with conventional steel roofs since despite the likely bonded nature of the glass roof, the total structure may not be as rigid as the conventional roofed vehicles. Having said that, I cannot understand that a panoramic roofed vehicle simply cannot tow anything! Of course, I am not giving you an answer, and without undermining advice given on here, I don't feel comfortable that this is the right place to end up with the definitive answer. If it were me, I would be making enquiries at:- Main dealer, or Audi Customer Services - Technical, and/or Established towing equipment fitters/suppliers. In both cases - make sure you have the advice in writing. - should be in capitals! As no doubt you will understand, this reply only serves to suggest a reliable source of correct information. Trusting you will be able to get this. Kind regards, Gareth.
  14. Magnet

    Key fob reset

    Hello James, I take it you are indeed talking remotes here rather than simply keys. Probably being pessimistic, but I have tried most (all?) of the procedures found via. numerous online enquiries, and failed to recode the second key fob which came with the car when new, but spent most of its life in the draw. The second key with me will do everything it is supposed to - including starting the car- but it will not remotely lock or unlock the doors. In your case it could be worth you googling a number of reset suggestions in the hope one if them may work, but if you fail, the option would be to visit a main dealer or independent to get the recording carried out. Kind regards, Gareth. p.s. Did you buy the car from a car sales company? If so, they might rectify this for you, but possibly not due to the car's age and the significance of the issue.
  15. Magnet

    Rip off body work cost?

    Hello Andrew, Thanks for the additional photo which tends to reinforce my opinion that this could well be perforating rust rather than surface rust. A close visual inspection of the area might show an odd bubble of lifting paint. If it does, then that would convince me that I'm on the right track. IF this is the case then I would most certainly believe the bodyshop really 'doesn't want to know' since it is unlikely they will be able to eradicate the rust and guarantee it will remain rust free for say 3/5 years. Continued apologies to those who have suffered this advice before, but if it were mine, I would be having a word with the chaps at a small local car sales site and asking for a recommendation for someone to do this for you. These boys often have poor press, but they make a living by trying to operate with local value-for-money repairers, so can be a good source of where to go. Having said that Andrew, I think you must be realistic in your expectations and accept that however good the repairer is, this rust is likely to return. Also consider that matches might not be as good as you would like, but hopefully you should get a value for money job done. Kind regards, Gareth.