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  1. Hello Rob, Thank goodness we are all different, and I applaud your views on being prepared to commit to live with a car for 3 years biased on taking a liking to the car’s interior, and indeed that view has stood you in good stead over the years. You can’t knock that. Probably wouldn’t do for the majority, but.... Even a 20 minute ‘spin around the block’ will surely give a potential owner a feel for the car’s performance and ride, and it now follows that this car’s performance must now be in question in your mind, and I just wonder how much other owner’s views will go towards actually reversing your decision if their experience is not too positive. No doubt they will be positive and all will be fine. Kind regards, Gareth.
  2. Magnet

    Tyres for SQ5

    Many thanks Robert, No doubt SQ5 owners will share their experiences, but if indeed you are getting approx. 17k per set then I wouldn’t have thought that was too unreasonable. However, if the car has only covered 34k miles from new, and the first set lasted longer than 17k then obviously you will know how this set of Pirelli s have performed compared with the originals. Kind regards, Gareth.
  3. Hello Rob, It’s probably me being rather old in the tooth, but it seems you have agreed to be committed to own a car for 3 years, which you haven’t actually test driven. Um? Now, understandably Rob, you are trying to get subjective opinion which might support that decision. Please ignore my interpretation is If is considered to be rather off the mark -or somewhat direct - which it indeed probably is. I would equate this to agreeing to remain married for 3 years to someone you have seen once, but really know nothing about - but she looks good, and is ‘cheap’. Hopefully you will get some experienced opinion from the forum - I really hope you do within the cooling off period - and this will put your mind at rest. Good luck and kind regards, Gareth.
  4. Magnet

    Tyres for SQ5

    Hello Robert, Wondered if you could be a bit more specific with the maths. Does 8 tyres in 34k miles equal 2 sets of tyres of which each set has lasted approx. 17k? Kind regards, Gareth.
  5. Hello Alex, I do appreciate where you are coming from, and if it were me, I would be breaking this down to simply one action at a time, and the first would be to get a good underbody evaluation. Just don’t worry about the next strep. Keep the ‘finding a good welder’ on the back burner for the moment. When you come to that stage, I would certainly be Googling for a local/ regional all-makes Classic Car club. Knowing about good local bodywork welders is always a must for classic car restoration, so I would be surprised if you don’t get a good lead via. that connection. Above all, it’s most likely to be sortable. Just let us know if there is anything we can advise on further. Kind regards, Gareth.
  6. Thanks for coming back on this Alex. As I see it, if the car was last MOT’d in March 2019, then at best this MOT will expire in the next couple of days - even taking into account the ‘extra’ 6 months extension due to Covid. If this i so, it will need an MOT’d with some urgency, and it should receive a thorough inspection of the underside at that time, and you will be informed what else (if anything) will need weld repair. You should then be in a position to decide your next move. The MOT station should be able to advise on local weld repairers, if they don’t do this work themselves, and estimated costing will be available to you. Probable aggravation is that the carpet will need to be partially removed and that is likely to entail the seat/s having to come out. I’m not sure why you think no one will want to do a weld repair on this. Kind regards, Gareth.
  7. Hello Toby, Re. your air suspension issues - Can we take it you have checked the compressor? Kind regards, Gareth.
  8. Hello Alex, This certainly appears excessive, and leads to questioning why it is as bad as it is in this area. When was it last MOT’d? - obviously it will need to be sorted before the next one. If this were mine, I would be getting the whole underside checked to assess whether this is just a localised section or if there are other sections which will also require attention in the near future. If localised, then it’s reasonable to get this professionally repaired. Repairers? I would be asking for recommendations at a couple of smaller MOT stations. These can usually advise who to go to in your locality. Another possibility for a good recommendation would be to contact a local classic car club. Again these chaps usually have their fingers on the pulse for such things. Kind regards, Gareth.
  9. Hello Leanne, If everything was as it should be before someone replaced the wing mirror, then you must return to that person so that they can rectify the issue. Personally, I would not be attempting any DIY or getting anyone else to work on it before you return it, otherwise it could be said that you have induced the faults. Kind regards. Gareth.
  10. Hello Joel, I would be investing in a pressure sensor first - I think one would have been fitted to yours. This cost of this sensor will be less than the cost of diagnostics - so worth a try in my book. I believe that fitting this is straightforward enough but is likely to require de gassing and re gassing the system. Kwickfit? I think I would be tempted to as around your locality to find a smaller garage who has the necessary equipment, but.... Just noticed your location. Now of more interest is the Morris 8 in your profile. Series 2? around 1935/6 but prior to the painted radiator model of 1938. 2 door I guess. Surviving 4 door over here are few and far between. Kind regards, Gareth.
  11. Hello Connor, Thanks for being in touch and welcome to the forum. Sounds an interesting project. Sunroof and welding? Sunroofs are a pain and liability as the car gets older, and are known to be a premature rusting area. Don’t buy a car with a sunroof - out of choice! Anyway, welding in the roof area? Not an easy task due to potential for distortion and of course the high risk of setting fire to the headlining. Alternative? Read up about adhesive bonding. Parts availability? Wander into the motor factors in your locality. Unlike today’s system of order for delivery, when your car was in vogue, factors were stocking items for walk in demand, and they may still have stock remaining on shelves. Other sources? EBay is a good source, where motor factors again dispose of NOS. Other sources would include advertising your wants in specialist press such as ‘Modern Classics’ etc. - there are many more. On another topic - have you got the car insured on an agreed value classic car policy? Always worthwhile even if not yet on the road - particularly if you are going to be welding! Kind regards, Gareth.
  12. Hello Jennifer, Can we take it it has a manual handbrake rather than an electric one? Hope it is. If manual, is your partner slackening the bleed nipple as he winds back the piston? Kind regards, Gareth.
  13. Hello Mark, Access?? Sometimes/often attacked from below - if you are blessed with/have access to a pit or hoist - but who has normally! Even taking the undershield off on your back on the floor takes some doing, leave alone then getting underneath to get up to components from under. I guess that’s why investing in an hour’s labour at a trusted local garage becomes worthwhile. Having said that Mark, it could well be worth changing the sensor at the same time if resorting to this. If so, I would suggest only using Bosch if not a genuine VAG one. Kind regards, Gareth.
  14. Hello Mark, From your description of the symptoms, it sounds more like a connection issue rather than a sensor fault. Generally sensors fail and don’t revive. I would be first be armed with a can of contact cleaner and starting there. Kind regards, Gareth.
  15. Are you replacing g both Shaun? Do you need part numbers to be able to buy aftermarket ones on-line? If so, and there is doubt then it might be worth considering buying genuine parts at discount from the likes of TPS or Audi Parts Direct at Cardiff. Kind regards, Gareth.