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  1. Hi Jose, it’s the 2.0 TDI ultra. And Danny, my other half was a mechanic at VW at the time and that sensor fixed the issue on all the models that had the same issue there too.
  2. Thanks for your help Tom. I certainly will, nice to be out of the Q5 they lent me!
  3. Hello All, Just a quick update that the car has been back to the dealer and after contacting Audi Technical, it has hopefully been fixed by replacing the fuel rail pressure sensor and repairing the wiring harness. This is a problem known by Audi through TPI and it has also occurred on VW Tiguan's too. If you come across this problem, leave the car with the dealer until a ticket to Audi Technical is issued so that the diagnosis can be completed properly.
  4. I'll certainly pass that on but I'm not sure whether the coasting function has cut in by that point or if I have braked at all then the coasting function wouldn't activate any way. All these times were completely unexpected and therefore not really paying much attention unfortunately but as I do now, chances are that it won't happen again. I've tried switching off the auto stop/start in case that has anything to do with it but haven't tried Auto mode yet. I fear that as it is so sporadic and rare, it will take me a very long time to be able to tease these things apart and I don't want to
  5. Hi Tom, Many thanks for replying. The car has reasonable heating controls on at the time of happening as well as the radio but that is about it. It seems to happen when throttle off but not sure if coasting has been engaged as all of a sudden the warning sound/message comes up with manual restart required. The rev counter goes to Off as in the picture and yes I do have it in Economy mode at all times. It's happened 3 times at this speed over the course of 4 months which makes it extremely hard to find the fault as it's so inconsistent, therefore the dealership couldn't find anything wrong
  6. Hello, I recently purchased a 2015 A6 Avant which has stalled three times at 40mph but the Audi dealership can't fault it. It's only happened on a straight road so far, dreading the time it happens on a corner... Has anyone got any updates at all about this as dealership not being very forth coming?
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